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A question about spermatic cord block

İ am looking for an answer about spermatic cord block. Please share Your opinions…
İ am an victim of inguinal hernia surgery. My vas deference is entrapted by scar tissue in inguinal canal. During aurosal, sex and ejaculation i feel pain in the groin (not in testis). Also i feel chronic discomfort/pain ( in the groin) in daliy activities.
My pain doctor performed ilioinguinal block and it didnt worked. After this attempt, he performed inguinal region block and also it didnt worked. He concluded that ilioinguinal and iliohypogastric nerves are not cause of pain.
My Uro ofered spermatic cord denervation. As i know it is for testicular pain. But my pain is in the groin region .
Does the nerve branches within the spermatic cord and vas deference related with groin pain.??
Any suggestion??

The cord block is a test using local anesthetic to see if permanent denervation would work. Not sure if it would work for your case. The block would be worth trying. It’s an easy procedure.

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If your pain is not in the testes, I don’t see how spermatic cord denervation would help. Again, I’m not a physician, so it may be my ignorance, but my understanding in your case is that the surgery would occurring below or further away from the spinal column than the actual damage, injury, and pain site.

In cord denervation, the uro is cutting off branches of the GF and II/IH from the main “trunks” if you will. But, if the pain source is above where the branches are severed, I’m thinking the pain source hasn’t been removed. In your case, it seems like taking down the tree by removing small branches and leaves.

I’d suggest seeing someone like Dr. Eric Williams at the Dellon Institute. He specifically helps people who are victims of hernia surgery. So does Dr. David Krpata at the Cleveland Clinic. I’ve seen both of them.

Even if the II/IH are not the pain source, it could be your GF. If neither, then I’m not sure what to think but one of the docs I mentioned would know better. Dr. Krpata performs laproscopic neurectomy, and I considered having him do that to my GF. Fortunately, the pain level has dropped enough that I know longer want surgery.

I’m scheduled for this. Can you let me know what to expect?

It’s a shot of local anesthetic into your spermatic cord. If that decreases your pain level, you’re a good candidate for deneravation.