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An update since August 2018 to 2019

Well I am approaching my 1 year anniversary since my vasectomy reversal. First of all I never realized how much feeling was lost to the vasectomy until I had it reversed. I can now have my balls played with. without cringing in pain my penis feels warm again and not the cold feeing that it had during the years of vasectomy. My head is in a better place as i dont have the feeling of disconnect from the rest of my body. I would say i am not at 100% but i am close to it. Also i know that reversal doent fix everyone however it was the best move ever for me. While I have some sperm it will never cause a pregnancy which is no big deal giving my age now. Thanks for the support while i was on my journey cheers Francis


Glad you’re feeling great @Francis, I am nearly 1-year post as well, no regrets on the up, and am hoping this will continue to be the case.

It sounds funny to say, but ‘ball play’ is something I really miss since the vas. But, if they get squeezed at all now, I’ll be in pain for hours or days.

Sorry to hear that bry I used to love it and was really proud of my balls until the vasectomy. There is no doubt in my mind that the simple opp ruined me and my relationship. I don’t know where you are at or what your next step is but I hope it gets you better. I am sure Drs sell this procedure to our women first surly they would not expect this to change our lives as much as it can. I read some statistics from the U S that 500000 thousand men have a vasectomy every year and that 33% have issues with vasectomies that a total of 166000 men have issues. The medical profession should be ashamed of themselves for ruining so many lives. The same in New Zealand we have the highest rate of vasectomy in the world

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The thing no one tells you is that even if 100% successful, a vasectomy will leave you with enlarged, pressurized epididymides. For some people this is painful from the outset, but I believe that even in the best of cases it still leaves you more susceptible to injury since the contents of your sack will no longer be able to tolerate much external pressure.

I would like to tie these urologist bowel so they know what pressure is like and see if they will have have a blow out that’s what I think of them and their procedure they are all sh.t