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Acupuncture / IMS does it work?

Has anybody had any success with either of these?

I had a granuloma removed which made my pain worse. Going to be getting a cortisone shot, curious if anybody else has had any luck with acupuncture or IMS?

I really don’t want to have an epididymectomy, which is what my urologist recommends. But I swear it’s a nerve. Also been looking into denervation.

In terms of surgical options, I’ve concluded that epi removal is the only one I’d never attempt. I’ve simply read too many negative outcomes and, further, I can’t wrap my head around the logic. I think the logic behind it is “if it hurts, remove it.” In my most recent bout with scrotal pain, the left epi seemed to be the source; however, both cord blocks and GF nerve blocks took the pain away. For that reason, I was leaning toward denervation or neurectomy. Note that I had a reversal in 2006 and was pretty much pain free from 2006-2016, so if you haven’t had a reversal, I’d certainly recommend that over epi removal.

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