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5 years on! And all is well

It’s 5 years now since my ill fated Vas. My, how time has flown.
In short all seems well and life has pretty much returned to normal. I think it important to read about where I was to understand where I am now.
Nov ‘14 threw a curve ball at me that I could hardly have envisaged following what the world will have you believe is a straight forward low risk procedure.
I still have chronic low grade posterior testicular pain of 2/10 24/7 exactly as before but I’ve normalised it now. Interestingly I see it as a clip around the ear from Mother Nature for messin’ with her. An own goal and finger wag.
I’m working, shagging, and getting on with life as before but just a little cautious.
There is hope!
Happy New Year.


Hi @Hotubsrock,
I hope you don’t mind my questions, but I understand you didn’t do a reversion, right? Why?
What worked for you in these five years?
Thank you!!

The advice I had was that my pain was nerve pain. Having a reversal wouldn’t really have benefited me. And the thought of anyone coming at my bollocks with a scalpel again wasn’t an option!!
Time and healing sorted me out and of course ‘hotubs’.
What’s your story?

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Is there any post with your symptoms?

This is a summary of my story:

On May 9 I went through a vasectomy with general anesthesia. According to the urologist, everything went fine.

During the days after the vasectomy there was a minor discomfort in the right groin.

1 week post vas normal sexual activity without any discomfort during or after.

2 weeks post vas, I went to see the urologist because of discomfort in the right testicle. Also I felt as if I had urethritis and prostatitis (small punctures or burning in the urethra, a feeling of pressure in the glans and punctures or burning in the area of the perineum /prostate /anus). He told me that everything was normal, that I should put some ice on the area.

3 weeks post vas, my right testicle began to hurt a little bit more (the pain is sometimes generalized in the testicle and sometimes it focusses in some specific area of the testicle).

25 days post vas, I called the urologist for strong discomfort in the right testicle and right groin. He prescribed Ibuprofen.

1 month post vas, I went to see the urologist because Ibuprofen was not working for me. He diagnosed Epididymitis. He prescribed Diclofenac and Azithromycin, and to put some ice. He also ordered a doppler ultrasound of testicles, prostate and right groin (looking for hernia).

I took Diclofenac for 7 days and it had no effect on me. I went through the doppler ultrasound. There is no sign of hernia on the right groin area. The doctor told me to keep waiting for improving.

Almost 2 months post vas, I visited another urologist. He checked on me and found nothing out of the ordinary. He told me to be patient. He indicated ice twice a day, Ciprofloxacin for 3 weeks.

The next 25/30 days the right testicle pain subsided but didn’t disappeared… The pain was not constant. There were moments that the pain goes away and there were days that come back with more presence.

3 months post vas, my oldest son (10 years old) sat on my lap for a while. The next day I started with a lot of discomfort in the testicle and the urethritis and prostatitis-like sensation. A few days later besides the discomfort in the right testicle and right groin, I started to experiment a discomfort in the left groin and testicle: from time to time, my left testicle felt slightly squeezed. Urethritis and prostatitis-like sensation increased and sometimes a small annoying discomfort in the lower right abdomens.

A week later I began to feel more discomfort the next day after having sex. That extra nuisance lasted about 24 hours.

3 months an a half post vas, I went through a spermatic cord block in the right groin. At the moment it calmed the inconvenience. The next day the discomfort/pain returned. Two days after the blockage, the pain in the testicles, groin, and urethritis and prostatitis-like sensation decreased but didn´t disappear. I would say it dropped 30%.

Later on the urethritis and prostatitis-like sensation and the testicle discomfort returned with greater pain.

A few day later I went to see a general practitioner doctor. He prescribed Pregabalin 50mg at night and 25mg in the morning

The Pregabalin reduced the urethritis and prostatitis-like sensation.

After that I started using scrotal support. It helps me to walk with less discomfort. I also feel that the scrotal support helps with the discomforts and pains.
I started Pelvic floor therapy… that gave me not improvement at all.

4 months and a half post vas, I start taking 600 mg of Alpha Lipoic Acid. The first days notice an improvement in the neuropathic pain and the urethritis and prostatitis-like sensation

Two months ago I had a blood analysis, everything fine, even testosterone.

I am currently taking Metformin, alpha lipoic acid and Xanax.
The aches and pains that I feel are mostly in the testicle and right groin, certain discomforts in the prostate area and I´m having post void dribbling

Nowadays I wish to have my right testicle taken and take back my life prior to the vas…

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Hi @Arynoso,

Sorry that you here. By “right testicle taken” are you referring to removal of the right epididymis (known as epididymectomy) ? I noticed your post in another thread. I hope you are not referring to removal of the testicle itself (known as orchiectomy). Both these procedures are extreme, I’d suggest you do thorough research on this forum before getting anything done.

The success rates of epididymectomy are pretty slim. The majority of people on this forum that had their epididymis removed ended up in more pain. The general recommendation from forum members is to try constructive surgery - reversal before resorting to destructive surgery. Removing the epididymis would mean reversal would not be a possibility in the future.

There is another forum member based in South America, who had a reversal recently. I am not sure what country he is located, but if you are interested I can message you his user name.

Good Luck

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Unfortunately a removal of painful testicle might not solve your problem. Your remaining testicle will start to compensate for the lost one, will grow and produce more sperm and testosterone, and may start to start to hurt. Talking from experience

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Hi @Primo, @SomeGreyBIoke,

Yes, first I will try a reversal. The idea of the removal of painful testicle comes in moments of anxiety and pain…

Don´t know who is he, I couldn’t find anyone from South America. So yes, please, message me his user name, thanks!!!

PS: don’t know why but couldn’t enter the forum for several days.

The other member from South America is @Fighting. Try reaching out to him, not sure which country he is from though.

Yes, the forum was down for 4 or 5 days, I think there was some kind of an outage. I hope all is well, not sure whom to notify if it goes down again.

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Thank you Primo!!! I need someone to speak to about this in spanish!!!

Sorry for delay as I don’t visit here much.
Your symptoms are very similar to mine as it goes. There is a post early on reflecting my onset and issues.
Briefly though, I felt a massive ‘twang’ in my right testicle during the procedure that stayed for 4 months or so. My pain ran from my testicle down my leg and up into my right flank.
I thought that I’d never get back at it and was looking to leave my job and go on disability!! Nightmare.
My solution was low dose amitriptyline ~10mg daily and some meditation. I know, meditation! Crazy. But I willed the pain away, I kid you not. I’m not a hippy or some vegan type, just a regular bloke.
The Amitriptyline seemed to snuff the pain out over a few weeks and dampened down my anxiety and symptoms.
If you haven’t tried it then give it a go. Usually T+C about seeing your Doc first etc apply.
I never considered a reversal or ‘bollockectomy’, mother nature was already upset and I didn’t want to push it.
Anyway, take care mate and I hope it all settles.

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There’s definitely some connections here. I think pain begets pain in the mind, and if you can use meds like amitriptyiline or gabapentin to break that feedback loop, meds are worth it in the short run.

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Thanks for your feedback, @Hotubsrock!!!

Hi mate, How are you now, any long term side effects from the orchiectomy, is your remaining testicle still large and painful? Please come back and update us.

Hi @Chip5, had a reversal on my remaining testicle, orchiectomy site healed ok, just a small numb patch which is improving. Hardly any issues on this side.

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Hi mate, thank you for replying.

That is good to hear.

How is your testosterone levels, have you put on any weight? Has your remaining testicle gotten any larger? Does the remaining testicle still sit in the same place or does it now sit towards the centre?

Thank you for your input.

No worries mate. Yes remaining one definately increased, Tbh, cannot see the difference in scrotum size compared to what I had before orchiectomy, and did positioned itself somwhere towards the middle. Testosterone levels increased, started off at around 120mg/dl just after orchiectomy and I felt awful, went up to 230 just before reversal, and this year I had 400. Still relatively low, but trending in the right direction. I did put on weight, but this is down to eating and lack of excercise. I feel good and have decent sex drive.