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A success story!

A message of hope! Its been a while since I posted so I’ll give a brief recap of my story. I had zero groin pain prior to vasectomy after vas I developed severe PVPS. The pain started immediately and become worse as time progressed. I had pvps as bad as anyone, the pain was unrelenting and affected every aspect of my life. Pain was on both sides but the right was way worse than the left. Pain was in epi and radiated up into abdomen.
I researched all the options for relief and decided that I would rather try to rebuild than destroy more so I opted for a reversal. I figured if the vas didn’t work I could try other options, but the opposite is not the case. I had the reversal 6 ½ months after the original vas. Healing was not linear after reversal, and it took about 2 years to get full benefit from it I’m 5 ½ years from the original vas now. I’m not 100% but I am 95%. About once every couple months I still get a little pain but it is minor and goes away. I can do most everything I used to do, sudden jarring motion still affects me. An example I can ride a horse but a gallop hurts. I can ride a dirt bike but going over really rough ground fast hurts. Normal day to day activity or walking or even jogging I can do without pain. I can bike, hike, backpack, whitewater kayak, play tennis (with a jock) and live an active life.
Would of my pain resolved on its own without reversal? Maybe, maybe not. I had my pipes checked about a year ago after a little relapse and they are still wide open. Best advice I can give is give it time, but not too much time, research your options and once you have a knowledge base don’t obsess over it, you may have to force yourself to not look at this site but once a week. I know that’s easier said than done, but I do believe taking your mind and energy off it will be beneficial. I will monitor this post for a while and answer any questions.
Wishing you relief and God bless.


Awesome news Jake!

I’ve got almost identical pain, more on the right, but definitely bilateral; abdominal pain, etc. It’s been almost 11 months for me and I’ll be going for a reversal in 3.5 weeks.

Success stories like this keep me going. Thanks for sharing this and be well!

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I had my reversal about 3½ years after vasectomy. I’m 11 months post-reversal. I am not much better. I am planning to schedule an appt with urologic surgeon to talk about denervation when I’m 1 year post-reversal. Did you ever consider cord stripping? Where were you pain-wise at 1 year post-reversal versus 2 years?

Thanks @Jake! Glad to hear you’re living the good life. Prior to your reversal, did you notice any improvement at all during those 6 months post vas? I am 5 months post vas, and although i am nowhere near where I want to be, I am doing much better than I was during my first 2-3 months. I am curious if your pain had improved at all or was staying the same. Thanks for the reply.

Jake - good news. I’ve generally been better since reversal as well. Since recovering from reversal, I’ve been pain-free for about 9 years but am in the midst of my second relapse. I think many of us benefit from the removal of damaged tissue, not so much restoration of flow, along with reduced build-up of sperm-induced granulomas, etc. Good for you. Hope you can maintain the improvement.

I only considered cord stripping or any other destructive type procedure as an option if the reversal did not work. I took the mindset that I didn’t want to do anything that could cause more non reversible damage. Granted the vas reversal had risks too, but I felt they were lesser. The reversal doc did other treatments as well epidectomy and nerve stripping. He told me that nerve damage from a vasectomy would most likely be at the site of the vas and by doing a reversal they would clean up the original vas site and hopefully remove anything causing nerve pain. Kind of made sense to me.

Additionally I personally spoke with three people who had nerve treatments and none were successful. Obviously my sample size of 3 people was not a good representation but it did influence me. Im sure there are success stories of nerve treatments. I really felt mine was caused by epididmytis caused by the system being plugged up and the best way to fix that was to open up the system so it could clean itself out and it has worked.

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My pain pretty much stayed the same. I would have brief moments where I thought it was getting better but that would only last for half a day then it would be right back. I did notice that laying down made it better, mornings were better than night. My epi on the right side was swollen it looked like I had 3 balls at one time.

good luck with the reversal. It took a long time after the reversal to improve. I couldn’t compare day to day I found it best to compare week to week and keep a journal so I could compare and see improvement. Also my doc told me daily ejac for several months. I believe that was key to keep it open.

You did the right thing.

@raising4girls Scaring did not close your vas again?

@Jake, How long has it been since your reversal? Has scaring become an issue at the vas? I’ve read in the threads that it is possible that scaring may close the vas again.

I don’t think so. Sperm count is ok. I’m 90% sure I was never nor am now suffering congestive pain. I’m pretty sure I’ve had nerve pain during my episdoes. I’ve consulted 4 uros at the Cleveland Clinic plus Dr. P. and Dr. Marks. All have said I’m a classic nerve pain guy.
This bout is the longest and most stubborn.

@raising4girls, well that’s is positive news for you, good to hear your vas is open and at least the congestive pain has been eliminated. Also, you have narrowed your symptoms to nerve pain…I suppose that is all you can do. Based on what I have read here there is not a good solution for nerve repair other than allowing time to heal and maybe using a natural supplement alternative…I have always heard aloe vera juice is a miracle, I wonder if that would help. Maybe it is worth looking into it…just my two cents.

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It’s been 5 years now. I had my counts done about a year ago partly out of curiosity and partly due to a bit of pain I was having. I feared they closed off. Nope, wide open and have a count higher than most guys. Don’t remember the exact number. One oddity was I had a high number of mutated ones. Probably due to damage in epi when it was inflamed for six months.
If you go for reversal I really believe frequent ejac is key in keeping them open. Studies show if they are going to close off it normally happens within first year or so I don’t remember exact details in the study but the overall take home was if it closes it will happen soon.

Good to hear @Jake. Can you do anything to fix your sperm? Get rid of the sperm antibody?

You can’t get rid of the sperm antibodies. The delicate border between blood and spermcells was ruptured during procedure. This causes antibody reaction on your own cells. I believe this is why reversal gives a max of 95% relieve. I ve not heard of a severe pvps cured 100% by reversal. Still imo the best option when suffering from congestive pain.
The lumen in the epididymus is completely f@cked up by scar tissue and macrophages went in to break down the excess of the trapped spermcells. This never ever heals to it’s original state. Hence the abnormal mutilated sperm count after reversal.


are you still fertile

Hi jake,
Not sure if you still check this board or not. How are you 2 years later? I had the vasectomy 6 months ago and reversal 7 days ago. My emotions are a wreck as I have up and down moments all day. Are you still pain free? It’s so hard being a burden like this on my wife and family in addition to my constant pain

I’m doing good, minor pain once in a while, but nothing to complain about. It took awhile like a year to get full benefit. I had my reversal about 6 months after the vas too, I believe that is really beneficial to the reversal working. That tissue is still fresh and alive at six months and the epi isnt all messed up from being block off for to long. I believe the secret is cleaning out the pipes daily for the first months to keep it from scarring over. hang in there, it will get better.

I had a reversal 6.5 months ago, and am still in pain at the reconnection sites. did you experience this? some good days, many many bad days. nothing is consistant. pain on the left side one day, pain on the right the other. just looking to see if anyone else has gone through this recovery like this.