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Almost complete pain relief with Metformin


For the forum knowledge base record, I want to add that metformin didn’t alter any of my other issues (low T, reduced sexual feeling, etc.). It just shut down the nerve pain. It’s not a total miracle drug, but it’s one more step in the right direction.


I agree with you on it not fixing everything. It did not give me my libido back. However, not dealing with burning pain at the end of the day and end of week was huge for me and totally unexpected. After seeing a lot of doctors and specialist, including a pain specialist at Johns Hopkins last year, I had not gotten better except in small day to week bursts in 5 years. Relief from the daily burning pain, nearly complete relief, was a miracle to me. It made me believe that anything is possible and to never give up.

Libido can be due to a lot of things that can also be addressed separately. If you have libido issues go see a good endocrinologist or just go to a good TRT clinic and get a full hormone panel done. Testosterone levels can be fixed. I would not count on your GP being able to do that though. Just like PVPS most GPs don’t know their head from their a$$ when it comes to testosterone replacement therapy.

I want to add that even that doctor at Hopkins was fairly worthless. He was worthless. He just wanted to put me on Lyrica which was the same BS that all the urologists that could not help me wanted to try.


Hi Mike, its great to hear this medicine is helping you. Do you think taking metformin may make us dibetic or create other problems? I would like to try it myself but like yourself do not tolerate medicine very well.


Metformin is fairly benign and is even considered a longevity drug. It’s main effects are gastrological but the extended release formula is apparently much easier on that. I did not have any issues with that side effect and I have gut issues. My only issue with it was that it made me tired. Not all people react that way to it. I have not been taking it. I have not needed it. It’s almost as if by shutting off my pain for 3 months I was able to stop taking it daily and the neural pathways/learned pain was no longer an issue. If I ever have issues I just start taking it again.

If anything, at low doses it is possible it can help you lose weight and if reverse pre-diabetes.

There is no way it will cause you to be diabetic. In fact the opposite seems more likely.


@MikeO, searching the internet for Metformin & neuropathic pain, some interesting articles pop up, supporting your experience.

This article discusses how Metformin outperforms Gabapentin and Clonidine, when it comes to reversal of cognitive deficits:

And finally these studies, even if on rodents, support the theory, too:


This is a good one from a pain management doctor.


I got 90x500mg pill to try…asked my doctor here in uk and he looked at me like i was crazy. Was able to get it no problem through family in hungary, 3rd day now i will update in few weeks.

My pain is low level 1/10 -2/10 most of the time, things only get worse when sitting and lifting, 5 months post orchectomy.


Wish you best of luck!


I’m not a doctor and I’m not giving medical advice here. I am just relaying my experiences with Metformin. I would not advise or encourage anyone to use prescription drugs outside of doctor supervision and direction.

I just wanted to clarify that.


@MikeO. This is great to hear. I’ve got a visit with a new PCP this week and will bring articles. Have you gone any time without taking the metformin? I’m wondering if once the pain cycle is broken- could you wean off the medication?


This article discusses how Metformin outperforms Gabapentin and Clonidine, when it comes to reversal of cognitive deficits:

Shoot. The way I experience it…pain takes up an oversized part of my brain- did not realize it had been described in the literature. And agree that gabapentin only further impaired cognition. Considered Lyrica, but it seems to be a pretty similar type of drug.


I wonder if berberine would do the same thing. Wouldn’t need a prescription if so:

Similar mechanism of action as metformin (AMPK):



This is interesting. Assuming AMPK is the mechanism of action it’s very possible Berberine might have modulating effects on nerve pain as well. I actually bought some berberine from amazon as well but since I’m using Metformin I don’t need it. But yeah, no script required. That’s a huge plus.


My pain has gotten pretty low level at this point, and who knows how much is “nerve pain”, but I bought some berberine and I’ll report back anyway.