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Almost complete pain relief with Metformin

I held off sharing this with the group until I was certain it was a durable pain response.

As many of you know I’ve had lingering issues for the last 5 1/2 years after my reversal. I was able to go back to work after reversal as it took care of the worst of my pain but still could get issues with prolonged sitting.

I am not diabetic. My fasting sugar was getting close to pre-diabetic so I had discussed Metformin with my doctor last year. This year I started having trouble with stubborn weight despite vigorous exercise and training so I requested a script for Metformin to see if it could help me lose some weight.

I started on 500mg a day on a Wednesday and by Saturday when I was expecting to have my usual end of week soreness and pain it never came or was very mild. I figured it was the Metformin and looked online and sure enough there is medical data/research on the use of metformin for neuropathic pain.

It’s been almost 3 months now and I don’t really think about or worry about pain anymore. I still have some altered sensation in my scrotum at my incision sites and where I was dissected/reconnected and my balls of course hang a little higher/different but absent pain I am okay with it.

I want to emphasize that this result was both totally unexpected and has been very dramatic.

I’ll post one of the many links I found about Metformin for pain relief. Again, I did not start taking it expecting any benefit at all in the area of pain management.


Glad to hear it Mike :+1:

That sounds amazing Mike. I will try it.
Thanks for sharing

Very Interesting! Thanks for sharing.
Any side effects and if so, how do you handle them?


The one side effect is it makes me tired. When I was training for a swim meet this fall I felt like it made it harder for me to train without getting fatigued so I stopped for a 2 weeks until after my meet and then started up again after my meet.

I take the XR version.

The first night after I took it I did not sleep hardly at all but that went away quickly.

As far as the fatigue goes I feel like that has gotten a little better but I think that may just be unique to me as well. I think the main complaint most people have with it is gastro-intestinal issues. The XR version supposedly takes care of that complaint for most and that’s what I’m on.

I figure for many guys having nerve pain type soreness and discomfort this might be a good thing to try. It may be hard getting a script for it however since it is an off-label use.

It is a cheap old and safe drug and I think it’s something anyone considering surgery should look into. I certainly wish I had been able to try it before my reversal. You want to fire every bullet you can before resorting to surgery. I feel we encourage all men to take that approach and most guys do exhaust the conservative measures first but it’s worth restating.

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Has this helped with your arthritis type pain and body soreness?

Not really. I’m 52. When I exert myself I get inflammation and pain in my joints/body.

One thing I’ve noticed though is that if I have a big day of work if I fast while I’m working I don’t get nearly as much of that type of pain. If I get up in the morning and start tackling a task in the yard or garage, the longer I can go without eating the less I have issues with stiffening up.

Fasting is a good way to turn off inflammation for me.

It’s no fun but it works.

If I come in and have a big meal after 5 hours or so of working and sit down for a few minutes, forget. I’m the tin man.

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Guys, I am going to pin this for a few weeks to make sure folks see it. I have had remarkable relief since I started taking Metformin.


Hi @MikeO, glad to hear this brings you relief!!! I feel with everyone on this site and every success story brings hope to people out here suffering and looking for a relief.
Can you tell what type of pain you mostly had ?

I had some burning and paresthesia in my groin around where I was dissected (origianal vas) and reconnected (vas reversal). I had scrotal pain where I was in the scrotum basically. I had some pain lower to toward the perineum. It was nerve type pain, not really that testicular type of aching (except a little on the right side).

I had dramatic reduction after about 4 days on metformin. I don’t even have to take it every day. I usually take it at least 5 days during a week. The reason I don’t take it every day is it can make me tired. A couple days off and I’m fine.

I have no idea how it works but in the article I listed you can see that there is awareness in the medical community of its ability to modulate chronic pain/pain perception.

I would like to try ketamine as well but I’m doing good on just metformin right now. It’s night and day.

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Good to hear that’s working for you Mike! I’ll keep this in mind if my pain starts to come back

Thank you sir. I am not on here as much as i was which is a good thing. I like to check in from time to time. I hope all is well with you @gwhitman.

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Doing good Mike, good to hear you are recovering well. I know you have had quite the journey! I still have pain from time to time, but things have settled down mostly. We always fear a relapse at any time and that could definitely happen. I seem to get a little better every year, even though that may only be 1 to 2%, but it feels like progress. Certain things upset it and if I can stay away from those things, I’m mostly ok. I feel lucky “for now” that everything will work out. I think when you get older and the massive testosterone machine starts to turn down you start to get some relief.

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Mike, my first time back to the board in a while. I’m still in a much more pain free than not stage, but it spikes here and there (today!). I’m still having some other non-testicle pain specific problems.

I’m also trying Natesto. I know you keep up on the TRT options. Natesto is a new one. Not on it long enough yet to test my levels though. I’m sure the T-Nation guys would poo-poo it, also. I’ll probably ultimately switch to 2x a week shots, but we’ll see.

Anyway… metformin, hadn’t heard of it. Very interesting.

I went to a new doc in general 1.5 months back who is more of a holistical/functional type - but a REAL, LEGIT doctor. And he prescribed me some ketamine type lotion. Even though I wasn’t having lots of intense, regular ball/vas pain, it still came here or there as I’ve said, so I thought I’d try rubbing it on as prescribed. Maybe it was mental… but after a week, it seemed to make it worse. I was having semi-regular low level pain again. So I stopped. Weird I know…

I’ll ask him about the meformin when I go back then. This guy loves old school drugs - since as he says, they are mostly just from plants without a lot of chemical manipulation.

Super happy to read you are doing so much better after so long. Almost a f’ing miracle, really.

Yes, metformin is old school and pretty safe stuff. In fact there are some that think of it as a possible longevity drug. I hardly take now. It’s like I unlearned my pain while I was on it. Things are not the same for sure. I do not like how my nuts hand and feel in general but I’m not in what I could consider bad pain anymore.

If you’re going to do TRT I would not do it with some GP that knows less about that than he does about PVPS. There are clinics where that is all they do and it really is not that expensive. You already mentioned T Nation. That’s a great resource for guys considering TRT. Those guys know that stuff cold. I think you are onto something with the 2 shots a week. It’s a piece of cake to inject.

It has been a weird journey for sure. Nice to hear you seem to be doing better. We don’t need to be 100% again. Just okay, where it’s not dominating your every waking thought and you can move on is actually good.

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I started metformin about three weeks ago, and it relieved 90-95% of my lingering nerve pain! I’ve still got a little nerve pain at my neurolysis site, but if it doesn’t get pressed on, I’m not going to complain. My GP doesn’t have a clue as to metformin’s mechanism for pain control, but he’s going to suggest it to his other patients who are currently suffering from PVPS.


Anyone else try metformin for nerve pain? I am wondering if I should request this from my doc and give it a try since my pain is mainly nerve pain.

That’s great news!

I will repeat what I sent you in my private message to you this morning. I think the reason you don’t hear more about Metformin for pain is because it is an old drug that is dirt cheap and you can’t make money off of it. If it was 10 dollars a pill it would be marketed out the wazoo.

Let the doctor that performed your neurolysis know. If you have a patient portal or a way to contact any doctor that has treated you for pain let them know.

Thanks for posting here.

Any guy with neuropathic type pain considering surgery or more surgery should try this therapy first.

It was life changing for me.

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What do you have to lose except your pain? It’s a pretty safe drug. From our small sample size the amount needed to control pain appears to be a lot less than the amount that is therapeutic for people with blood sugar issues/diabetes. I don’t think controlling blood sugar is the mechanism that it works by.

I of course don’t know but if I had to guess I would say it probably will help guys with neuropathic type pain the best i.e. burning, pinching, tingling etc… as opposed to congestive pain. I wish I had been able to to try it prior to my reversal, but based on what I was experiencing and my level of disability I made the right choice at the time. Also, no one was offering it and there is NO literature on it. Mabye we can change that here on this board. If this helps even just a small number of guys that would be tremendous.