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8 weeks and feeling up and down....PLEASE HELP

Ok i have posted here before but wanted to see if anyone had thoughts.

  • I am 8+ weeks post vasectomy
  • I had been getting better week to week on average but the last few days had a set back
  • Symptoms are testicular discomfort, lower abdominal pain
  • I had a ultrasound at 7 weeks and was told normal
  • Recently the pain is more acute/sudden
  • I am mid way through a Bactrim course of antibiotics
  • Again I was feeling better and better overall and felt i was out of the woods and I am now wanting to jump into the middle of traffic!
  • I see Urologist this Friday (1st time to see him post-surgery as PA saw me)

My main question is am I being too impatient with this recovery? Clearly I am not in the norm but also is it possible this clears over the next few weeks/months.

Thanks for any thoughts.

Duke I am so sorry to hear you are struggling. I asked the exact same questions at 2 months. For myself that was when things really started to go bad. I hate to even type this for you but it is out of compassion because there is a good chance you are going to need help.

At 8 weeks your starting to bother doctors enough that things start to move ultrasounds, uro appts, etc.

My ultrasounds were coming back either clear or nothing significant. At 8 weeks I started goobling pain meds on our summer holiday saying to my wife that something is really wrong here.

There is a possibility this all goes away. Your uro will not do anything for you till 3 months. This is the prudent and correct thing to do. I pray that it resolves. Kyle and I spoke earlier today and both of us agreed that as much as it was nice to meet each other we both wish it wasn’t because of PVPS.

I had pain that was so beyond any pain I had ever had I thought my eyes were going to pop out. It sounds like you are having the same issues.

You are not to impatient. I would start asking uro about how you can manage pain over the next month until conservative 3 month mark is under your belt. I would start to tell HR at work about a possible medical issue.

I would have your wife read a couple posts so she has an idea just how painful this is. If you are not on some kind of SSRI for depression I would talk to doctor. Cymbalta may help immediately with nerve issues and depression. I would ask about gabapentin or lyrica.

I found lyrica too trippy but it may work for you. If your one of us you will find the antibiotics will do nothing.

Also this board has fantastic advice so reach out to people. You are not alone.


Thanks, I also sent a private message your way. This is so scary and man as we both have said I feel so stupid for doing this procedure. But I guess hard to change the past as I am sure all men on this board want a re-do here.

Happy Thanksgiving.


Duke sorry to hear of your pain. It is scary when you first start to have pain that goes longer than it should and you start searching PVP and then start to panic. If your having some good days it might settle with a bit more time, are you able to work and still do some things around the home?
Keep us posted with your progress.

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Yes I am able to work (office job) and have missed no time. Able to do all things for most part. I thought in week 6 or 7 I was out of woods and then just had setback and last 3 days have been rougher than it was. More discomfort than pain most of time. And abdomen tightness, tenderness is probably most annoying - they say that is referred pain from testicles?

Yes reading about PVP has me so freaked I am obsessing about it all. At point where I forget what it was like pre-vas. Ugh.

Thx and appreciate your thoughts. Happy Thanksgiving.

I agree with @Charly12 in waiting at least 3 months. Research shows it could take even up to 1 year for post vasectomy pain symptoms to improve on their own – if they do. I would consider medical management (gabapentin,mobic,prednisone) prior to any surgical intervention.

Jamin Brahmbhatt, MD

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Dr. B

That’s amazing you are posting on Thanksgiving - talk about dedication.

Quick question this abdomen discomfort comes and goes and last 3 days feels so tight. Almost like I have done hundreds of sit ups. Now I am working out again as I work on core a lot due to bad back. But is this consistent with PVP?

I am only on Bactrim and I have 1 week today. I see urologist tomorrow AM. First time to see him since surgery as he made me see PA twice.

Thx again.


I would stop working out your core to see if that changes anything before pointing to PVP.

Ask you Urologist to see he is comfortable prescribing antiinflammatories or steroids. You may also consider physical therapy.

Hope you didn’t eat too much turkey!
Jamin Brahmbhatt, MD

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Doc, Charly, and Macca

Update. Saw my Urologist today. Summary:

  • my pain is not consistent with excruciating pain or anything preventing me from working, etc. So he is hopeful with time I am better.
  • upon exam my epididymitis are swollen - not bad but he can feel it.
  • no granuloma
  • Like Doc B he told me to stop the intense core exercise i started again for my back
  • He suggested I stop taking so much Advil as it is probably killing my stomach
  • His main suggestion was 30-40 minutes per day in a hot soaking bath to help it heal

So all in all it is what I expected - WAIT and HOPE.

For now I think that is ok. My stomach is far better today which is nice.


Dr. B

What do I tell a physical therapist? On week 11 and my day to day simply varies. The discomfort seems to be different. Lot of groin pain. Lot of lower abdomen pain. Upper abdomen pretty much gone. Testicles don’t hurt but rather feel fragile or full. Burning and tingling feeling at times. The pain in scrotum can be sharp on right or left but that varies. Hard to believe one ever gets better after 11 weeks when a ALL my friends were normal after 1 week or 2. I am not in the excruciating pain like many on these boards but I am still just pissed how I am feeling.

Any advice? Should I make a Skype appt? Just give it time?

Any advice or facts are helpful. Just so confusing.


Hi Duke,

I am in week 8 and feeling pain in my left testicle still. I am very worried about this - and spend a good chunk of the day researching online (supposed to be working). The pain is not excruciating more of a dull ache - all in my left side. When I lie down I tend to feel a lot better. In the mornings after a good night sleep I feel fine for the first couple of hours. But it gets worse as the day goes on.

I had it done by a doc who is not a urologist. He has been fobbing me off since it began saying that I just need to give it time - I suppose it makes sense. But 8 weeks is a lot of time.

I have had a couple of good times where i thought i was pain free (these lasted 4/5 days) then the pain started again - perhaps I overdid it.

I dont have a urologist, but I am planning on ringing my doc this week to move on to the next step.

If anyone has any advice I would be delighted. Also its good to hear other peoples stories too - thanks.



Thanks for the note and sorry for the pain - this all truly sucks. No sugar coating it. But it is a reality. I would definitely first go see a Urologist. That is 1st step to me.

As for the pain I will tell you I am in week 13 and am far better that at week 8. I am maybe at 80% versus 50%. So it sucks to hear “give it time” but my experience has told me there is an element of truth to that advice.

Mine too does vary during day and gets a little more discomfort (I have less testicular pain and more scrotum pain and lower abdomen pain but the ache balls are there from time to time). I associate right or wrong with a “blue balls” type pain.

For me the things that have helped most has been hot baths. Sounds silly and that was the #1 advice I got from 2 urologists. To that point the last few days have been busy and I have not had the chance and I am a little more sore.

Also I have dialed back the workouts. I do think I hurt myself bad around week 6 with intense workouts as I was working on my core for my bad back like I always do and started to go south. So if you are a workout guy I would consider slowing it down for a few weeks (I am walking, stretching, etc…). But not doing major workouts.

Hope that helps. I think from your note you are in the camp of discomfort and pain but not the really bad cases you read about on this board? If so we are in the same camp and time is our friend.



Its very refreshing to hear that you are feeling much better. I’m delighted for you. Hopefully you are on your way back to full fitness. 80% at week 13 - I would bite your hand off. Im a lot more optimistic after reading your post - thanks for that.

Thanks for all your tips too.I have been taking hot baths - but usually only spend approx 10 minutes in them and they don’t seem to do too much. Ill try again - as anything that helps would be great.

Like you i think I may have hurt myself at week 6. I thought i was back to 100% and I was for a few days - I probably got a bit carried away. In hindsight I should have continued to take it easy.

I am off sex at the moment - not sure if it had anything to do with that, but we are trying to rule everything out. Im not sure if this is a good idea or not. I had sex twice when I was 100% - on day 1 and then again on day 3. day 5 the pain started - so Im just wondering if it was related.

Thanks again and keep us informed.


Hey sorry for the late response. Hope your questions have been answered. You can always setup a phone or Skype with us.

Here to help,
Jamin Brahmbhatt, MD

Sex has gotten better and I too got hurt after it. How ironic. We just take it easy. It has gotten much better.

Bath - try 3 days of 30 minutes.

Ice also helps. Is your pain so bad you need drugs or just annoying and uncomfortable? I was taking Advil like candy and doctor said stop. So I did. Take 2 Aleeve if it is a bad day.

Keep me posted.

How you doing Marko? I ad a set back just when I was feeling great. So weird. I just hope it is part of the up and down. Just feeling of blue balls like congestion. Agin I got aggressive on workouts this week only thing I can think of.

Hi Rob,

Sorry to hear about the setback. Hopefully it’s only temporary.

Myself I have had a good week. Pain has been on a 1 generally with a few jumps to a 2 every day. Not so bad.

To answer some of your questions I am not on any pain killers. It is more of a uncomfortable feeling that intense pain. It’s bearable but very annoying. The worse thing is I seem to feel a bit of nausea constantly since xmas. Just feel odd I’m my stomach. It’s hard to explain. It’s there every morning when I wake up and stays all day. I don’t have much of an appetite either. Lost 10 pounds since xmas. Any idea what the sickness is. Haven’t got sick. Feels like my body is fighting againsthe something.

On the plus side I had sex last night for the first time this year. We took it easy. I’m feeling ok today. More if a 2 than a 1 in terms of pain. Hoping the jump is not related.


Thanks, we should chat sometime as we sounds the same. I too have the nausea. It is so weird. For me it is more complicated as I got sick so bad after back surgery I was diagnosed with Irritable bowel and had to remove gluten and also was diagnosed with an allergy to milk and cheese. But I mention that because sometimes I was told by all the docs (i lost 50 pounds and I was not heavy) that when you body goes through a trauma (e.g. surgery) it has as auto immune response that can change things in your body. But with this I get the nausea but not everyday. It is so weird and hard to explain to folks.

Also I am not on pain meds and yes I would describe this as annoying and depressing - not pain. Said differently if this was the worse thing life throws me ok but not fun.

I would watch what you eat and maybe so go see an allergist in a few months if it continues.

Glad you got to do the major benefit of this thing - my 1st sample was NOT clear so I need to go back for another. The irony of all if for some reason it did not work. Which can happen…

I am a little better today so I am trying to be hopeful.


Hi Rob,

Not had the greatest of weeks. Pain increased slightly this week - probably from a 2/10 to a 3/10. Didnt really do too much that could have caused it so its very frustrating. Its not constant - comes and goes but always feel something.

It was a 3/10 for a good while yesterday so i rang the doc and scheduled an appointment. Seen him today. He essentially has no idea. He said he has done over 1000 vasectomies and only a handful of patients have ever been back with problems after a couple of months. He wants me to wait a couple of weeks and see what happens. I think if we dont see a vast improvement he will put me in touch with a urologist. He is concerned about my weight loss - but cant see any reason for the pain. He says I appear fully healed.

He suggested to get some exercise - a half hour walk per day. As i have been doing very little.

I am based in Ireland, and i dont think their will be many urologsts in Ireland with much experience. I cant find anything on the web.

I like the idea of a chat sometime.

Hey guys,

I’m in a similar situation as you- I’m currently just shy of 9 weeks out and since week 3 I have had more or less the same condition: a perpetual small amount of ball soreness (perhaps 2/10) that is noticeable when not wearing supportive underwear or when jostled. I’ve also noticed an a slight increase in soreness leading up to and during orgasm but it’s subtle.

All in all I would call this pain manageable in the short run. But I find the prospect of dealing with this for years (or indefinitely) depressing and it has me feeling pretty worried whenever I think too long about it.

I’ve been chatting with my urologist who performed the operation and he said that perhaps 2 out of 100 of his patients on average experience this type of discomfort for more than two months, but that it does get better in his experience. So that’s something. I’ve also found (after probably spending way too much time looking) accounts of other people who have had similar problems but who also got better after 3-6 months. Honestly I could deal with this for even longer provided I knew it would be gone by such and such time. Unfortunately that element of the unknown is what makes this perhaps more stressful that it needs to be.

I’m not exactly glad, but am at least comforted to know you guys are also going through this. Thanks for sharing and I’ll try to post back as my situation evolves.


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