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5 weeks post Vas - looking for advice

I am new to the site but been doing a lot of reading. I am 5 weeks post no scalpel vas and have pain behind both testicles. Today I went for ultrasound which was reported to be normal…official results tomorrow.

I have been icing, heating and taking warm baths for a few weeks now with some relief but have been living on Advil to help with the pain.

Any suggestions for pain in addition to what I am doing? Anybody else have this issue and have it resolve itself and if so how long did it take?

There have been lots of guys who have experienced what you are experiencing and have gotten better over the course of several months.

It is still very early for you, and you stand a very good chance at making improvements.

There’s a lot of good information here and a lot of guys willing to answer your questions. Experiences range across a very broad spectrum, but many things are too similar to be written off as coincidence.

My opinion on what you are experiencing based on your description is congestion/pressure in your epididymis. I would recommend you use the search function for specific questions.

I know its hard, but keep your head up and try to maintain a positive attitude. You are not the first guy to experience this, and you are not alone. Again, you are still early. Hang in there.


Thanks for the words of encouragement! Can you share your experience and how you are doing?

I’m 4 weeks today and feel the same way. Tender dull achy pains. I went last week for a check up and he said I had 2 sperm granulomas on each side. He gave me steroids to take. Didn’t seem to help much. Well not at all. I’m only 4 weeks I’m praying I’m just one of the ones that takes a while to heal. I’ve been icing , using heat, doesn’t seem to help either. Not sure what to try next? Just be patient I guess. Giving it 2 more weeks and I’ll do another follow up. Hopefully time will heal this. Now that I’m off the steroids I’ll begin Advil/aleve again. Fingers crossed?

I just bought a jock strap (skysper) on Amazon that keeps things nice and tight. It seems to help a bit. Keep me posted on your progression

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I will, keep me posted as well


I’m sorry you’re here, but @Lee1985 is right. You’re still early and time is on your side. I came here at 5 week mark (it’ll be 9 weeks tomorrow), and Lee was the first to respond my post and I’ll forever be grateful for his reply.

I was in your shoes only weeks ago, and while I’m not 100%, I’ve definitely improved. I’m still in a jock strap, still taking the occasional dose of ibuprofen, and still not back to quite as strenuous of activities as I used to with regularity. Here’s my advice to you:

1.) Do absolutely everything in your power to stay positive. Your own psychology will be your worst enemy. It’s very easy to spiral into a very dark place when you’re in pain, and you don’t feel like yourself. Find support from your spouse, family and friends, or the good people on this site.

2.) Scour the site for tips on pain management and see what works for you. For me, it was a routine of NSAIDs, warm bath in mornings, regular icing, and wearing a cup when I needed to be sitting for long periods of time. Similarly, listen to your body. If certain positions or activities trigger pain, avoid them. These things will make life more tolerable while your body heals and adapts to it’s new anatomy.

3.) Getting back to psychology, one of the best pieces of advice I got on this site was to not gauge improvement day-to-day but rather week-to-week. There are too many small setbacks, flare-ups, and micro-improvements that happen from day-to-day. You’ll string together a few good days, then have a slightly worse day and be depressed about it because you thought you were trending up. Instead, ask yourself “on average, am I having less pain/discomfort this week as opposed to last week or the week prior??”. You can be more confident in your assessment of improvement that way.

Couple other things that might help - if you’re a social drinker, getting a buzz or outright drunk worked as good if not better than NSAIDs. Also, if you can tolerate it, having sex helped. I’m not sure if it was adrenaline or blood flow to the nethers, but in my case my balls felt improved immediately after sex and the next morning.

In summary, don’t let yourself get too down, find what works to manage pain best you can, and try to have more good days than bad (while acknowledging bad days will happen). Then just give it time.

Take care of yourself.

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Hi there,

Sorry to hear you are having a difficult time of it… Your post struck a chord, as the fifth week was a real low-point for me, after which things started to slowly get better. I strongly believe doctors need to emphasise that recovery might take a while longer than expected. It would ease so many patients’ anxieties… As things are, if recovery takes longer than 7 days, alarm bells start ringing, because the accepted narrative is that this is a simple operation that you should bounce back from in no time at all. Well, clearly that’s not the case for a lot of people.

Everyone is different I guess, but I found both warm baths and ice packs only aggravated things for me after week 4. I kept off sex until week 9 too, regrettably, and trusted to my strong NSAIDs and Phenergan sleep tablets. It’s week 10 for me now, and I’m off both of those too. I’m cautiously optimistic about the future, which is not something I would have said a few weeks ago… I’m going out for walks, have started doing light bicep curls again and yesterday even did a few tentative sit-ups! I’m still wary after ejaculating, but as the day goes on and I don’t suffer any after-effects (maybe the odd twinge) I find I’m slowly getting my confidence back…

I hope this may reassure you that other people have been where you are and have come out the other side… But it’s tough going through this stuff, physically and emotionally. Stay strong and let us know how you get on!

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Guys thanks so much for the positive post. It really helps me focus on staying positive and focusing on those small micro improvements.

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@Vesto and @AxelB do you think you suffered from congestion pain or something else? Can you share the type of pain you were feeling and where? Just curious if we have the same symptoms

Pain near the bottom behind the testicle is I believe in most guys the location of the tail / cauda epididymus, which is supposedly mainly responsible for absorption of sperm. It becomes overloaded after vasectomy. The head of the epididymus is usually on top, laterally.
So I’m guessing you have congestive pain. I also believe that papaya seed powder is one of the few things you can easily obtain to help with this.

If I had to pick congestion or nerve pain, I’d probably go with congestion. My pain evolved a bit. You can go back and read my initial posts on this site for more detail. I had your typical first week discomfort that seemed to just keep extending itself into the following week and a half. By week 2.5 I had made some improvement, but was still very tender in testes and had a lot of aching in back of testes. Oh, and up until that point if I got an erection/aroused I’d experience sharp pains that mimicked getting kicked in the balls. I was prescribed a week of regular and consistent use of NSAIDS. The week in the NSAIDS was a big improvement, I had ditched the jock strap for a few days, and even felt good enough to try a light 30 min spin on my stationary bike. A few days later I had a big setback and started experiencing constant pain on right side around where epididymis is. So I went on antibiotics for 10 days, and was feeling close to how I felt when I was taking the NSAIDS (despite only taking them sparingly while on antibiotics to save my guts). After the 10 day regimin of antibiotics I still wasn’t 100% but could most activities of daily living with only a little discomfort. Around the week 5 mark I took my kids to the park and twisted the wrong way, BOOM, kick in the nards sensation. It started another major setback. I was starting to really panic, and this is when a lot of the mental and emotional toll started to really pile on. A couple weeks of intermittently using a cup when sitting for work meetings and driving, and also routinely icing/baths seemed to start improving things very slowly. Leading up a follow up appt with Uro at about week 6.5ish, I had strung together a few good days and thought I was finally starting to turn the corner. But after my balls got man-handled at follow up, I got swelling and a lot of ache and tenderness for the next few days, and it just felt like another setback. Physical exam was normal, and I was told while it’s a small percentage, he’s treated a hundred guys like me who experience pain past a month, and they’ve ball recovered. All but one recovered within 3 months (the poor guy who took longer took about a year). So I decided I was going to deduct the next two weeks to continuing my pain management regimen and trying to just let my body heals and adapt. Sure enough week by week I was seeing some improvement. No more constant pain, and intermittent pain became milder. At this point my discomfort normally manifested as general testiclsur soreness or ache. A lot of time towards back of testicles, and almost only occuring when something triggered it (walking/sitting for too long)After about a week and a half a feeling good enough to forget anything had ever happened for small portions of the day, and having ditched the cup and wearing jock strap in shower/bath, I made the impulsive choice to go for a bike ride with my 3 year old son, who I’ve never gotten to ride with. Around the block what pretty well. So I decided to go for a 30 minute ride the next day, and with NSAIDs on board the ride went fine. I was a sligh bit achy that night but we’re talking a 1 or less. So I went for an hour ride the next day again with NSAIDS on board. I had the same achiness that as well, and then unfortunately actually got kicked square in the nuts by my 4 year old daughter. That one hurt, like really bad. That increase my slight ach quite a bit and I was still feeling it the next morning. So me being a dumbass, and cycling being my drug of choice (I’ve missed it soooo badly), I figured if I iced real good and took 800mg of ibuprofen before bike ride (third day in a row) I’d be fine for a short 30-40 ride. The ride was fine, but the evening achiness had increased a bit. So I figure my body was telling me a bit too much all at once. That was just two days ago, and any constant discomfort had subsided. I still have occasional wave of achey discomfort in testicles but it’s very manageable for now. Im still not 100% and imagine that will take more time, but Ive improved dramatically, and I’ve finally been able to ride a bike. Thats been important for the psyche.

I take back what I said about ready my prior posts, I’ve basically regurgitated it all in this post :grinning:

I hope this helps give you some perspective.

I have a question for this group as well since we’re all within a couple months of eachother.-- for those who can comfortably get an erection/ejaculate, has anybody been hyper sensitive to arousal? Like, finding that arousal comes on quicker and stronger? I have no idea if it’s related to procedure, or due to increased sensitivity down there, but I’m fighting back erections like I’m in junior high. The second part of that question is, do stubborn prolonged erections (e.g. morning wood) trigger achiness/soreness in testicles after a while? I’m not talking typical blue balls either.

I had a scrotal haematoma (about the size of a grape) and a granuloma on the right hand side. Nothing was really evident on the left, but strangely enough that’s where the pain was worse in the end. Go figure. My pain wasn’t continuous but sudden; it felt as though someone was flicking my testicles, and the pain would shoot up through my groin and (for a period) down the inside of my thighs: whether that was referred pain, or simply a consequence of how I was holding myself (kind of doubled over, and very tense) I’m not sure… My doctor was convinced that the problem was continued inflammation of the vas deferens coupled with the haematoma moving and changing, but when I was still suffering at week 5 he basically washed his hands of me (I will be lodging a complaint at some point in the future) so I never really got to the bottom of it. I was set to contact a private consultant (I’m writing from the UK) but thankfully my discomfort lessened to the point that I felt it would be better to watch and wait. I’m now at week 10, and only getting a bit of very mild discomfort now and again if I overdo things; but it passes off very quickly.

One thing that was really odd was that my sex drive went through the roof after my operation, and I was hypersensitive to almost unbearable levels. I’m still not sure what that was about - it was more than just enforced abstinence. It sounds trivial to write about that
now, but at the time it added another - and very different - layer of discomfort.

Sorry if the above all sounds vague. My experience has been that those of us who suffer from PVP have to try and put the pieces together ourselves to a large extent…

We literally just posted about this exact same phenomenon within minutes of each other!!! :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:

So glad I’m not the only one. Anyone else???

My sex drive did go up the first 3 weeks but has taken a dive with the testicular pain and annoyance of this whole thing.

Do any of you play golf? Wondering how you felt after playing? What about running - have you tried that yet?

@Vesto - how you feeling this week?

Hey @DAVE1 – as you probably read in posts of mine, I started to turn a corner during weeks 7/8 (I’ll be 10 weeks Friday). At that point, any constant pain was gone. What I’ve dealt with since is best described as intermittent discomfort/soreness in granuloma area. This discomfort is triggered by sitting for long periods of time or too much walking. With 400-600 mg of ibuprofen taken once daily the past two weeks the discomfort was very manageable, and had near zero impact on my ability to function in my every day life. I even managed a few bike rides. If I started feeling sore toward end of day, I just iced and tried dialing things back a tad.

So to answer your question regarding how I am feeling this week. I am more sore this week than I was last week, but that’s because I’ve been NSAID free for the last 4.5 days. I’m trying to avoid NSAIDS this week, because I’ve been on them to some extent at various doses for over 6 weeks. So I’m just icing and wearing the jock strap his week to get a baseline of my discomfort/soreness. Plus I wanted to give my body a break before I leave for a much needed vacation next week. That way if I feel like taking NSAIDS while on vacation, I will at least have had 7-10 days off of them beforehand. So this week the discomfort/soreness was a bit more noticeable, but by no means is it having an impact on my ability to function. I find myself icing a bit more and sometimes going back to the cowboy walk a bit if I’m being active like at the park with the kids. But other than that it’s just dealing with the annoyance of the discomfort. I’m hopeful I’ll continue to improve bit by bit week by week over the coming months. I’d like to be biking regularly with no NSAIDS in next 3-5 weeks. But I’m thankful to be at this point.

How are you doing? Have you noticed any improvement??

@Trav15 - how you progressing? I am at week 8 now and have made some improvement but still ache and can’t run/play sports with my kids.

Just a quick update - I am at 9 weeks now. Made some improvement with but still sore in the back (congestion feeling).

I was actually able to run with a jock strap about 5 days ago but that triggered some abdominal pain that I have been dealing with for at least a month now.

The pain is up by my ribs and flanks and is quite annoying! I’ve been doing some stretching and taking it easy again to try to calm it down.

Anybody else have this issue? If so what helped?

Yes, I have that exact thing into abdomen, flanks and up into lower ribs bilaterally. Abs and hip flexors also went crazy tight. I am approx 14 mths post vas now.

I tried stretching it one night approx 5 weeks post vas by hanging on a bar (starting position of a pull up), hip flexor stretch, cobra etc and it sent me into worse pain and abdo spasms for 3-4 months. I assume it’s a reflexive protective tone as it’s the same fascial line and shares same nerves as the testes. It has definitely eased with time and a couple of cord blocks but it is still there bubbling below the surface to the point where I still wouldn’t stretch it hard. I can go for a jog now but I still pull up a bit sore.

The passage of time will likely calm things down. For some it will resolve and others it will linger. The hard thing is going from being active, having goals, plans etc to being less active, uncertain and in pain.

My advice would be to go gentle with the running and stretching. Don’t necessarily avoid it but find that point that doesn’t make you worse as exercise is still good for the body and mind. The nerves are irritated and sending pain signals and that’s your body giving you feedback that it’s not happy with what’s happening along that nerve distribution. It’s bloody frustrating I know but just nurse yourself through the next 3-6 months and then take stock.

Another thing that I wish I had done earlier was get myself referred to a pain specialist. For us here in Australia its anywhere from 2-4months wait to see someone. By the time I got into see someone, I was well past the need. I think a pain specialist is worth seeing if the pain doesn’t resolve by 3 months as their interventions can also help calm things down.