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Any one got an epidural? Saw a specialist offered this and then a numbing shot

Hello Everyone New and Old

I recently saw a specialist that offered this. He said it’s an epidural in by the spine and then a deep shot on each side of my back to nerves that branch off and go to the testicles.

I think I recall someone trying this. But can’t recall the procedure name. But has anyone got anything like this done?

The Docs description was since my daily pain is from 2 to 3 he thinks this could help dim the lights as he put it.

I’d love to be able to walk more than 20 minutes without having to break like a 80 year old man. I recently tried excerising again but any kind of regularity makes my pain elevate to less tolerable levels.

This seems promising if it does anything. He said he saw one patient although anecdotal that lasted almost a year. In fact he gives him a block once a year.

Any one who’s heard of this or has some insights pro or cons love to hear from you :slight_smile:


A coworker had an epidural for his vasectomy a few months ago. He coudnt walk for almost a week. To be honest, I had my own vasectomy with normal anestesia and the pain was tolerable in the surgery.

So your friend got it done to get the vasectomy? My vas was done with just the normal numbing shot whatever.

What I’m looking at, is a way to diminish my chronic pain. This specialist proposed it to me and said I’d have normal functioning legs lol so he says.

I know someone on here got one just can’t find it.

My guess is he is talking about giving you something like a ganglion impar or superior hypgastric plexus nerve block?

I think so… I have a few more question for them. Do you know someone who had this done?

I had several epidural steroidal injections for back pain prior to surgery in 2012. Even had a couple in 2015 when my back pain flared up. Helped somewhat without complications. I’d say it’s worth a shot (pun intended).

I had ganglion impar twice. Didn’t help with testicular pain but relaxed my pelvis a bit. Search superior hypogastric block. I might have that done in the future, but I’m repeating my GF block I just had done. It helped, but results only lasted a week.

So you actually had some relief from testicular pain?

No from the epidural injections…those helped my back. I DID get good relief (that’s now lasted 18 months) from Dr. P’s steroid/botox blocks combined with a targeted block of the GF. All 3 within a 6 month period.