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Antisperm antibodies

has anyone had their antisperm antibodies tested in blood serum (asa) and if so, how high were they? After a reversal these should go back, but the reversal can fail in 5-10% of the cases and then asa can reappear, or? My ASA value is <16 U / ml.
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What does the antibody mean can that do damage ad what should the figure be

Yes, I personally believe this to be the cause of many of the physical and emotional side effects of a vasectomy. I read a lot into Sperm Antibodies before my reversal, and from my discoveries, it’s this process in the body that causes the hormonal effects of vasectomies. Your body’s going haywire trying to figure out how to rid itself of invaders that aren’t budging. So we have this constant war in the mind, body and spirit of two sides. The Sperm and your White Blood Cells. It’s wild. However, I did read that after a reversal, these antibodies sort of start to disappear, and that’s factually correct. At least in my case.

I’ll tell you this, and this is sort of an update on my current condition. I had a reversal back in March of 2020. I was all over the place emotionally for the past 4 1/2 years behind this darn procedure. An emotional roller coaster in every sense of the word. After my reversal, I slowly started to feel my hormones fight to rebalance themselves back to normal. It was a daily, weekly even monthly fight. I’m very, very in tune with my body so I feel EVERYTHING.

Here we are now 4 months out and I have to continue to say, I’m feeling amazing. Besides the regular day to day stresses of life and work (no surgery can make you immune to that), I feel great! And I mean this. There is something very wicked about these procedures. And I pray one day soon men wake up and stop being brainwashed into sacrificing their bodies for the sake of “medical advancements”. And the freedom to have sex without consequences. Fella’s, unfortunately that’s just not how God created us. You get down and nasty then you either be creative or you don’t swim at all. But altering our masculinity and manhood for unlimited access to the vag is simply unwise, and foolish.

Stop listing to Dr’s and use your own God given common sense. They are like car salesman for the pharmaceutical industry.



How do you get your antisperm antibodies tested.