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6 months post vasectomy, finally almost healed


I posted early morning in the journey, but a recap for new folks!
43 and done having kids. Wife and I had a scare so I decided to get a vasectomy. I went to the same doctor as my brother in law and a couple friends. They had no issues.
Procedure was easy except he said it was tough on the right side but he got it.
Felt fine after I left and went home to ice myself.
A few hours later I had a lot of swelling and it hurt when I tried to go to the bathroom.
I called the doc about the large swelling on the right side and he said it was normal. At dinner time it getting bigger so I went to the emergency room. It was the size of a grapefruit and with the swelling, most of my schlong was now recessed making it difficult to pee not to mention the pain.

So of course at the emergency room I get the cute young PA to take s look and two cute young nurses. Nothing bumps the pride more than showing your swollen balls to attractive young women. I told my wife to close her eyes as I did not want her to see it.
They did a blood test and checked my bladder level and then I waited for an ultrasound. Yes the ultrasound tech was a young redhead.
The ER doctor was summoned to look and he tried to get my urologist on the phone to come and see me. He told my wife he had never seen anything like what happened to me.
My urologist was called into emergency surgery at another hospital so could not see me.
The ultrasound came back with just a hematoma, no other damage and bleeding had stopped.
So in order to be discharged the ER doctor said I had to prove I could pee a good amount otherwise they would put in a catheter that would have to be removed during a follow up with my urologist.
So the PA and one of the nurses said they would help me pee. They gave me morphine for the pain. After it kicked in, the nurse held the jug while the PA helped with navigating the penis out from the massive swelling. I was able to empty out so I was sent home with Percocet and Tylenol.
Yes in so much pain I could not enjoy that situation.

The next few days were painful but then the hematoma hardened and my right but was in a vice. I went in short term disability and missed over two weeks of work on bed rest as it hurt to move, go to the bathroom or don anything. I had a pee cup by the bed to minimize trips to the John. My wife and daughter got me the heat packs. I was just taking ibuprofen. I was wearing a jock and underwear for men for support. I took a daily bath. I used a homeopathic bruise cream I got from amazon that had all the natural remedies recommended for this. Also started taking turmeric each day. The only thing I did not do was Apple cider vinegar.
At the two week point I could sit ok and walk or stand short distances.
I went back to work with restrictions. No standing long term and minimize walking.
At 4 weeks I could get around without pain by still had bruising and swelling.
At 8 weeks still a suzesble lump and color was normal. No pain but the lump was still in the way for sex etc. an ultrasound shower no damage just the hematoma.
At 5 months I still had a small lump underneath the right pelvic area that pushed the right nut forward. Testicle was still s little sensitive.Had another ultrasound. Just a small hematoma and no more follow ups.
At six month now it is just about gone where everything feels back to normal. The procedure worked and I am sterile but what a six months.
Worst pain in my life and it made me appreciate walking and going to the bathroom without pain.

So what caused this? The urologist nicked a blood vessel on the tough right side. He rushed the surgery to get me out the door and then apologized but said it was a normal side effect that occurs in 2% of cases.

So my hope is no long term effects and I can put this behind me. But I wanted to tell my story so guys know what they might be in for if considering this.