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Another orchidectomy/orchiectomy



A lot of people think Androgel is bunk. You may want to find someone that will prescribe injectable T and also prescribe an aromatase inhibitor so your estrogen levels don’t get too high. Most doctors have no idea how to prescribe for TRT just like most doctors have no clue how to fix vasectomy related chronic pain. The good news is there are lots of doctors that do TRT though.


Left side only, this was after I had epididymectomy performed. 2nd worst decision of my life. Also had reversal on my right testicle.


Nearly 5 weeks post op. The difference between left and right are becoming more clear but the operated site still hurts. Hematoma in the scrotum is now the size of toffee. In 3 weeks I see the urologist again.


@derberlinersmurf, hope things get better really soon for you. Hematomas take a long time to resolve and cause a lot of discomfort and disruption until they do. How is your TRT protocol coming? 1 shot a week is not optimal. You could have problems with estrogen and peaks and valleys. You should consider 2x a week. Something like 100mg a week of Testosterone Cypionate is a good amount. All men are different but if you go too high/too much Test then you can have problems managing estrogen.

Thanks for the update. If you’re up to it please let us know how you progress.

Take care.


Currently replaced the one shot every week for gel and that is very nice (as in easy) but still have the feeling that my body “glows” from time to time, especially my face. I was taking in to account the aromatase inhibitor remark, but I need a prescription for that anyway. The hormone specialist was going to start follow me close by as soon as I’m 3 weeks passed removing the left over testicle. So normally by the beginning of March.


I would imagine the gel is a nice stop gap. When you first start taking T if you are out of shape and have a lot of visceral fat you will make a lot of estrogen. An AI won’t really help you avoid that. It takes a few weeks to stabilize and get things under control. First 6 weeks can be a lot of water retention and other symptoms as your body completely shuts down it’s own T production and adjusts to the new external source.

The school of thought I am seeing emerge is the use of Aromatase inhibitors should be avoided as they can be harmful. Estrogen is not bad. Too much is but some is normal and even healthy. I have not announced it here but I am trying TRT and have dropped my dose down to 100mg a week and will be dropping my AI. One less thing to juggle. I feel much better now than I did. It has helped my libido and I am leaner than I was 2 months ago. Maybe we could start some TRT threads on here. I based my decision to try it on symptoms, not numbers, however you can’t get treatment through insurance without low numbers. I am doing it out of pocket. It’s really not that expensive.


Yeah I’m at 60 euros a month for the TRT… In the Netherlands it was a lot more expensive when I ran out on holiday.


That’s like 68 dollars which is not bad.

I forgot to say I was hovering around the bottom of the reference range mid 300’s total and like 12 free. That was with exercise and being reasonably healthy but was 250 free in November which is clinically low. It felt like it too. I had symptoms before I checked T levels and they confirmed what I was feeling… like an 80 year old eunuch.