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61/2 weeks post VAS Looking for answers

Hey guys. I’m new to the forum here. But I didn’t know where else to go. I’m just over 6 weeks post op today and so far have regretted my decision ever since. Had a pretty seamless operation. Doc did have to hit me again with a numbing agent and tug a bit to get the left vas exposed. That day I sat around on ice all day pretty doped up and didn’t think too much about it. The next day say around all day and was good. Then day 2 I went to my sons baseball games and a trip to Sam’s Club after. Felt decent. Not too much pain. So much so that on day 2 I let the wife help me out if you catch my drift. Probably not the best move. And probably too soon. But no pain and felt good.

Steady pain consistently then Around week 2 the bruising set in. And boy did my scrotum bruise. Warm to the touch everything but just kept icing. Around week 4 I thought I was getting better. Had a dull ache in the testicles but nothing to crazy but it did radiate into my stomach. Felt like I had been kicked. That pain has been constant now for the last 2 and a half weeks. Radiates into my groin and legs here and there. Ibuprofen doesn’t help. Percocet does but I don’t like taking those. I’ve read absolute horror stories online about people having to eventually get surgeries up to and removing testicles. I don’t want a reversal if I don’t need one. The wife and I have 4 kids and made thus decision together. I was very happy about the decision I just wish someone would have told me the possibility of this pain. I’ve read a few threads on here. Some people taking several months up to a year.

I guess why I’m here Us for support. The guys I know were good in a week. Another guy a month and one 2 months. I’m just hoping it’ll get better. Just asking for experiences and encouragement so I hang on. Am I still early in the healing process? This is nothing like they promise. Quick snip, mild pain for a week then back to normal. I am far from normal! Just hoping and praying this gets better. Thanks for reading and the support. Hope to hear from some guys with similar scenarios that got better over time. Thank you.

Thanks for sharing your story @AP33. Sorry to hear it. Yeah, you are correct that this procedure gets oversold. Recoveries certainly vary man to man.

There’s a whole bunch of conservative options you can try. You are really in that wait and see timeframe still. There are currently some other men posting on here that are in your ~timeframe.

Probably best to read through some previous threads and posts that catch your eye, but don’t stress yourself out. You still have a good chance of beating this still. There are handfuls of stories on this site from men that recovered without intervention eventually.

PS… Don’t forget to use the search bar on this site. It can be very useful finding specific keywords, symptoms, conservative options, etc.

Sorry you are here. Hope that helps.


BTW @AP33, I fully understand that you are genuinely looking for support, but wanted to tell you that early wait and see conservative option threads… there’s a pile of them on this site. Huge essays of information packed into countless threads. I wrote so much about that kind of stuff, that I don’t have it in me to keep writing them over and over anymore. I guarantee you will find the input form many of us helpful when you find them.


Thank you. I start looking around. It looks like from A LOT of what I’m reading 6 weeks is still in the very early stages yet. Just wish doctors would be more up front about what can happen.

There’s not a guy on this site that wishes uro’s would be more responsible. I wish they would mandate PVPS training for these guys. So much ignorance and denial, all so they can make an extra buck.

Head up brother, you’ve got really good odds of improving. Time is your bestie!

@Choohooo thanks my friend. I’ve done A LOT of reading here today. A lot of guys with the same problem. Wishing we had NEVER let anyone touch us. Sucks we all met this way. But at least we have people that understand one another. Seems to me that I’m still early on at 6 weeks right? A lot of guys seemed to see improvement around 3-7 months. Seems like time is what I need to focus on first correct? I’d hate to jump into another procedure to early

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My vasectomy was 04/24/15 and I’m still learning about what went wrong. Still getting better while trying desperately to not make it worse. You are correct, you can get better at 6 months. Rest, relax, and try not to over do it. If uro’s would take vasectomy seriously and patients would take post op seriously, between the two this site would barely exist. This is a dangerous procedure with devastating outcomes and some of these hacks don’t give each scrotum the time or respect it deserves.

You just have to be really careful what you put in your mind. Don’t regret what you can’t go back and change and be optimistic about the day when you are better. We are obviously all men here and men suck at mental health. We don’t communicate and we can get ourselves in trouble. I put myself in a tailspin this week worrying about my own personal problems. Sorry if I’m ranting. Just take care of yourself and your mind. It’s still early for you.

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Thank you for those words. Since week 2 all I’ve done is research. About what can happen. What will happen and that I’m going to have to get a reversal. The mental side of it is rough. And I feel like at times my mind is making it way worse than it actually is. :disappointed: that’s the worst part I think. I just want to be better

Don’t jump into any other surgery and at most if they offer
You an epididectomy run an fuc n mile. That was even a bigger mistake than the vasectomy. Don’t do anything until you have researched it all. Takes hours to research and heaps of money mate. While we are all wise after we should have done our homework. RESEARCH MATE ALL MATERIAL AVAILABLE

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It took me over 20 years to get a reversal. Being sterile was what the idea was for to
get a vasectomy. A reversal really defeats the purpose of the opp in the first place

@AP33 you are early. Just rest up and wait. Overall my thoughts are we all shouldn’t be messing so brutally with such a complex and delicate area of our body.

Like me, looks like you just jumped in without looking at what could go wrong. Had I , I wouldn’t be on this forum, but I’m still here occasionally to tell my story.

To throw in the mix, 9months after my Vas with low testosterone and pain I decided enough was enough and took the chance on reversal. For me it saved my life. I certainly did plenty of research before taking that chance on the reversal but it was the right one for me. I’m good now and loving life. Fertile? Yes I am but I’d take that over anything I previously went through.


@Nylem I’ve already looked into places to reverse this. But seeing as I’m in week 7 I’m going to give it at least 7-9 months I think.