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Any decent PVPS Docs in Western Canada? Feeling Hopeless

Hey all,

So 2.5 yrs post-vasectomy. Had a granuloma that caused pain on my right side. Did a steroid injection or 2 which didn’t help, so had thr granuloma removed 1 year ago. After about 9 months of agonizing up and down pain, it’s feeling better. Ive used every supplement under the roof, and it mostly hangs out around a 0-1.

Around the same time as the removal, my left side has started up. At first it was very mild, now over the last year its getting to be more and more. The odd thing is, both nuts would never hurt at the same time. I had an ultrasound in February, they said everything looked fine and feeling normal.

Its gotten worse since then, so my urologist is ordering another one. He did a physical exam yesterday, said things felt normal. I asked about reversal, he claimed reversals don’t help for pain. He also said that PVPS only happens to 1/4000 people lol.

I’m frustrated with him, I don’t even think he wants to deal with me anymore. Said the urologist in the same clinic that did my vasectomy is a great doctor and talked about the paper work I signed.

I’m tired of this. I have had a few consults with a pain clinic and he might do a hydrodissection. My regular GP has prescribed me amitriptyline. Took one and felt gross and groggy the next day. I operate equipment all day and this affects me. The pain is also making it harder to lift things and do my job.

I basically called my mom and had a nervous breakdown. Like somebody else on here has said, it’s like being a caged animal in your own body. I use to be a professional wrestler, lift weights 2 hrs a day. Now I may have to quit.

Just very discouraged. This doctor only wants to do epididymectomy. I’ll definitely have to travel to find other solutions.