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7.5 months post reversal

Hey Everyone, wanted to give a heads up on how I have been since the last update. had the reversal in march 2019, and have had a rough time with the reconnection sites. I have been going nuts that last 7 months, waiting for this to go away. Just the chronic pain, heaviness at those connection sites. Testicle pain went away not long after reversal, I wass just left with this other new pain at the sites. I was hoping that would go away with time, but it seemed to just linger and not go anywhere. Well, last week, i had one good week, probably the best i have had since dec 17,the original vasectomy date. i had to reschedule with surgeon for next month, they cancelled on me, when I was going to ask them what they were thinking. so hopefully when I see them next month, i will be even better. Like I said, i ahve some hope,as bleak as it is, because i had one good week. Hang in there, and give it time, that;s all we can do. can you guys respond and let me know your trials and experiences after reversal, and how long it took to actually recover. i have been trying to stay off of the site a bit, to clear my head, but I will never stop coming back, because I hope to help as many people as I can. I do not regret the reversal, paying for it sucked, but I think it has helped tremendously. i am able to do things for a longer period of time, rather than just post vas. so hang in there, give me your updates, so that I can feed off of them as well. My surgeon originally said it could take 1 year for things to get better, and I had one person say it took longer than that. Just give your thoughts, and hope everyone is doing well. Looking to getting better each and every week, but this is the hardest thing I have ever and continue to struggle with on a daily basis. you guys are not alone!!