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Almost complete pain relief with Metformin

Well, after almost 2 weeks taking Metformin, I must say it worked quite well.
I am currently taking 250 mg twice a day and this relieves me as 80% of my symptoms!!!
I am thinking of increasing the night dose to 500 mg and see if it improves continuously.


Really encouraging to see so many guys getting relief from Metformin. @MikeO did us all a great service by taking one for the team. I’m in good shape now and only taking Nerve Shield and Zyflamend supplements preventitively, but I ever have another relapse, I think I’ll start with Metformin.

Do we know if any of the well-known PVPS specialists catching on or treating with Metformin? It might be a good idea to inform them.


There is a recent study linking fibromyalgia pain relief to Metformin:



That’s great. Pretty amazing. I wish I had tried it before my reversal as I think it’s possible I may not have needed one.

I’m glad it’s helping people.

It’s too bad metformin is an old drug that no one can make money off of or you’d probably see it in more pain management tool belts.

It turned my my nerve pain off like a switch.


Hi All - Update on metformin 1x 500mg per day - Unfortunately no noticeable difference after taking for 2 months. Oh well onto the next thing.


Sorry to hear that. What type of pain do you have? Is it aching or burning type pain?

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Hi @mikeo my pain is in my abdomen, it’s an ache generally when sitting or bending over

Yeah, I don’t think metformin will help with that. It helps with the sharp burning/stinging type pain. I have a little of what you speak of on the right and it does not help with that. wearing supportive undergarments helped me a lot with that type of issue early on.

@MikeO thanks, i noted that your symptoms were different to mine but something so simple is always worth a try, relative to the other risky procedures i have tried over the last 4 years its a no brainer! I had zero noticeable side effects from it so definitely a low risk attempt.

Make sure you keep an eye on your kidney function.
Metformin can cause renal failure if unlucky and left unchecked.

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I was wondering how long it would take for someone to bring this up. Since learning about this potential option, I have talked about this medication with some very knowledgeable people, and they wouldn’t touch it unless it was a life or death situation. I would recommend everyone do their homework on metformin before considering taking it.

I’m not sure if the problem is that it can cause acidosis, which can damage your kidneys or if it is hard on them in other ways. I was only taking 1000mg 1 time a day. I think it’s possible that even less than that could be enough to calm nerve related pain. I don’t even take it anymore and never had to take it every day to maintain pain relief. I was on it for around 3 or 4 days at 1000 mg a day and the pain drop off was dramatic at around day 3 or 4. The stuff makes me tired and feel awful. I don’t take it all now and am pretty much fine. I have no idea how it worked. I was not looking for that to happen at all so it was not a placebo. I think it must have something to do with whatever mechanism is involved in centralized pain. I don’t know.

You should always look out for your kidneys for sure.

@Arynoso do you still take it? It sounded very promising the results you reported
I consider taking it if i find a doctor willing t prescribe it

No, I stopped taking it because the symptoms came back. So I suppose, at least in my case, it wasn´t the Metformin that improved my symptoms, instead I think it was the usual rollercoster of this hell.

Has anyone besides @MikeO tried Metformin with success for nerve pain?

It worked for me. I take about 125mg daily.

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Do you take it every day or only when needed?

I take it every evening before bed. It causes a slight back ache for me, so I sleep it off. The painkilling effect lasts until the next dose.

I’m seeing a new specialist next week who seems willing to give it a try.
How long did it take you to see an effect? Sounds like it was very fast for @MikeO, is it similar for you?
I already have lower back pain, so hopefully it won’t mess with that.

I found this nice write up today, for anyone interested:

It took about 30 minutes to achieve full effect.