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6 procedures on testicles

I had 3 surgeries in 2008, two were epidimecties, and the third was a restructure of my left testicle.
My right one has been fine, but my left testicle hurt until it was unbearable starting last November. I found this forum and set appointments with Dr P.
I just had my third procedure with him on my left testicle 4 days ago and I am still in tremendous pain. My pain management dr doesn’t even want to write me any type of narcotic because he says a new law passed here in Florida, but it hasn’t. I know other people who somehow get pain meds and they don’t need them. They sell them. I’m in pain with 3 incisions and a swollen left testicle and can barely move and I can’t get any pain relief. Dr P only wrote a 3-4 day supply of pain meds when he told me I’d be hurting for up to two weeks, and that’s if these procedures work. I call him in 3 weeks and if I’m still in pain I’m going to just have him remove it. I’ve lost my job and everything over this. I can’t live with this much pain. It’s just constant.

I was in similar place with pain, had epididymectomy which proved ineffective. I had orchiectomy done last January, and although still healing, I am mentally in a much better place

Hello guys, I’m scheduled to have my 4th procedure this year on my left testicle on the 18th. I’m in extreme pain again to where it’s unbearable. My pain management dr is telling me lies and there’s no reason for it.
I’m waiting to hear back from Dr P because I need to reschedule and rethink the procedure. I’m just wanting to remove it and hopefully live pain free afterwards. I just don’t like the Drs lying to me about pain meds. Of course I’m seeking them, because I’m hurting like crazy! If you wrote me something that eased the pain enough to where I’m not watching the clock and counting pills to see how long I can stretch a few Percocet. It’s bullcrap! I live in America.
I’d much rather have the pain in my balls go away than to rely on pills that barely keeps me from jumping off a bridge.
My pain dr mentioned me getting drugs off the street instead of him writing me a few pills. He’s a pain management dr, who’s made me feel like an addict. He’s not once gave me a checkup. He said I had a couple problems show up. One was that I had narcotics filled from 2 other drs. One was Dr P and he was ok with that. I never heard of the second dr and he wasn’t ok with it. ( I googled the dr when I got home) It was Dr P’s partner. They both work at same clinic and both names are on prescription pads.
The second problem my pain management dr was having with me is the quantity and dose.

Dr P wrote me 30pills of 10mg hydrocodone to take 2 every 8-12hrs. (60mg-40mg) 24hr period
My pain dr wrote me 90 pills of 7.5mg hydrocodone to take 1 every 4-6hrs. (45mg-30mg) 24hr period.
I took 5 a day and he said that they should’ve lasted me 30 days, and I was taking more than the surgeon prescribed. Check my math. I asked why he wrote the prescription stating I could take 4-6 pills a day if he only wanted me to take 3 a day.

What procedure have you had done @Russell_B? That’s a massive cocktail of pills you are taking! Try papaya seeds, they helped me to get the congestion down a lot. They won’t harm your stomach. As other veterans of the forum pointed out, that testosterone replacement is another good option, it shuts down production of sperm, may be worth looking into it? God bless you and hope you’ll find your answers soon

All I can say is wow. Your pain management doctor sucks. He/she is likely setting you up to become an addict at minimum with advice like that (telling you to get your pain meds from the streets).

Get your pain management doctor on digital audio telling you that crap, and send a copy to someone who can have their license to practice revoked (your state medical board, etc). If what your saying is true, he/she deserves it. What a scumbag.

I’m scheduled for my 7th procedure end of the month. I’m not on a lot of meds. I take Xanax for anxiety going on 20yrs. I’ve been on and off various pain meds throughout the years. My pain dr has me on Suboxone right now and it’s not helping at all.
I’ve been on very strong meds a while back and have built up a tolerance to them. He acts like a few Vicodin are illegal to write. I used to take fentanyl patches, dilaudid, liquid morphine, OxyContins, along with a lot of other meds. I was in a very bad car wreck in my early 20’s and I was getting drugs I never knew about. But after 5-6yrs I stopped getting all those. I’d get a month supply of Percocet or Vicodin here and there, but I wasn’t needing them like before.
In 2008 my nuts starting swelling up and bruising and the pain was bad. I had my surgeries and was on meds almost a year and everything was going well for the most part. I’d occasionally have severe pain in m my left but it was manageable. Last year that changed. It’s unbearable right now. I just want it to stop. I don’t care how. The pills ain’t doing crap. I’d love to have a fentynal patch to put on my nut. I bet that’d stop it. I want to go to the ER so bad but I have no clue what that’d do. They might want to do imaging, but I’m telling you ain’t no one about to press anything into my nut right now

I couldn’t believe he said that either and I did have my phone on record afterwards but he turned a 180 on me after that. I have neck problems that I was also needing him to address for me, and he needs reminded every visit about it. I’m moving soon so I’ll just hold off until I find a new dr.
I’m finally going to have a yard and I’ll be able to get a small garden together and grow the plants that benefit my body best

that doc is probably supplying the street heads!

I’d say that pain management doctor is part of the problem, not the solution.

Encouraging their patients to get their pain meds off the streets? That’s a new one for me, but it doesn’t surprise me. As another member said recently, we live in a broken world.

I’ve never had a doctor even remotely hint around that I should get my pain meds illegally, and/or in an unsafe, uncontrolled manner.

I’ve had several of them deny me pain meds, or prescription meds in general (not opiates) simply because I use cannabis. On that note, the majority of doctors in my state do push some/many of their patients into doing what they have to do to get some relief. Once again, broken system, broken world.

I read all about the pill mill epidemic here in Florida was bad. I moved here afterwards. I never was into pain meds to get high on. I used to catch a buzz as a teenager on pot and I’ve tried other stuff, but never got into it like most of my friends did. I’ve lost friends and family to bad dope that started with pain pills.
The first dr I was seeing down here I was having problems every month getting my Percocets filled because they were a narcotic and I was back and forth out of state for about a year and I finally had my dr write me Vicodin because they were classified as a controlled substance at the time and no issue between states.
The dr I was seeing here was the first one who made me feel like an addict, and come to find out, he was writing amphetimines and selling meth out of his office. He’d sell “dr visit packages”. It was insane. I had no clue, and he was giving me a hard way to go over getting my pain meds wrote and filled between two states that I was living in just in the process of selling one house to move here permanently. I don’t know if he’s in prison or not. But he had a minor involved in selling it so he should be.

The pill epidemic is bad everywhere in the America’s, Canada, etc. Yes, it was worse in Florida prior to some changes that put the pill mills in Florida in the national spotlight. Things have certainly changed in Florida in regard to the pill mills, but its all screwed up still. Now people that legitimately need help are having a very difficult time getting help. Everyone can thank greedy pharmaceutical corporation’s, greedy doctors, and drug addicts for the current situation.

I know of people (that I’ve worked with) that will abuse just about any kind of pharmaceutical pill, even Suboxone. I’ve seen Suboxone turn drug addicts into an even worse state of mind / being than prior to using the drug that’s supposed to help opiate addicts come off opiates. These people’s eyes turn black, and there’s nothing there when I look into them. They’re still thinking about a fix, and acting even crazier.

I can remember a beautiful girl that was going to the pill mills down around Ft Lauderdale because she was addicted to opiates. She ended up getting prescribed methadone for headaches by a PM doc in the Lauderdale area. She liked to mix her opiates with Xanax, and alcohol. He life became a living hell because of pharmaceutical pills, and by choice. She overdosed, and she’s dead now. I doubt the pain management doctor is on death row, or received any sort of punishment for her death. I can only imagine how many people died because of just him alone, let alone the multitude of other PM doc’s that are guilty of the same crimes against humanity all in the name of greed $.

And if your having second thoughts regarding having another surgical procedure, perhaps you should hold off until your certain about how you want to proceed forward.

I know of people that had 8-10~ surgical procedures with the same doctor /surgeon you are seeing, and nothing helped.

Thats not to be confused with I don’t know of others that have a more positive story to tell, but when you’ve had multiple corrective procedures, and nothing seems to help, you got to take a seat for a moment, and seriously consider your options before you proceed any further.

I don’t like seeing anyone being made significantly worse, or end up in a worse predicament, regretting their choices that were doctor recommended, etc.

You’ve got to live with your outcome/s, not the doctor /surgeon.

I was worried that I was having phantom pain, but the dr said that I wasn’t because the first block he did was of the whole testicle to rule that out. I had a blood clot and scar tissue in my left one. So he’s doing 2-3 different things each time he goes in. I was hopeful with each procedure getting a little better until this past weekend. I can’t handle this much pain. There’s 31 nerves in a testicle and he’s both denerving and blocking small groups. This time he was going to add Botox to give me relief for a few months, but I’ve not talked to him since I’ve felt severe pain. He’s out this week. I’m waiting on my PM dr to call me back today to see if he can get me some help somehow until I see the surgeon. These Suboxone are not for pain. I don’t know why he’d lie and tell me that knowing that I’d google it. Hell, I’m ready to call the DEA, Dept of Health, or whoever I need to get a straight honest answer to what exactly these new laws are my dr keeps talking about and when they take effect. Because if it’s true, there’s no reason to have pain management offices anymore.

Wow. That’s crazy.


I went to a pain center a few years ago. It was one of those spine centers because that’s all I could find that insurance would cover. I said I had chronic groin pain and why I had it and they looked at me like they didn’t hear me. They wanted to pin it on spine or joint issues and just irradiated me 10 ways to Sunday, looking for (i think), a justification to write me a monthly script or refer me for surgeries where I would have to come back to the office on a regular basis. That’s how they make their money I think. After they got the XRays they told me I was okay and did not want to give me another refill. I had gotten one script for Hydrocodone or Tramadol, I can’t remember which. I added them to the long list of health care providers that could not help me/let me down/ did not understand my problem whatsoever and moved on.

The laws that govern the prescription of pain medications have become very draconian. I don’t know how we ever let it get so out of control in this country but the effect will be to make people turn to illegal drugs.I was down in Florida for a kids sporting event in March and dropped in for spermatic cord Botox with Dr. P and got a script for 20 hydrocodone. He is the only doctor that has ever prescribed me scripts for opiods for this condition (on 2 occasions) and it’s always been after procedures as part of his pain control protocol. A few weeks before I got their the governor signed the new law that limits the total script to 1 week worth of medication. I ended up filling it up here in Maryland a few days after he wrote it (I really needed it down there but had no car and could not find a convenient pharmacy near our hotel, my sack was black and blue where I got the shots and hurt like hell 2 days after the procedure).

One interesting thing is I was in for an appointment with a GP for an unrelated issue here in Maryland and the nurse asked me about prescription medications and I said Baclofen and Alpurinol (gout) and she was like “Is there ANYTHING else?..” I knew exactly what was going on. She could see the opiod script and was grilling me without asking me about it thinking I was maybe doctor shopping or a potential doctor shopper. This is crazy because I have never asked a GP for opiods except for 1 time during an acute gout flare up where I received like 5 pills one time. I know they can see my scripts so I was kind of pissed. I don’t like being treated like a possible addict. It’s infuriating considering I have a legitimate pain problem and hate taking pills.

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Gosh, do I wish I would’ve never had that first procedure done at all.
I finally found a pain doctor who has helped me out the most, and it’s been just over a year. Things are moving extremely slow to where my previous visit he talked about how long I’ve been a patient and we’ve not made any progress and he was sounding like if progress wasn’t made soon he would have to quit seeing me. That’s how the tone of the conversation was heading.
I thankfully had coverage from the ACA when this all started because it was to be a simple day surgery to remove a blood clot. But it turned into a nightmare. First, I’m not sure if there was a blood clot. I have 2 ER visits in Miami that show ultrasound stating I did. But an ER visit in Fort Lauderdale showed nothing. But as I was back in Miami a couple months later I got severe pain again and to the ER I went where they did ultrasound the second time and said it’s still in the same spot. They admitted me and released me before noon the next day without me seeing any specialist or anything else. Not even put on blood thinners. I don’t think I even saw an MD that time, just a practitioner.
But my urologist sent me to a surgeon at university of Miami and the dr came in and said they couldn’t help and recommended PUR clinic giving high praise for their robotics and such. So months later I finally got in and plan the procedure and afterwards dr P said he didn’t see a blood clot. So I don’t know why he didn’t do imaging to see if one was there or not before cutting me open. He said I had some scar tissue from an epididymectomy 10yrs earlier. And he cleaned it up and did some denervation and possibly cryoablation.
But I wish I’d have never had my nuts cut open again, especially when I was getting opposing diagnosis of whether I had a blood clot or not. That should’ve been the last image Dr P should’ve done before he used that scalpel.
Because now I’ve had about 23/24 procedures and ended up catching Fournier gangrene, and I was rushed by ambulance from my ER over to the hospital by his clinic so he could do emergency surgery at like 4am. But when he arrived the next morning after 8 or so, he thought it looked like it was healing well. I had lumps of decayed tissue that formed lumps like I’ve never noticed any of the previous times i got infection that he had to keep opening me up to clean and stitch me back. He finally said he would cut me open again to check for my peace of mind. And good thing he did because when I woke up I had a huge area of my left groin gone. Upper groin area was about a 4x6 cm wound about 1 cm deep and it traveled to the base of my penis, lost the left testicle, and ended 43 titanium sutures at my perineum.
It was a horrific site to see your penis having bad swelling and painful, and then wake up to seeing it stretched across the opposite way it hangs and stitched to the inner crevice of my thigh. To see how the base of my penis was cut and disfigured because the infection spread quickly. Another day or two I could’ve lost legs, the rest of my groin, even death.
And I wish death would’ve just happened then.
I have no quality of life, bedridden 90% of the time, when I do walk I have to use a crutch and I can’t walk far. I can’t even make a full grocery run before the pain is too bad, I start shaking and pouring sweat and I just feel like leaving the cart and going back home. But I end my trip and I pay for it the next couple days.
I’m down to finally getting Medicaid to provide a special care plan since the limited plans offered in my region revealed one pain management dr and I tried to see him already.
It sucks that you can’t get second opinions from pain Drs like any others. I’ve always had to end my contract first, then send my file to the drs office where they’ll look it over and then decide to see me or not. So I’m told no and now have no dr to see because there’s no going back after I signed out. And then the new place shredded my files knowing how hard and long it took me to get them and my implant will run out of meds in 10 days and that’s if I don’t use any doses for breakthrough pain.
Everybody just apologized and said to go to the ER if I had to like they are the answer to everything. This ER told me not to come back when that large open wound dr P decided to leave open and put a painful wound vac over stopped working a week later. The home nurse came to clean my wound and all and she couldn’t believe a surgeon would leave a wound that large open at the groin with a wound vac that constantly has vacuum suction. And then only prescribe me a 3 day supply of Percocet. She was completely shocked and said that was a very inhumane thing she’s seen. But everything just kept happening over and over and getting worse.
I have one last option and if it works that would be a miracle, if not, I’m going to move to one of the states that are offering Death with Dignity laws. If nothing can possibly get me better than where I’m at now, there’s no way. My body is already showing signs of it failing. I’m on two blood pressure meds now, my cholesterol is bad and I’m on meds, I have to take prescription vitamin D because I don’t get out. I’ve gained weight and and my depression is bad. I don’t sleep. I’ll get a 15-20min nap here and there. When I do sleep I only get 1.5 to 2hrs and I think my dreams wake me, but I always wake in pain with spasms and cramps and panic attacks.
I’ve been hallucinating the past two months. I’m seeing family and friends and they’ll ask a question and I look to answer them and they’re gone. But I knew they weren’t there even as I was going to answer.

Anyway, I know this is crazy long, but it’s been a while since I wrote. I hope that any guy having tough pain will only let someone cut your nuts open if nothing else helps your pain and the levels are so high you feel like death is the better option. But don’t do it if you just have a sharp pain here and there, or constant but lower levels.

When I get an erection now it pulls to the right and it’s connected to the left and hurts so bad. I have to press it against my left leg and it’s painful to touch along with others parts of my left leg and left areas.
But I hold it as still as possible and hope it goes away, if it’s where I haven’t had release in a long time and won’t go down, I have to painfully just ejaculate and it makes me cry due to the pain, and then the depression right behind it because I was very sexually active. I moved to Florida to open a nude resort because I enjoyed traveling and staying at them. I liked being nude. But I’ll never show anyone how I look now. I don’t know why I get erections when they cause level 9 pains.

I wish everyone the best of luck, and wear a condom over cutting your balls open! One screwup and sex is the last thing to worry about.

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Man, I am so sorry to hear this @Russell_B. I has been 3 years since your last post and I just reread this entire thread. I want to say a lot of things, but given the nature of the internet - I probably should not.

Gees man, that’s terrible. How old are you?

This is one of the most heartbreaking things I have read. I’m sorry you have had to endure this. I remember reading your earlier posts a couple years ago.

Did you try a reversal before the epididymectomies? If not was there a particular reason why?

Again man, I’m so sorry, I can’t imagine what you have been through and what your dealing.

Fell free, I have no problems. Maybe others need to hear.

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I turned 39 earlier this month