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6 days post vasectomy

Everything went really well the first day. Later in the second day, I started feeling very flatulent. Then pain started in the back door area, more like a ton of pressure, and severe pain. I’ve had something similar a few years back, that was a an anal fisher. The pain now is nothing near that, but extremely aggravating. I’m not sleeping much, and nothing over the counter seems to help. I’ve been sitting in a shallow bath with epsom, applying cream with lidocaine, and not getting relief. Is there any help to alleviate this, and is it pretty common.

I do understand that I’m very early, just looking for recommended ways to get relief.

Boy that’s a tough one. Can you pinpoint where the pain is coming from? Superficial? Deep? I developed pudendal neuralgia post vas and I notice it’s worse depending on my bowl movements.

At 6 days I don’t think you have anything to worry about outside the immediate pain. Most things simply disappear with healing.

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It sure feels very similar to my anal fisher I had a few years ago, if not the same. I remember being in excruciating pain with that, this feels more like the ending part of that. Just immense pressure and pretty much constipation. I figured it was all part of the post vas process. Thank you.

You sound much like how I was a couple of weeks after vasectomy last summer. Extreme pressure in the testicles and epididymus, like they would explode from the inside. No sleep at all because of pain.

The first thing that helped was getting sleep. Lack of sleep = pain is felt worse. I needed medication to do that, but after I had slept properly a few days, the intensity of the pain diminished.
Then, painkillers - OTC or prescription. If OTC doesn’t help, you should try to get something stronger. You may want to break a pain cycle early. There is a very hig chance I believe that the intensity in pain you feel now will go down.

Almost one year later, things are for me better than back then, though not back to normal.
I believe my symptoms were / are because my testicles produce more sperm than can be absorbed in the epididymus, thus causing increased pressure inside. I started taking papaya seed powder after three or four months - still using it- and later testosterone injections. Both supposedly reduce sperm production. I’ve wondered if it would have been beneficial to me if I started taking papaya earlier. There are threads about it here, look it up.

That’s most likely prostate. Had very similar

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