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6 week post vasectomy - advice needed!

Hi there. Very glad I found this forum, which is very useful. I would like to tell my experience so far and ask for advice:

I am 42 years old, and got a vasectomy because I do not wish to have more kids (have two boys)

Did a no-scalpel vasectomy on the 1st July 2021. Mild pain, first 3 days went ok. Was able to walk good , take shower, etc.

On day 7, I had to take a long haul flight. Flight was canceled, had to walk long distances, with luggage, hassle, etc. I was using loose boxers (to be confortable for the flight) and when I was done with all the walking, my testicles were upset and a bit swallowed.

The same day I was at the hotel (waiting for the new flight) I decided to have the first masturbation after the surgery. It hurt a bit, because of the movement in the testicles. But ejaculation was not painful.

When I arrived at my destination, the pain was worst and I noticed the pea size on the Vas area (I assume it is granuloma?) when taking a shower. Weeks 2 to 4 where very difficult, pain when walking, pain when taking shower, had to use a tight briefs or jockstraps, could not walk naked.pain was mainly on the right testicle and it was swallowed.

From weeks 5 to 6 pain is getting better, stopped touching the area (to feel the pea size stuff), and now I have this dull ache in the right testicles. I can walk with no pain, but if I cross my legs quickly or bend to take something in the ground it fells like it compresses the testicles and it hurts.

In addition, if something hits the bottom back of my testicles , I fell a 7/10 sharp pain, that quickly subsides. For example, if the elastic of the jackstrap hits the bottom of my testicles, whne I am peeing.

Ok, after all that:

  • kind of frustrated as practically all websites say that you will be recovered in 5 days. It has been 45 days for me, and still feeling weird there.

  • do you guys think the sharp pain in the bottom of the testicles is due to congestion? The fact I had so many events on the 7 day (physical effort, first masturbation, and pea size mass ) confused me on what is the culprit.

  • any advice for the next 3/4 weeks? Doctor said to wait 2 months, and any indication was to use tight briefs.

Thanks a lot all?

Bottom of testicle is the tail of your epididymis so it’s possible it’s congested or could just be inflamed from the trauma - It’s still possible you are just on a rocky road to healing from the operation but only you can judge your own body, is the pea sized stuff you are feeling your epididymis?

Wear underwear with good support to keep the weight off them
Take painkillers/NSAIDs

Follow up with your doctor if it persists or gets worse. My experience has been:

Virtually no pain other than sensitive if knocked for 3 months, then 6 months of agonising 24/7 congestive epididymitis & dull pressured ache in my spermatic cord(I’m going for reversal in 2 weeks to hopefully alleviate)

Hopefully you recover soon, take it easy and let it all heal up - go for ultrasound if you’re concerned or feel any weird bulges and new pains and watch out for infection potentially picked up during the procedure

Sounds like you are on your way to recovery. I had a similar problem with what felt like a painful tap on the testicles when walking or sitting too fast which lasted for almost 4-5 months off and on for me. I went back to the doc several times thinking I was having some issues , however ultrasounds and tests all came back fine. In my case it was just nerve sensitivity from the procedure I think and I will admit it hurt pretty bad and I was getting down about it. Like i said though all in all it took about 9 months to be completely pain free. It’s been two years now and I have all but forgotten I had the procedure done and nothing bothers me at all. Even rough stuff no problem. Sex has been great too. Hang in there the procedure will be a memory for you eventually too.
Oh I will add that your epididymis might feel a tad bit fuller since the vans is cut and now your body has to absorb the sperm as opposed to being released. That was weird to me at first and made me think I was having inflammation, pressure , problems etc - but it didn’t have anything to do with my pain apparently since it’s still like the that 2 years later and the pain has long since completely gone.