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5 weeks out from vasectomy

Hello, im about 5 weeks out from my vasectomy and was wondering if my symptoms are normal. After ejaculating I am a bit sore in the tail and right at the tip of the head of my epididymis. Is this normal because it seems to be that way for a day or two after. Really hope I made the right decision and I hope I’m not one of the bad stories of pvps. If this continues for the next couple months I’ll probably look into a reversal. Sex feels weird when I ejaculate, its like I can feel the pressure down there. Does this get better or worse? Again I’m only 5 weeks out so I feel like my body will have to get used to it but I hope its not like this forever.

Hello, and sorry you are here. What you describe has been described by many others. 5 week is very early in your recovery. I think the general consensus is to rest, relax, get off this site and try to avoid any stress, anxiety, etc. to give your body the best chance to heal. You can try with OTC NSAIDS as a first step, if pain persists. Chances are you will be fine and your body needs time to adjust. Having said that, however, if pain persists or gets worse after the 3 months mark, I’d start investigating. If you can, try to find a PVPS doc who acknowledges and knows about the problem. Don’t rely on doctors who tell you it’s in your head, give it time, or deny that there is a problem related to the vasectomy in the first place. Good luck!

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Welcome to the forum @Bryan_Bothwell.

I read your other comment from yesterday in another thread. It would’ve been helpful and/or useful to have posted that critical information in this thread you started.

The question I have is, considering your pre vas circumstances, why the heck did you take the risk and get a vasectomy…

I’m guessing you were not informed about the inherit risks of the procedure. I don’t think you were a good candidate for a vasectomy myself, but perhaps you will get lucky and everything will work itself out in time.

@Juno shot you straight. That kind of input is pretty typical for an average man, but I’m not sure how it will pan out given your pre vas circumstances.

If you have any specific questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

Hey there, I was getting epididymitis from what I believe was urine backflowing into my epididymis. Everytime I held in a lot of urine my epididymis would swell and my scrotum would be bright red as it responded well to antibiotics but no bacteria was ever found on my urine samples. One of my many doctors at kaiser explained that bacteria can sometimes go unnoticed in the samples. Due to my case he thought it would be wise to do one side to rule out any bacteria from my prostate or urine going in there. He was confident and I trusted him but now I’m regretting it due to some peoples input. Its just something I was told to try only because I had done many test and nothing definite was ruled for the cause of my bouts of epididymitis. Im feeling okay so far, its just after I ejaculate its a bit sore but im watching it for now and if things get worse I will get a reversal to go back to what I was.

Thanks for sharing. Have you ever had your semen tested as well?

Oh geez, I wish it was that easy. VR is far more complicated than that, and reversal failure is very common.

I understand but I was wiling to try anything, like I said I noticed the frequent urges to pee and holding in my urine I believe caused it to flare but who knows. Luckily I have found a guy here in norcal that claims to be the #1 vasectomy and VR in nor cal. He said i should consider an epididectomy if this didn’t work but from reading the stories on here I dont feel like thats the best route. Im at the point of just wanting a double orchiectomy because I’d rather be on TRT then worrying about the ticking time bombs epididymitis has giving me through out the last 4 years… im depressed and just overall done with the pain it causes… its only localized at my epididymis and it swells 2x-3xs the size when the attacks happen. The pain terrifies me