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Another Vas and Reversal Journey

Hello All,

I’ve posted a handful of times and been reading posts since last July, but this is my first thread and just want to relay my experience and add my story to the record.

Got my Vasectomy at the end of June ‘19. No serious, constant pain really to speak of(feel terrible by the way for all that are experiencing chronic, terrible pain, I really do). I had some general discomfort after the procedure. There were also bursts of intense sharp pains, but I have kidney stones, so I’m pretty good managing and dealing with pain. For the most part I consider myself fortunate not to be in the pain some of you describe.

Over the next few months, I started to notice some issues. Orgasms were way different. Basically it feels like the connection to my brain is gone. When I orgasm all of the physical feeling and motion in the groin is present. No change there. Problem is there is zero felling in the brain. No euphoric sensations, nada. Certainly feels as if the connection with the brain was severed during the vas. Additionally erections are much tougher to sustain and achieve. Like I need to be totally focused on sex and what is happening. This was never the case before. Probably because of this, erections never seemed as firm. Sex before orgasm is the same. Very enjoyable and feels the same. Its just the orgasm that is totally different. Been a very sexual person my whole life so this has been a bit hard on me.

My initial urologist, who performed the vas dismissed me, throwing out stats that complications are “rare”. He even printed out recent stats and guidelines they follow when discussing the potential procedure with patients. Like they are robots and just follow what they are told, not listening to their patients. He said I should try TRT. This infuriated me. Before vas I had never had sexual issues. Now, even though nothing changes with vas (he said this multiple times, even right before the procedure), I am having sexual issues? The point of the vasectomy was not for me to be on drugs the rest of my life. It was because I have two kids, didn’t want more and I didn’t want my wife taking birth control for the next 30 years of her life. I told that Urologist in front of his PA that he should tell his patients that pain and sexual issues are a real possibility and that things DO change. Don’t tell patients “everything will be the same” or “There will be no difference” even if that is the case MOST of the time. If you are a doctor how can you just gloss over the fact that many people have issues? You should AT LEAST tell them there is a possibility there may be complications. Then let them decide for themselves with all the information. Don’t be so cocky and confident that you don’t even mention these things. I was pretty angry with him and no longer see him. How could I when the trust is absolutely gone.

Aside from the sexual issues, about 2 months ago I started to get pain on my left side when getting aroused. Not only pain, but during arousal, it would interfere with any attempts at sex. This was about 5 months post vas. Up to this point I had been thinking I could live with the vas. Side effects were mostly sexual and I had been dealing with them as best I could. I can’t understand why so long after the initial vas I was getting pain. Would there be more pain down the road? Other issues that come up? Epididymis blowout? Granuloma? Did I already have some of these issues? Now with the new pain, at this point I started to consider the reversal and seek out options for this. In my mind I kept thinking that if I don’t get the reversal I’ll always wonder, should I have got it? Would things have been better? Did waiting too long ruin my chances of a clean vas to vas reversal?

So I started to do some research on reversal doctors in my area. I found a seemingly very competent Dr. who works from the University of Miami. He seems to be an expert in his field and could be considered an authority on fertility and male sexual issues. I scheduled the reversal for mid March and waited for the day to come. Last week they called me and said they had a cancellation and so I got to do the reversal in January. So I took the plunge and went for it. Hoping to put this chapter in my life behind me and undo what had been done. Maybe I could at least put everyhting back the way it was and let the body heal on it’s own. The body is an amazing organism and I’d rather take my chances with it figuring things out as opposed to more doctors telling me this and that.

Yesterday I started my post reversal journey. It’s early but I feel good so far and have no pain from the procedure. I don’t know if they gave me some extended pain reliever from the procedure itself, but I’m in no pain and have not taken any pain meds yet.

I’ll update as the recovery continues as I think there are lots of men who come to this board seeking advice, even if they don’t post themselves. To those in severe daily pain, I feel for you and hope you can find ways to diminish it and return to a life with little to no pain.


Keep us posted with your progress, rest a lot and don’t over do it.

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Good luck and thank you for posting! I hope you continue to be pain-free.

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@ThunderTrain Thank for sharing !

I am in the same situation as you, did VAS august 2019 and i am sceduled for REVERSAL mid march 2020. I have exactly same issue as you.

Please update us ! :slight_smile:

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Just wanted to give a quick update for anyone following along.

Had a follow up with the doc today. He said everything is healing good. There is a small bit of bruising, not much swelling and obviously the incisions are still healing, but to this point I’ve had zero pain from the procedure. Doc was amazed when I told him I’ve had no paid, almost did not believe me. Have not taken any pain meds.

He said initially the left side had a lot of scar tissues that had to be removed, but the pain I had pre-reversal from arousal is gone, probably from the scar tissue. I’m amazed you can cut and sew things back up and not have pain. The incisions are decently large too, maybe an inch and a half each. At this point less pain than the original vasectomy.

Still another week before I can resume activity and he said 2 weeks before sex, so still a ways off there. I’ll continue to update as I go.


Nice great to hear, keep us posted and cant wait to see how it goes and how you feel once you become active (sexually). So sad that so many of us are told that its all in our head…