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Any experiences with Dr. Turek in San Francisco / Los Angeles?

I’m currently considering going to him for a reversal due to pain.

He runs a private practice that specializes in vasectomies, vasectomy reversals, and male fertility. I don’t think that he sees a ton of men for PVPS, but he does a lot of reversals, has good outcomes, and seems to be well respected, as well as always looking for ways to improve his technique.

Also, he’s been very compassionate and has taken my problems seriously, so he gets huge points for that. However, ultimately, I’m looking for the best possible outcome for myself, so I’m trying not to weight that too much.

I think that sounds fair. It’s good to at least have a uro who believes in your pain. If you are in SFP, there is a Dr. Potts who is also someone who has treated PVPS patients and is a trained uro.

Dr Parekattil at the PUR clinic in Orlando and Dr Marks in Tucson have been a couple of the go to urologists for PVPS.

Did you get reversal w Turek?

Not yet. I’m currently taking testosterone in order to try to reduce sperm production and alleviate congestion. Things have gotten a lot better, although still not 100% back to normal. On and off pain and pressure, sometimes very annoying. Dr. Turek wants me to discontinue testosterone in a few months. If things get worse at that point, congestion is an easy diagnosis and a reversal will clearly be the way to go.

I’m grateful that my pain is for the most part manageable, just annoying and frustrating, but it’s very annoying that the way forward still isn’t clear. If things were much worse I would get a reversal from Dr. Marks or Dr. Turek without worrying about insurance paying for it or the risks. But the way that things are, I know that irreversible nerve damage is always a possibility from more surgery, and my insurance may not cover a reversal, so I’m not sure if a reversal is worth it, even if I’m not back to 100%.

Anyways, just a little review of Dr. Turek. He’s very smart, very compassionate, and from what I know is a very talented surgeon. I have spoken to Dr. Marks as well, and Dr. Marks and Dr. Turek both speak highly of the other, so that gives me a lot of confidence. I think that if my situation were worse or I made the decision to go through with it, Dr. Turek would be supportive of going with the reversal.

One issue with Dr. Turek is that he’s very expensive. The initial consult was $500 dollars (or $300, not 100% certain) and phone consults after that have been $100 each. He doesn’t take insurance, so I’ve had to make claims with my insurance company to get reimbursed.

@alex Thank you Alex. The last time, about a week ago, I had sex with my wife my testicles hurt during intercourse and a dull pain (tolerable) has remained since then. I believe back pressure is building and at a basic level I attribute this to the vas deferens being blocked, thus doing the reversal would alleviate this aside from having better orgasms too. Although, as you have pointed out, I would be risking doing nerve damage and of course the scaring that will naturally occur may block the vas again. For a while I debated whether to leave things as is or take the risk. I am leaning towards taking a risk and having the reversal but first I will need to research the reversal and get comfortable with it.

Hello alex…please keep us posted if you decide to have Dr. Turek do a reversal for you. He is the closest top doc to me and i am considering to see him if he can fix a reversal that left me better in the orgasm and intense pressure department but worse in a more continuous pain , and still have intense pain 12 to 36 hours after sex. I always thought that it was more sperm moving into the epididimus that would normally happen after sex that would cause the added preassure. But who knows! It seems to be a big state secret! Before i had my reversal, testosterone therapy was helping me work and do sports but it had the drawback of my wanting to have sex more (which my wife liked) until 12 to 24 hours later when i was moaning in pain. As far as congestion goes, i always felt like i had 2 balloons between my legs that were filled with water about to explode. With the added feature of being wrapped in raw nerves of coarse. very similar to good ol blue balls back when i was a teen. I would get the very best doctor that i could find if I were you. I know my doctor tried hard (and he was supposed,to be the best at U of Davis, and judging by the length of my operation, 5 hours he tried hard… but if i had it to do over again i would have traveled for one who had more experience in PVPS. I had a lot of doctors tell me that it didnt exist. i’ve had doctors tell me that it was impossible to fix so i would just have to get used to it and,find an antidepressant to take the rest of my life. I felt like displaying a certain finger at him and saying …"i hate antidepressants…and I’m only depressed because i’m in pain because my damn initial urologist lied to me or screwed up my original vasectomy! But i am down to about a quarter to a sixth the amount of pain meds and a third the amount of Gabapentin (which i would recommend for sleep) and i would take antiinflamitories at most meals. Now i do at one meal and at bed time. So as you can see i am not totally fixed 4 years after reversal…which is why I’m considering another operation ( but i want to get totally off all medications before i decide …to know for sure they aren’t part of the problem…but i doubt it) i just hope i can get a consensus on who is the best at this insaine proceedure! I was in a lot of pain and i have a high tolerance to pain meds and a low pain threshold to pain since my vasectomy. Not a good combination in our current state of opioid hysteria! I just wish i never had done the original vasectomy. And i wish that i had never even met a single urologist! .if it ain’t broke dont fix it! I guess i would also add …be sure that you really can no longer stand the pain and have given yourself long enough to heal from the initial operation because the reversals don’t always 100% work and it is more trauma to an area that should have never had any trauma to begin with. Please let us know if you go with Dr Turek…and if he stays friendly, serious, helpful and does a great job ! Thanks and good luck! I hope this helps a little. I’m kinda a newbee here.

Hi Alex,
I realize it’s been while since you posted to this topic. Question - did you have the reversal with Turek? How did it go it did the testosterone treatments work out for you?

Hi @recovery_road, I wound up going with Dr. Marks in Tucson, AZ. It was very hard to tell if the testosterone did anything, if it did, it was extremely marginal. My reversal went well, although I noticed no real changes to how I felt for a long time afterwards. Miraculously though, at six months post-reversal, I started to feel a lot better, and now I’m at 95%-98% better, I’d say. I still feel occasional feelings of pressure, but they’re very light and intermittent, so it doesn’t bother me. I’m about a year post reversal, so now I’m mainly just crossing my fingers that things stay the way they are.

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Was it John Gould By any chance that did your reversal? I’m trying to make an appointment to see him, also got app. Scheduled with Turek $250 just to see him.

Hello @alex, @IamHurtin

After vasectomy exterior scaring is unnoticeable but how is scaring after the reversal?

Thank you.

Hi @Hopeful, I got a V/V reversal on both sides, and Dr. Marks uses a single incision in the middle of the testicles. The scar is a bit larger than the vasectomy scarring, but since it’s in the middle of the testicles where there’s a natural seam, it’s hard to notice.