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6 months post vasectomy pain?


Back again at the doctor. He examined me once again, for the third time post surgery and says he sees nothing. “Lay in hot water”. I felt the same pain during the procedure and only on the left side. It was right after he snipped. Wherever the vas connects to on my left side is the problem… and not the connection to my testicle, it’s the other end. Also… my left testicle now hangs much higher.

Lastly, when I have it real bad it actually causes me back pin as well. If anyone has some input of what I can look into, or what I’m looking at exactly… and if I should reverse it or give myself more time to heal… any input whatsoever is greatly appreciated. I’m so frustrated.



Would recommend using the library on this site to find a Dr. who specializes in Post Vasectomy Pain Syndrome. Some will do phone consultations if there’s no one in your area who can treat you.

What have you tried already? Usually antibiotics/NSAIDs are first line treatment.

Sorry you’re here. Best of luck.



One of my best contacts have been the pain clinic at ur local hospital they are the best to contact via ur gp who can refer u. I have acupuncture and tens machine both started with a corse at hospital both u can buy ur own u get a voucher at the hospital too which helps I have 2 tens machines but the one with ems gives u two options not only nerve (tens) but electronic musle stimulation (ems) and mine has 24 programs so u can find one for u . But they also know what options are open for u the bracket pvpd is huge and every case is slightly different