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9 months post surgery new pain now

I’m 9 months post surgery. I had a horrible recovery. developed epididymitis took weeks before I could walk comfortably. some of the worst pain I’ve ever had. I developed lumps, spermatic tube swelling etc. BUT after a few weeks conditions improved to the point where I rarely thought about the vasectomy and didnt really have any pain. but the lumps never went away. things were good for 7 months but about 1 month ago I started waking up from scrotal pain. this usually happens half way through the night. pain meds will help but what helps the best is to get up and walk around for 5 to 10 minutes. this is pretty disruptive to my sleep. anyone else have pain return the same way? pain is bad enough that I cannot sleep through it.

Early on, my scrotal pain would wake me up, too. I then started icing before bed and taking tylenol. That helped a lot.

I’m 9 months in though. I can try icing.

“Early on” for me means about 6 months or so. I’m over 6 years post-vas right now.

How’s it going these days Reid? Any update on your situation? Has the pain that was keeping you up gotten better?

Yes I was all good for about 8 months. Now I’m having pain during ejacuation. Sometimes its bad enough that I instantly have to stop. Feels like getting kicked in the balls. But it doesn’t happen every time. I’ve recently tried massaging my scrotal area while in the shower in attempt to soften any potential scar tissue.

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Pain is 99% gone. I very rarely have issues now. I had all kinds of crazy symptoms for the first couple years. Got the vasectomy in the summer of 2018. I battled flareups and consistent levels of light to moderate pain for at least 2 years. Been pretty good for 6 months. I’ve learned alot here. But overall I believe it was the passage of time that ultimately healed me. Hopefully things stay positive for me.