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Anxiety and depression 2 weeks after vasectomy

Hi guys , i am so desperate for feedback. 4 months ago i got a vasectomy, took like 2 weeks to recover. Second week i was having stomach gerd and erections non stop, 2 days later the erections stopped, and i started feeling low, then started freaking out about literally everything. I worry about everything now, you name it, i am in panic and stress and feel depressed and tired. Ruminating about stuff, fear about my work and stuff i used to find pleasurable. Now i am not interested in anything i used to do for fun. Scared of others. Never had a history of this, No more morning wood ever, balls have shrunk. Low energy,… I am thinking about a reversal, i dont know what else to do, this all started right after the vasectomy. If its low testosterone i had it tested, 450 total, 89 free, so i never had it tested before so i dont know if i was at like 800. Anyone else experience this hormonal like crazyness?

I’ve experienced most of that and I’m sure many others have too. Are you in any pain? That is really the main source of my issues I think. For the first 3 months after my Vasectomy I was totally normal that I remember.

I had a fairly normal recovery, though I started noticing low energy just before the onset of pain 8 months post-vas. My T-levels were 285, and I was 40 y/o. Had them checked a few months later and were still only 325 on top of massive pain. 450 isn’t much better depending on your age, I guess.

I’m 52 now and T just came in at 656. Don’t let anyone tell you vasectomy doesn’t impact T. Made a believer out of my GP.

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@Spauldos Sorry to hear about your struggles. Rest assured you’re not alone. In fact, there’s a few research papers documenting mental health risks post vasectomy. Urology tends to think they can combat this with “better preoperative education to make people aware of the risks.” No, you aren’t just sad because you are no longer fertile. No, it’s not in your head. There are physical changes that take place in your body following a vasectomy and medicine doesn’t understand it yet. It could be your hormones. Your numbers aren’t awful but you aren’t exactly thriving either.

My hormones tanked. I also experienced severe panic attacks within weeks of the procedure. Two were so bad I drove myself to the emergency room.

Wish I had answers. I’ve found some major problems with my own body since I was cut but I’m years from unraveling it all. Good luck.


Its a testosterone drop, has to be, i was full on living life and getting ready to build another house on my property, then 2 weeks after the vasectomy, i litterally begin becoming terrified of everything, low self confidence, crying uncontrollably, wake at 5 am with severe panic attacks, that would slowly recede until like 2pm, then i would feel myself again, like totally in sinc with the hormone t levels pattern, the n each day was the same, it has slowly , slowly, improved , but then i broke out with shingles, which i figured is all tied into the hormone stress autoimmune relationship. Your 600plus t levels are where im guessing i should be or higher, i am 50, have harleys, go spear fishing, build houses you name it, i was a lion now im a pussy cat, fucking sucks

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@Spauldos, I can definitely relate to what you are experiencing. I felt the same way, and would echo many of your symptoms, and experiences in my early days.

I would echo what choohooo said above far as the changes your body is going through post vas, etc, etc.

You might get better in time (6-12+ months). I certainly wouldn’t rush into a reversal, but you are free to do what you please.

Things like pain, and/or hormonal imbalance are great motivators far as having a reversal ASAP, but reversal recovery can be harder than imagined for many.

Reversal has a chance to make you worse off pain wise. It could be a short term failure. It could be the best decision you ever made. It’s hard to say one way, or another.

Hope you get to feeling better.

Good luck

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I understand exactly what you are going through brother. I too started having panic attacks at 6 months post V. It took me a while to figure out that all these new health issues I was experiencing (anxiety, ED, tiredness, brain fog, etc) were all linked to my vas. I was already considering a VR early on because of dull pain and reduced orgasms sensation but decided to wait and see. My pain at first was sporadic but got more regular at the 2.5 year mark. Mind you I never needed NSAIDs as my pain was congestive 0-2 pain level max.

I was reluctant to have the V in the first place but like many of you, everyone I spoke to seemed to rave about it. Well except for one guy…one night sitting around a campfire with friends they got to talking about their vas and how trivial it was and telling me that I should get one pronto. Well this guy that I just met that night told me privately afterwards that he had pain during the procedure and was still in pain. He told me flat out “if I was you I wouldn’t do it”. Well, a couple of months later I got the V. Shit! I still think about that night sometimes and regret not having listened to him. At the time I was like this is the only guy I’ve heard say that … what are the odds…FUCK !!!

At the 3.5 year mark I just could not take it anymore. I started researching my options and stumbled on this site. Based on my symptoms and testimonials from others - I decided on getting a reversal and have no regrets. It was as if something was pushing me in this direction, once I made the decision to get the VR I was at peace. My wife was supportive and understood the negative effects the V had on my health. I found arguably one of the best reversal surgeons in the world and never looked back.

I can say that the VR has cured me of my V issues. I have wood now on command and my sex drive/life is back as it was pre-vas. My SA and T level tests both came back higher than normal (I don’t know what they were pre V). No more pain from sperm granuloma and I no longer have panic attacks. Vasectomies are a fucking lie, from beginning to end!!! They cause problems whether you are aware of them or not. The 5-10% reduction in semen volume is noticeable and its physiological impacts on men’s health are undeniable.

My VR recovery was a breeze…5 days back to work and 7-9 days almost pain free. There was some swelling initially but hardly no buising. My incisions were so small that I can hardly notice them anymore. I was strict on the 4 weeks “no lifting” and 6 weeks “no strenuous exercise”. My family and I went to Disney World at the 4 week mark and I was able to walk 12-16 hour days.

My advice would be to do your research and find the best VR surgeon no matter how much it costs. I am at the 11th month post VR now and I have turned the page on this mistake in my life. I now am in a much better place physically and mentally.

Good luck!


Macho man, my Reversal is scheduled for december 11th, with dr. Mark hickmann, i am scared, mainly because of the crazy shit i went through with the vas. Ill check in to say how i feel post reversal

Yep. I always had anxiety issues. But they just got out of hand after my vasectomy.

I’m still on antidepressants. Some days I completely forget about it. Others I can’t concentrate on anything, I can’t work and I feel pretty much out of myself.

Recently I noticed that my sex drive has decreased as well as the intensity of my orgasms.

I’m sorry to hear you’re going through a similar ordeal.

See a shrink. Get on something that makes you feel functional. And don’t give up.

Ahhhhh how about getting a reversal instead of calling madness the new normal?

As for any surgery, you’re once again rolling the dice.

I was left with an adhesion on the left side (mine was a bilateral snip).

Reversal means cutting through many skin layers and muscle and there’s no guarantee of a successful result.

I would only consider surgery in case of unbearable physical pain, given that doctors are full of shit about vasectomy and the underlying consequences.

It’s your call. Once you make the mistake of letting anybody with a sharp object near your nether parts, you’re forever in a world of misery.

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This is the truth. I am not sure how much of this is willful denial and how much is pure ignorance. It’s a lucrative revenue stream so there is little incentive for them to see the light unless sued or some other coercive threat to their bottom line is created.

I was also stressed about the VR but I knew deep down that this is what I needed to regain my health! That’s what got me through it.

I wish you all the best!

@Spauldos this sounds exactly like me, i have the exact pattern of emotions everyday. In the morning am scared anxious and depressed don’t want to get out of bed. Then as the day progresses still the same, until the afternoon when i start to feel like myself and then the evenings is when am the most normal including most weekends. I too had shingles am only 38 and got them about 2 months post VAS and my T levels in what they call the low end of normal range 248 ng/l free 269 pg/l.

LIke many here I have experienced hot flashes, panic attacks, anxiety, brain fog, dizziness, lack of drive. In 2015 I had the procedure done and within monthS all hell broke loose.
My testosterone had tanked to less than 100 total and almost nothing for free.

I began testosterone therapy and I do feel much better but it’s a constant balance act. Too much feel like shit and too little feel like vrap. The hot flashes are so intense.

Numerous trips to the emergency room throughout 2015 and 2016 with no idea what was causing it.

I’m now considering a reversal. I’m researching all I can. I’m managing my symptoms with TRT but if I can go back in time I would not have done it.

Hang in there guys… Glad I’m not alone.

Thanks for sharing very encouraging machoman.

Yes , basically the same thing happened to me. Your not going crazy, you changed your body and there was a consequence for that. Good news is that a reversal could certainly work. Hopping and praying your story gets better as mine did.

After reading this forum it has given me the light that I am not alone…I felt great going in getting my Vas snipped age 34 healthy as a horse with no heath issues. After a couple of months i started noticing a change in my body I just felt off and didnt no why? I wasn’t myself started losing confidence in myself it started with panic attacks and crazy anxiety in the middle of the night. Went to the doctors and then did a testosterone test on me… sure enough he said my testosterone levels were low and prescribed me T shots. So I tried The test for couple months and still no improvement in my health. My health stArted to decline from there. The things i used to enjoy like mowing the grass i had no interest in anymore. I stArted losing sleep laying down in bed and waking up to birds chirping. I got hit with depression months after my procedure. I started crying for no reason. I said to myself all this time i felt great and had no idea why because i felt great prior to my vacetomy. I experienced some pain in my right testicular but nothing crazy. So I decided to see a shrink for this depression that hit me post vacetomy. Currently I am on my 5th prescription of anti depressants all which have had no affect on this depression I encountered post surgery. Sometimes you have to be your own doctor so i recently went back to where I believe it all started the urologist office. I sat down with him and told him i felt great until the vacetomy and explained everything that i was going through. So he did blood work and upped my Test Therapy and made an appointment to see him in 8 weeks. After stumbling across this forum and reading all these threads i am glad that i am not alone… I to am now considering a V reversal after it has now affected my health. Everyday I wake up and i feel like garbage. Low energy, dont want to get of bed feeling. After visits to the ER, countless visits to doctor appointments, to Zoom over the phone with a shrink because of the covid it has lead me to no other direction but considering a reversal at this point in my life…


Welcome and real sorry that you are on this site. St
at positive mate

It’s meant to say stay positive