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Another orchidectomy/orchiectomy


Some of you know that I’ve underwent a lot of surgeries, tried a shit load of medication and visited at least 12 urologist and that none of that helped. The last months I got hot flashes and fatigue and after another test I found out my testosterone level dropped 63% in one year to the lowest you can get on the average scale (8.9 nmol/l in US measurements, 258 ng/dl in European). And the pain and liver damage are going the opposite direction so I’m also turning to the last resort to prevent this from killing me. Tomorrow I have an appointment with the hormone specialist to discuss my options (I prefer a shot every week based on what I have read), got a psychiatric report (otherwise no urologist wants to do the operation) and found a urologist who is willing to perform the operation. Only thing I want to decide next is do I go for a bilateral in one shot and do or do I not get prosthetics.

I had a look at other topics here/internet in general and I currently favor both sides in one shot and no prosthetics. But as always any feedback of people with experience is welcome.


I would say def a no to the prosthetics as you had previously an epididymectomy which means your going to be simular to myself and have scar tissue in the scrotom from the incision from that.

As for going for both at once only you can know that yourself in regards to how bad the pain levels currently on each side.

I know after my epididmectomy it was a sure decision to remove my left as pain was so bad…it was terrible and imo was never going to be right.

The immediate recovery from the incision in groin was very rough for me and was nearly 3 weeks before I could walk again without being in alot of pain and hunched over. So me personally I wouldnt like to have to do it again after recovering from one.

Its a touch decision as we know its not guarenteed to work so going in both at once has its risks incase it made things worse.

How bads you pain levels on each side?

Depends from day to day. But at most I don’t notice it for a couple of minutes. Left and right change every couple of hours. But on average, I have lower back pain, my stomach hurts, my upper legs hurt, my groin hurts, … On a scale somewhere around 6 on average I think, most doctors I met don’t use such a scale. So when I was at the urologist on Friday the right side was the worst and he proposed to do that one first, but today the left side is the worst. The pain is mainly in the cord (or at least the pain you can feel when pinching). The low t-levels are maybe an indication that even on one testicle I will have to take hormones for the rest of my life so if that’s the case (which I will find out tomorrow) it will be an easy decision. I read about a guy having pain while cycling with his prostheses and indeed I had a discussion. Balls are fun some times but having something in my body that can cause anti-allergic reactions, can leak, … is probably not worth it.

I suppose doing one at a time would be a safer option just incase things got worse…first few weeks recovery is rough, but honestly its not that bad when you used to having consistant ball pain.

My opinion is that epididymectomy is so destructive that chances are in you favour you willl see an improvement once the damaged testicle/testicles are gone. Having a sewed together testicle im their just aint good…as you have other pains elsewhere outside scrotum not sure how they will be affected with removel but for me i have got improvement as all my pain was in the ball itself.

Good luck

You got only one out? When was your orchidectomy?

Yes left one removed 9 months after epididymectomy on it…10 weeks and 3 days now since it was removed.

My pain was caused by epididymectomy on left side which I had because of long term (4 years) aches in that area epididymis on left side, no vas so right side is ok.

Have had a good relief…not sore anymore to the touch and not sore when walking etc…it was agony before and constant throbbing with any moment.

Im alot better so far but not pain free…I have still kind of like an uncomfortable feeling were testicle was, could be scare tissue or slight phantom pain or still unsettled from testicle being removed Im not really sure. Its kinda low level ache which is worsened when i lift and a little when sitting…its kinda more annoying than painful. My testicle did attach itself onto the scrotum skin after the epididymectomy so I didnt expect it to be an easy recovery after it was yanked out.

I noticed improvment when sitting last 2 weeks so im hopeful some healing will take place slowly over next few months.

I dream and hope I cant get pain free now with time. Im just glad that im not in constant bad throbing anymore.

I have no pain from groin area or incision from the surgery its totally gone, just a scar which is below waistline and dosnt bother me at all.

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Good luck @derberlinersmurf, I had left one removed last January after epididymectomy. Still healing from it, so be ready for approx 12 months of healing time. One thing that helped me with scars was silicone gels and sheets, as scar can get a bit itchy

It seems to be an unreasonable question to get a bilateral done… I really look up to having to go in surgery 2 times and recover 2 times for a sure thing…

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First testicle is coming out next Wednesday!

Good luck! keep us updated

Good luck @derberlinersmurf. I hope it helps.

So first one out. The operation itself is actually one of the less painful/long ones I had. But as expected there was a lot of scar tissue so it took some force to get the testicle out (they rip the scar tissue…). So I am now in excruciating pain and have a difficult time to move or sleep. The mental thing hit me 2 days before surgery and in combination with the already unstable hormone levels it is an emotional roller coaster so far.

On Friday I get the results of my last hormone measurement (after 2 doses of Sustane 250mg) and I do hope the biopsy confirms that my testicle wasn’t healthy any more (necrosis).

In the mean time I keep meeting men that have some level of discomfort (long) after their vasectomy, but medical staff seems to keep pretending it is something they never heard of…

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look forward to seeing how you feel in another three weeks once the worst of the incision pain resolves…i found that avoiding laying totally flat helped me alot. Good luck!

So far most of the time the untouched side hurts (a lot) more than the one where the testicle was removed. BUT I got a huge infection/bleeding the size of an egg, started antibiotics 2 days ago but no results so far. Friday I have a new appointment and I will try to schedule the second orchiectomy as well.

How the stomach when walking so far? Mine was still really bad at this stage.

I had quite a bit of swelling aswell although it wasnt infected. As long as there is no new serious or new pains then its sounding good so far!

I have a sort of itching/burning tube running from my stomach to my scrotum that is still quiet obstructive but I guess it is also infected. The swelling now starts to go away slowly but I only have 2 antibiotic tablets left so expect it is not so good.

You can be happy that you are clinically low T because now you don’t have to deal with the symptoms and be told you are “normal” (for sexually dormant eighty year old with one nut maybe) and get no treatment.

I would consider doing 2 shots a week I was you. The 1 shot every 2 weeks is a really bad way to do T replacement and a lot of guys think 1 shot a week subjects you to peaks and valleys too.

Let us know how you feel when you stabilize on your TRT.

I started on gel this week. Today will be day 4. So far still not completly fine but the huge bump on my scrotum seems to be a hematoma instead of an infection.

Unfortunately healing can take long time. I’m almost a year out of orchectomy, I’d say 80% better.

Did you got it on one or both sides?