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Alternative Therapies?

Unfortunately, I’ve spent way too much time researching and obsessing about what has destroyed my life. I was seemingly fine for a time after my vas and became very ill months later. This resulted in me searching for answers and researching things like, lupus, ms, parasites, lyme, toxic mold, cirs and so much more. There are Facebook groups for all these things that are great. The question remains, why us? What are we sick but not most guys? While I cant answer that, I can tell you what other sick people have tried to solve or help their mystery health issues.

All of us have parasites to certain degrees. Also many believe that most people are already infected with dormant lyme disease and other tick born illnesses that can activate with immune disruption. Most of us have been exposed to Epstein barr virus among others. In addition to these possible sleeping giants there are other considerations like heavy metal exposure, pro inflammatory diet, stress, poor sleep and not enough exercise.

Health is like a canoe and even though we might be able to live with a few buckets of water in the canoe, at a certain level we get swamped and its a totally different story.

Ideas to improve immune function:

Saunas- hair test analysis shows sauna therapy is very effected at lowering heavy metals in the body which can cause all sorts of issues. Heavy metals can cause major disruptions in your immune function. Not to get super hippy on you but if your mouth is full of a know toxin like mercury and you have been sick it may be time to consider removing your fillings. Heavy metal chelation is a hot topic and in today’s world its hard to say what sort of toxins you have collected over the years. Its also dangerous but something as simple as making a pesto with cilantro and eating a tablespoon of it a day can have powerful chelating effects just do your research first.

Coffee enemas- hope to try this one soon. I’m putting it here because of the raving reviews I’ve seen across many different illnesses. Something in the caffeine supposedly takes stress off of your detox organs making them healthier and makes some of the other therapies easier to tolerate.

Parasites- hard to test for but we know they exist and can get out of balance. The reason I address it here is because they are known to release toxins when the die so the name of the game is to flush them out whole if possible. The problem with parasites is that they can harbor lyme and reinfected you supposedly after you treat for lyme and other blood borne pathogens in and endless whack-a-mole game. There are expensive parasites herbs and protocols but there are a few things parasites hate like black walnut oil, pumkin seeds and diotomatios earth and paypaya seeds I believe. You may learn you have an issue with them if you take something that kills them and then you feel like crap when they die inside you releasing their toxins. Then it would be time to dig into a better parasites protocol.

Binders- if you are like me and one of the 25% of humans who’s immune system doesn’t recognize certain molds and as a result they are allowed to circulate and even grow within your body then you might benefit from consuming things like activated charcoal and bentonite clay. These compounds basically sponge up things including toxins and force them out which is why people like to do coffee enemas as part of their protocol to assist in the toxins removal. A prescription binder is cholestramine which essentially is a bunch of tiny plastic balls the go through you and not into you if that makes sense. Normally, we recycle most of our stomach bile. If your body doesn’t recognize certain toxins like mold spores they wind up getting recycled endlessly. Cholestramine works by simply soaking up all the bile and forcing it out when you poop. For certain people its a miracle drug.

Obviously nutrition is paramount, we are all a bit different but in general anything high on the glycemic index is going to promote inflammation which in turn promotes everything you dont want.
Personally, I’ve not noticed any effects from diet changes but some people feel way better on the caveman diet or keto/low carb. The ultimate diet in my opinion if called the Whals Protocol its a diet made by doctor with MS who was able to ride her bike after being stuck in a wheelchair after only a couple months eating a super charged diet.

There are many more things to consider but I wanted to share some of the things I’ve come across in hopes that it might help you. I believe anything we can do to take stress of off out immune system is only going to help our pains and with any luck some of us may be able to forget this group and live a life better than it was before.

Good luck!

I forgot to mention bee venom therapy, I’ve seen many raving reviews of people who consider it a miracle cure. Its interesting in pvps because it has an immune modulation effect. Supposedly, the venom triggers a cascade of immune reactions but part of that reaction is an immune calming effect as the venom event is processed. Some people think that their immune systems sort of rebalance to accommodate the venom. I’ve not tried it because its a 2-3 year protocol but I’m interested in it.