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Anybody tried nerve hydrodissection?

Sounds worse than it is. I’ve been seeing regenerative orthos for my tendon and SI pain stemming from the vas. One proposed genitofemoral nerve hydrodissection and the other pudendal nerve hydrodissection. Just curious if this haS been offered or attempted by anyone before I volunteer as tribute.

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I’ve never heard of this will have to do a search. What tendons bother you? Cipro messed up my Achilles. Took months and months of rehab to go away. Since my pain has started again my Achilles is just starting to act up again…ugh.

Interesting read on it. I would just worry about the precision. Obviously could be risk but I guess there is risk in anything. Atleast you wouldn’t be under a knife. Do you know anyone locally for you that does this I take it? Have they done very many?

Sounds like it’s fairly common amongst the PRP administering docs. Most of it is done under ultrasound and I agree with precision.

36 hours post vas I tore the rectus abdominis tendon where it attaches at the pubis. This in turn affected the adductor on that side. I’ve gone on to develop knee, hip, and SI pain. Essentially, my core on the right side is about 70% capacity and the misbalance between sides affects my joints, posture, and gait. My first PRP focused on the pubis. Second was glutes and adductor. I haven’t made a complete recovery so I keep spinning the wheel.

Sorry to hear brother. Hope someone reaches out that has tried this. If not and you move forward please keep us updated. Interesting idea and sounds less invasive then surgery.

Pain managent doctor did it for me. He targeted ilioinginal and genitofemoral nerves. He found nerves with ultra sound. And injected water near nerves. He Tried to disect nerves from scar tissue… Unfortunately No help… As i understand my problematic nerves are trifecta nerves near vas muscle…

As a second step he offered hyocloronoic acid injection. Prof. Dr. Enver Ozgencgil from Ankara Medical university

I had this done on Thursday. Procedure wasn’t a big deal, don’t really expect a miracle. Time will tell. At 5 days it’s sore but very minimal.

I’d like to follow up. My pubis continues to be sore from GF hydrodissection but my low back, particularly my SIJ pain has improved on that side. Not gone 100% but improved.