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7 days post reversal and one side is huge and painful

Hi all,
Sorry to post a ton here. Sitting at home. Question - did anyone have massive swelling after the reversal on one side?

I am 7 days post reversal surgery. My left side feels and looks good. Obviously still store. My right side hurts and is swelling at the top. When I moved from the car to house on the day of the surgery, I felt a massive zap or zing on that side too.

Did anyone have any similar experience (and hopefully recovered just fine)? I am contacting the doctor again but he is telling me to sit tight. Realistically, there’s little that could be done right now anyways since there’s inflammation from the surgery.

Just concerned and scared here

As a follow, I think it’s a hematoma. I am waiting for the doc to call me back but that’s my “webmd” conclusion. It’s not massive compared to some things on the internet. May the size of a dime circumference wise, and it’s my own dam fault.

as I am reading about, they said typically to let them work itself out onto some own with simply taking nsaids, heat and possibly salt bath.

Did anyone else have this? Did it work itself out just fine?