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5 Years after Vas, worth a reversal for pain?

5 years since vasectomy. Is a reversal still an option? Almost certain it’s congestion related. Advil/ice will help. Notice that after 2 days of advil, epi is 1/2 the size it usually is. I’m certain it’s inflamed/related. My question is, after 5 years, what are the odds of a reversal actually working, and not scarring back up? I could literally care less about fertility at this point. Pain most day is a 3. Flare ups leave me incapactied for about 5 days. Have had 3 flare ups over the course of 5 years. Just need the dull ache to go away…

How much pain is your flare up on the scale? 3?

Flare up is 7-9. Reversals scar over after a while? Or do they stay open?

Reversals have been reported by guys here after 5 years. It could work. Remember, a lot of vasectomized men get reversals for fertility, not pain relief, after more years than 5. Worth a shot if you’re convinced it’s congestion.

Reversal is very low risk, so if you don’t care about fertility, I would think it’s a pretty easy decision.