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7 weeks post Vas and my story

Good morning to all.
So my story goes as such. June 4th I had my vasectomy was quick a relatively painless besides the needle. Keyhole incision on the middle of the sack, close ended.
Pain wasnt to bad for the first 10 days or so. Never took anything to aleveviate it. Just had that heavy kick in the balls feeling.
I went to work after the 10 days, was a bit uncomfortable but not excruciating. 3 days into work I started getting swollen on the right side and was in some pain (still toughed it out and didnt take pain meds other than a couple tylenol as NDAIDS upset my stomach as I have GERD)
Called my Urologist who did the vas and was told its normal etc… GP said I could have hematoma ( may have been right), prescribed heavy NSAIDS and Bactrim which neither I took.
A couple weeks later, pain started more in the left side. Testicle was very tender to touch, mainly on the top. Walking became uncomfortable, sitting certain ways became uncomfortable. Had burning sensation while urinating, not terrible but it was noticeable and my frequency was quite often.
I called my Uro atleast 5 times and was blown off by him, only to have his secretary call me back everytime with the same answer , it’s common it happens, it can take weeks to months to feel better.
Pain stayed the same for a couple weeks (all the while I’ve been on a disability at work as I’m an industrial mechanic and scared I’ll make my situation worse) . Went to urgent care , they did a urine analysis, nothing too out of the norm other than a small amount of blood in my urine. On site urologist talked to me after the results and squeezed the fuck out of my balls and then goes on to tell me she doesnt really deal with these situations, sends me home saying to take NSAIDS.
Went to my GP couple days later, got ultrasound done on july 9th, results came back as epididymitis ( wasnt told if just on the left or right side)
Had to call Urologist yesterday for his opinion on results as he never got back to me.Said it’s probably congestion and not much he can do, it goes away on it’s own.
I started papaya seed on July 6th as well cranberry extract, tumeric and omega 3s.
Last week seemed like a better week, my comfort level was going up and I was walking more and just not noticing much pain while doing regular things ( no running or jumping etc tho)
Figured I was on the mend and was going to get myself ready to get back to work after a month or so off and sunday I had a flare up.
Left side hurting again and walking was uncomfortable again at times.

Here is what I’ve noticed about my pains and triggers…
Testicles are tender to touch (left side more than the right side)
Pain mostly comes while being actively moving ( seems to be located on the backside of both testicles and any shaking our bouncing etc hurts)
I get the odd shooting pain that lasts a couple seconds on the left side.
Pain doesnt radiate into the lower abdomen like alot of the stories I’ve read, maybe the odd time.
Pain seems to get worse when my balls are hanging , not so much when they are sitting tight.
Hot showers and baths feel good, icing does as well.
I always seem to feel.good in the morning and before bed. Pain only comes as the day goes on.
Sleeping is fine, although I wake up with hard ons almost every night and have to pee sometimes.

I couple side notes.
I took a small dose of Clonozapam. 25mg couple weeks ago, I almost didnt notice anything for the whole day that day when I took it.
I have had anxiety for years and thus why I have clonozapam. I rarely use it but that morning I woke and felt like I had a panic attack coming.

Sorry for the mistake mash story. I’m writing this while tending to my to daughters while the wife puts my son down for a nap!

Like us all, I want to be normal. Atleast normal enough that I can chase my kids around and be a proper father!!

I pray for everyone on here.
I hope I get get some follow up questions and answers.

Thanks for everyone time!


Quick update… about 3 months post vas now…left side epid pain has subsided.
Pain has seemed to gradually decrease where I can somewhat do normal things.
Both testicles still ache however and I have seen to taken a small step back after going to a pelvic floor therapist a week ago.
Pretty much all that week I felt great with very minimal pain or discomfort touching my testicles or jumping or moving etc…
However my sensitivity has returned (not excruciating but uncomfortable especially if they get saggy or I’m not wearing anything supportive.

I assume this is due to the pelvic floor treatment I received as my whole inner thing was extremely tender for the last week.

I have not concluded as to where not this pain is related to pelvic floor (she said I was tight in areas via rectal exam) or if its congestion, as I had been taking papaya seed powder religiously for a month prior…then kinda stopped a bit.

Hope everyone is doing well with their recovery. Praying for you all!

How are you doing today?