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Anecdotal evidence on two supplements I'm taking

For the second time in a year, I ran out of one of the two supplements I take daily and, for the second time, a low level of pain returned.

Over the summer, it was Nerve Shield. After I ran out, I decided to see how I’d do without it. Noticed a persistent, low-level (1-3 level twinges) resurface, so I went back on it and returned to normal 0 with some occasional 1 level twinges.

Last week, I ran out of Zyflamend, my natural herbal anti-inflammatory. Wife re-ordered but with the USPS delays, I still haven’t received it. Could be coincidence, of course, but by this past Thursday, I noticed a little bit of left epi tenderness. No big deal, nothing compared to the dark days, but definitely a tick up.

Ran out to the local store today and picked up a bottle of Zyflamend and will report back if I see the downtick I’m expecting.

Not a shill for Redd Remedies or New Chapter, but near as I can tell, their concoctions are helpful for me.