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Almost 2 weeks post vasectomy


Almost 2 weeks in and I’m still feeling a lot of discomfort. I don’t know if I’m still in the healing phase or the uh oh this could be bad after reading these posts. My main concern is I’m able to achieve and erection and I orgasm with relative no pain; however, my testicles get really sore afterwards. Its hard to walk and it just aches. After a day or so the ache lessons until I orgasm again. I also discovered a painful lump near my left testicle. Any opinions on this?



Take a look at my story (probably about 4-5 posts down on the main page). 2 weeks is nothing…I was just starting to walk normal at 2 weeks. Most people recovery extrememly quick (2-3 days) and others take a while…and others have chronic pain. At 2 weeks I wouldn’t worry too much and I’d stay off of this forum. This forum will make you feel like you made the worst decision of your life and that you’ve completely ruined your life. Odds are you’re just taking a while to heal. The mental crap you’ll put yourself through by looking into stuff isn’t worth it. My advice would be to rest, try heat/cold (whatever seems to help), NSAID, and see how you’re doing in 3-4 weeks. I’m no pro, but I wish I would have done that from the beginning and stayed off here. I was freaking out and finally just had an almost normal day (~11 weeks post vas). Good luck and hopefully we don’t ever hear from you again :-).

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6 weeks in now. Definately some improvement; however, I am still running into the same thing. I feel good then I ejaculate and then my testicles ache for a good couple of days then goes almost away until I go again. I also notice when it aches really bad that if I get up and go walking around I don’t feel much at all while I walk. I also can’t wear anything tight as it makes the ache worse. Does this sound like congestion? I want to be able to go again without having to pay for it. Anyone go through this?



8 weeks in and my testicles randomly ache. It doesn’t last forever. It comes and goes. What exactly does congestion pain feel like? Trying to determine if that is what I’m experiencing.