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Antidepressant Pain Relievers

Just curious what people take and how they feel on them. I also suffer depression, so I was thinking of discussing options with my pain doctor to see what he recommends. Maybe I can hit 2 birds with one stone.

Last time we talked he mentioned cord blocks. Should I try those first?

Check cord blocks out they are irreparable damage and if you dont work your kinda stuffed

How do they cause irreparable damage?

Suggest you read up on them I was faced with that as well an was advice to get am epididymectomy which didn’t work. When I read up on them it suggested like epididymectomy that if they dont work it limits what can be done I have recently had the testicle removed from the epididymectomy because that is all that’s left mate. Your decision but read up on what happens particularly if it doesn’t support the pain. Not try to suggest one way or the other just suggesting you read up. Good luck what ever you decide.

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I understood from reading the forum that they can cause scarring, which then later can complicate surgery. When I spoke the last time to Dr P, he mentioned this was possible, too (although we spoke about Botox injection, but I think he meant injections in general). He advised to have the reversal first and then possibly follow up with Botox injections, and not vice versa.

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I tried all what was suggested to me, including Amitryptine and Duloxetin, early on, some 6 months after the vasectomy. I was also taking Tramadol, Pregabalin and Ibuprofen at that time, so difficult to say what was helping and what not. I stopped taking them altogether, I did not feel they helped me. I kept taking Pregabalin til today.

Currently on Nortriptyline which I think is helping a bit, previously been on Cymgen which I don’t recommend, horrible side effects

Francis what would you suggest for someone with only one testicle then? I have no choice but to try a cord block because orchidectomy isn’t a realistic option as I’ll be left with no testicles.

Mate first of all sorry that you are facing this. My remaining testicle seems to have settled down so I don’t need to look at denervation. All I was suggesting that you read up on the success of denervation, there is conflicting reports from men who say they work and men who say they are worse off. A bit like vasectomy some say a vasectomy was the best choice and then there is us who say it was the worst decision. At the end of the day you have to make the choice. I am sorry but I now have to know what I am entering into as I have lost all trust in the medical profession.

Yeah I know what you’re saying mate. I’m in the unfortunate position of going to my GP for pain in my left testicle in 2014, got referred for an ultrasound and was then misdiagnosed with cancer in my right testicle which turned out to be perfectly healthy. I had my right testicle removed only to be told the pain in my left testicle will go away on it’s own but it never did. I’ve spent over £25k since then trying to get it resolved but I’m only really left with cord block and pulsed denervation or orchidectomy. Luckily my pain isn’t constant though… it only really flares up when my bowels are full and when I need the toilet but that can sometimes be most of the day as I’ve developed IBS from the stress.

Mate I am not surprised by your hesitation after all that I would be looking for what’s best. Spending 25k is like $50,000 in my country. I thought NHS looked after you better. How tragic to be misdiagnosed. You have my complete sympathy.

Nah the NHS are fantastic in an emergencies… but when it comes to diagnosis and treatment they are really bad because the doctors are too overworked and they just rush people through trying to get them discharged as soon as possible. In their defence though it did look like cancer on the ultrasound so they took the right action at the time but I did explain to them I had previous scar tissue on my records but they ignored me. I wouldn’t mind if I didn’t have chronic epididymitis in my surviving testicle reminding me of what I went through every single day. Unfortunately I have no option but to try the cord blocks next and possible pulsed denervation. I wont be having any more surgeries though… unless I opt for an orchidectomy which is unlikely at the moment.

Don’t they leave you sterile though mate none of my business but can you still have kids if you want them. I had a vasectomy as o have enough children

Yeah I had my sperm and testosterone checked a few months ago and I have my sperm banked. Surprised both turned out to be fine considering the pain and inflammation in my only testicle for 7 years, it honestly felt like it was dying quite a few times it was so swollen but nothing is ever found on the scans or tests so it can only be nerve damage. I have heard the cord block can cause infertility if done badly but I dont really have much choice at the moment, nothing else seems to work

Was one of my concerns if you have had a vasectomy then obviously you are sterile, personally I avoid all surgery dow there mate

Yeah I actually had surgery on my cremaster muscle because my testicle was retracted all the time and wouldn’t stop pulling up. I kind of regret it though because now it hangs too low sometimes lol can’t win! I won’t be having any other surgery but I am optimistic about cord block and pulsed denervation although I know they chances of curing are low at least the option is there.

Best of luck man I know this plays havoc on your sex life

Thanks mate. Tadalafil seems to help with my pain and also gives me much stronger erections so I’m ok at the moment but still worry about things.

I regret having my cremaster chopped because now the hanging low causes pain right where the cremaster was chopped during Spermstic cord denervation. Far worse than any of the testicle pain before op almost two years ago. Tomorrow I’m going in for abbots burstDr spinal cord stimulation trial and failing that DRG spinal cord stimulation. They’re going to simulate all the groin/testicle nerves. Wish someone mentioned this two years ago before a trip around the world and two radical operations.

Hi Winston,

Where are you going for this treatment?

Have you heard of Pulsed radio frequency denervation?

In regards to the pain from hanging due to cremaster muscle surgery - where did you have this operation done and have you considered scrotal reduction surgery so the scrotum is made tighter and maybe that will give you more support? Obviously I can imagine though you’d want to avoid any more surgeries at all costs.