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8 Month Success Story

Hi. I decided to finally post my story because like most of you, I have spent long hours reading through this website and it has been encouragement for me in some of my darkest days. I feel like my situation is probably the most common or “normal” of the complications with PVPS (especially after reading the wide spectrum of complications some have had to deal with here) and I wanted to share some advice that I wish someone would have told me right away, possibly saving me months of pain. I could go on and on about how horrible urologists are and how I wish I could go back in time to tell myself never to get a vasectomy, but I’ve found that dwelling on those things only brings me down further and makes this journey worse. My thought was to hopefully be a testimony of success for those that are told “just wait till 6 months before making any surgery decisions” just like I was told.

I got my vasectomy December 2020 and everything was normal for the procedure. I’m a fairly active person, usually run/lift 4 to 5 times a week, but I took off 4 full weeks of working out because I was nervous about things healing right down there. At the end of 4 weeks I was dying to start working out again and began running/body weight exercises. I wore boxer briefs during my runs because the doc recommended support after the surgery (this is another moment I wish I could take back, just buy the jock strap!). After 3 days of working out, I woke up one morning and fell out of bed when trying to stand up due to the worst pain I’d ever experienced in my life (and sadly I’m no stranger to physical injuries and chronic pain). I couldn’t walk, crawl or even put on underwear because it hurt so bad. I called the nurse emergency line for the urologists office and after waiting 4 excruciating hours for them to call back, they said ice and ibuprofen for two weeks. Luckily, the ice immediately brought the pain from an 11/10 down to a 4-5/10 but the pain never went away.

From that point forward I couldn’t sit in a chair longer than 5 minutes without feeling like it was making the pain worse and car rides were a nightmare. My commute to work is an hour each way and everyday I’m sitting on a donut cushion wondering if I’m going to have to quit my job and go on disability. My kids started to get used to me being on the couch all the time because that was the only relief I had, and I broke down more than a few times. After months 4 and 5 going by with no answers from doctors, I started wondering if this was going to be the rest of my life.

Doc said I had epididymitis and “confirmed” it with an ultrasound. He said the epididymis was inflamed and I had to give it time for the inflammation to go down. Did about 6 weeks total of antibiotics and ibuprofen and nothing worked. The pain wasn’t getting better and my stomach was getting recked from the ibuprofen. The doctor just kept telling me to wait and he kept promising it would heal but could take “6 to 8 weeks” (even after I reminded him it’d been 5 months).

Finally, after being sick of doctors and getting the run around I found this website and others and began trying any all the things that had worked for you all.

The number one thing that worked the best for me was changing my diet completely. I began an anti-inflammatory diet and I finally had some relief. I couldn’t believe something so simple as my diet could help inflammation so much and am so angry that doctors didn’t ever once say anything about my diet. I had one doctor actually tell me they weren’t supposed to focus on diets and always try and prescribe meds. Three weeks in I caved from the diet and ate a huge dinner with fried grain type foods and 15 minutes after my meal, on cue my boys starting hurting so badly again. I knew I had to stick to the diet.

I started taking turmeric and it was like another level of pain relief reached. Also, I finally ditched the “supportive” boxer briefs and bought a jock strap. I didn’t realize there would be that big of a difference in support, but now I wear one every day. I also spent the extra money and bought a Purple brand cushion to sit on at work and in the car after someone on here recommended it. Definitely worth the money, hands down.

June-July come around and I was dying to start working out again. Knowing it was still too soon to start running, I got a gym membership and began swimming as much as I could, followed up by 10 minutes in the hot tub each time. Getting the blood pumping and my body moving helped so much. I began noticing more discomfort on the days I didn’t swim, so I kept at it.

I stuck to all of these breakthrough changes for me and my life started to come back. Fast forward to today and I’ve actually gone on a few runs, slowly easing into things.

The pain has turned to discomfort only and some days I am lucky enough to have no discomfort at all. Sometimes I still can’t believe it’s come along this far. I remember moments when I was utterly sick of just thinking about my balls hurting every 5-10 minutes, consuming my mind. I know my journey is not done but today I feel like I can live my life again and be a dad to my two kids again. I’m praying this pain doesn’t come back years from now like it has for some of you all, but for now I’m at least hopeful I won’t have to gamble on another surgery fixing things.

I hope this helps someone out there to know that when people on here say to give it 6 months or so before doing anything radical, they’re right. 6 months for me was when things started to turn around and I’m glad I didn’t make any permanent decisions before there.

Lastly, I just wanted to say there’s hope. I know everyone on here might not believe in God, and that’s fine but for me, He is the reason why I feel like I’m getting through this. When I was in my darkest days, the only peace I felt was when I surrendered and turned to my faith. I know it may make me sound like a wack job to some of ya’ll and that’s ok, but please just know there is always hope.

Sorry for the novel, I hope this helps add to the success stories on here and gives hope to someone out there.


You don’t sound like a crazy man to me but I’m believer too, so that might be why.

How did you change your diet? What did you stop eating?

Glad you are on the mend and you know God is with you through this.

At the beginning I mostly just googled a food every time I wanted to eat something and tried to make a determination on whether or not it was inflammatory. Since sticking to the diet I’ve learned the main things to avoid are grains, corns, and all their derivatives which ends up being most processed foods. Sticking mainly to meats, fruits, veggies, and a ton of almonds. Lots of grocery stores are now carrying almond or cassava flour substitutes, so you can still get away with some normal types of foods which is nice. I think the paleo type diet lines up the most with it. I don’t have a huge amount of nutrition knowledge, so there’s probably some foods I am still eating here and there that aren’t perfectly anti-inflammatory but the changes have been enough for relief and that’s all that really matters.

Also, thanks for the encouragement I appreciate it!

Hi everyone, I’d recommend Dr. Gundry’s cookbooks for anti-inflammatory dishes.