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Hi guys, just thought I would see if anyone who developed Chronic Pelvic Pain syndrome after their vasectomy had any anxiety problems beforehand. The reason I ask is that part of the reason I had a vasectomy was due to anxiety issues I had. I developed post vasectomy pain right after the vasectomy and then soon developed CPPS. When researching tonight more about CPPS it seems to happen to people who have anxiety problems or possible chemical imbalances. Anyway just thought I would check.


If you think you got a vasectomy because of anxiet what kind of anxiety was it? That you would get a girl pregnant? That your wife would leave you if you didn’t?

I had absolutely no anxiety whatsoever before vasectomy. Since then constantly and I’d say I have CPPD since I have not only congestion symptoms that are going away post reversal, but no changed in pelvic pain, anal pain and leg numbness. Now I have severe anxiety at times if not for the Ativan if be a mess

I had an anxiety problem for a while before vasectomy that I was getting help for, it was a range of things going on but was getting better before vasectomy thats why I got it done. Things were alright for a couple of weeks after vas till the pain really hit then the anxiety went up again and has stayed up.
My pelvic pain is also getting worse, can feel it pinching in certain places which shoots pain down to vas site. When I walk in the mornings I can feel a clunking noise with every stride in the pelvis, have been doing exercises every day after seeing a Pelvic specialist, he said my pelvis is twisted and seized from the way I walk. This is also causing back problems. The longer this PVP goes on the more things start going wrong.

I had anxiety problems before my vasectomy and I now have chronic pelvic pain symptoms over a year out. But what mostly causes flare ups with my groin pain is doing physical activity, though anxiety plays a big part. I take Elavil for anxiety and chronic pain now and occasionally a little ativan. It helps but doesn’t cure it.

Thanks guys for responding. I don’t think anxiety issues is a predictor for PVPS but I’m trying to determine if I and others were likely to get CPPS with the vasectomy pain as a trigger. I never had any pelvic pain problems prior to vasectomy but I did have some anxiety issues which may have caused my pelvis to be tight. Once the pain set in and the “guarding”,this triggered full blown CPPS which I have now had for 4 years.

Still to this day I have many hard days trying to rap my head around what I have done to my life. PVPS in itself is awful and CPPS is just an extra kick in the nuts…no pun intended. Hard to take having a painful rectum and urethra/penis on top of it all.

I guess I’m just trying to figure out if people who have anxiety issues should be possibly more cautious about vasectomy due to tight pelvic muscles/straining (even if they have no symptoms prior) that could lead to CPPS.

I didn’t know it but apparently I was really anxious but never really saw the signs. I had a panic attack prior to my third son being born in 2012 so much was going on. Had a fire in a condo I owned! Burned to the ground. My taxes in NY went up 40% two months after buying a new house. I was having marital issues. Plus the topper was my company just swapped managers to a much more aggressive don’t care bout you it’s all about me “manager”. Oh and I needed a new car and got a pay cut. Three months after my son as born I told my wife vas next month. Needless to say she was upset and against it and really don’t think any numbers would have deter me about pvps. Sadly… After all that- then the vasectomy my anxiety went through the roof and has since been an issue. I am not taking anything for it but have learned to meditate and my wife’s forgiveness has helped me. But, I am in therapy each week. And oddly enough I still believe life is great. Lol I have plenty to bitch about but oh so much to be grateful for and love.
So short end of it yes I had a lot of anxiety prior to vas and now have panic attacks and anxiety attacks at least monthly.

Forgot to mention I also have CPPS between my scrot and anus.

Well it seems 4 of us who may have had some anxiety issues have ended up with PVP and CPPS. This seems significant to me as my post has only 28 views so far. When I had my denervation with Dr P, he said that the guys with the pain everywhere were the hardest to treat.

I’m thinking of contacting Dr P to see what he would think about asking the men he sees that end up with pain everywhere and CPPS have anxiety issues. If many men do, it may be a good reason not to have a vasectomy as it may trigger other things. Really I’m just trying to find things that may be risk factors for men considering vasectomy that may make it a bad choice.

My pelvic floor physical therapist is convinced that a thorough pelvic floor exam would go a long way in screening against high risk for PVPS. I just saw a urologist in Long Island who focuses on pelvic floor dysfunction. He told me he ends up prescribing a lot of low-dose valium treatments for CPPS. Drugs like Xanax and Clonazapam (sp?) also work pretty well via similar paths. (I think all of these have an anti-anxiety function as well.) Elavil is also worth trying, though I believe it’s in a different family of drugs (and works as an antidepressant also).

Elavil rocks! I’ve been on it for three months now and feel a hell of a lot better. Still have pain issues (mostly pelvic/groin) but not as bad as before. Yeah, I wish I knew more about pelvic pain syndrome and anxiety before my vas. I’ve always had frequent urination issues all my life as well as anxiety - and I’ve always had issues with discomfort down below (not pain), like with pants being too tight and stuff. I think I’ve always been hyper-sensitive down there - it may because I had an inquinal hernia operation when I was two years old, don’t know.

This is a really good post as it makes you think about problems that we might have had before vas that may be making the pain worse. I have had bladder issues since about 10 years old, lots of infections and painful urination and later on painful urination after ejaculation. I asked the Dr about this before vas and he said nothing to do with vas won’t affect it. I also had double hernia at 6mths old, have big scar across my abdomen. Maybe I’m just more sensitive down there and my body has reacted to the surgery. I put the vas off for about 5 years cause I was worried about getting it done but after a couple of scares with pregnancy I went in. Couple more kids would be better than this pain.
I really think the Drs need to listen when you have concerns about a procedure instead of treating the vas as this simple procedure that never results in complications. If he had mentioned anything about pain after vas I would have been out of there given my past problems.

Hi Macca, part of the reason I want to explore this is because so many guys have no problems with vasectomy. So what makes us different? There may be things that no one will be able to determine ahead of time. But maybe there are a few things that may make a person not as good a candidate to have one.

The only thing I can do at this stage is try to determine if there is anything that can be done differently in the future (besides telling people not to get one). I actually never had any pelvic pain or groin pain prior to the procedure…as I stated before the only thing I has was anxiety issues and upon researching found that most people who get CPPS often have stressful lives or anxiety problems. I probably had tight pelvic muscles with no symptoms until I had the vas which triggered it.

I know Dr P is doing or has done research into finding out why men develop PVPS and thinks Wallerian degenration may be a factor. As i have posted before, 66% of men will have vasitis after a vasectomy but why do most men not have any pain? Most of my pain comes from my vas deferenes which get extremley swollen after ejaculation. Anyway I hope one day that they will figure out why guys like us have developed this where as for the majority it’s an easy procedure. That is what I actually hate most about it…it’s simple and easy for most but if you get the bad shit like us it is life changing.

My pelvic issues didn’t happen till after I got my reversal. I suppose due to the constant cross and cover from the vasectomy. I was always guarding myself. I felt the pelvic issue almost instantly after reversal though. It was a burning sensation. Now it usually happens all different times but mostly later during the day. I just happened to be looking through my notes from post reversal. Hopefully after denervation it gets better. Is there anything besides therapy for this?

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I saw a chronic pelvic pain specialist in California to rule out pudendal nerve before getting my reversal,dr Jerome Weiss. He said just spasms from the genitofemiral nerve and guarding. He prescribed a compounded suppository of bacflen 10mg and diazepam 10 mg it helps relax the muscles. See if you can find a doc that knows a compounding pharmacy that can do it.

If you haven’t read “A Headache in your Pelvis” then I highly recommend it. As far as I know PT is the only treatment that helps.

Hi all. I had chronic pelvic pain syndrome in 2010 and then recently it reoccurred after pain from a hernia surgery. There’s a psychologist named Dr. David Wise in Santa Rosa Ca… He has an excellent physical therapist who helps teach how to find the trigger points that are causing the Pelvic Pain. Google Pelvic Pain Santa Rosa and that should get you in contact…they hold monthly 4 day seminars on comprehensive plan to get you going again .

Wise is actually a sociologist I heard, not an MD. Before my reversal when this all started I thought that was my problem for a bit. once I had my reversal and the angry nerves were out I felt 1000 percent better And this just seemed like opportunism. Guy had a really weird forum/site that was heavily moderated.

True. His Physical Therapist Tim Sawyer is the key element here. He finds your trigger points then teaches how to treat the sufferer vs having to work around a physical tgerapists schedule and rates. Very empowering and practical. Helped me tremendously

It’s a conservative option that worked wonders for me.

I’ve had anxiety, pre- and post-vasectomy, although I’ve never had CPPS (knock on wood). I had not even heard of CPPS before I read this thread. I have come to believe that anxiety and PVPS are probably correlated, at least in my case. That doesn’t mean that one causes the other. It means there’s a greater probability of developing PVPS if you have pre-existing anxiety.