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4 months since vasectomy and still with discomfort/pain

Hi everyone, I’m new in this forum so let me introduce myself. My name is Andrew, 28 years old with 1 kid, had my Vasectomy in Oct. 2018 (4 months ago). I’m from Mexico and I found this forum very useful so I decided to be part of the community since I’m another victim of this shit :/.

So let me tell you my story:
Had my V 4 months ago, before it I never had any pain or discomfort in my genital area. My V experience was kinda bad :frowning: I had it in a NHS hospital here in Mexico, the Dr. was a young guy, Im sure he was not urologist. When he started my vasectomy, on the left testicle, I was feeling so dizzy and I ended throwing up :/. The Dr. stopped for around 5 minutes so my nausea could go down. Once it was down he finished the left testicle and continue with the right one. Then I went home and to be honest I did not put the recommended ice, nor the correct underwear :(. The first week was as expected, pain and discomfort at my genital/abdomen area. I took the medicines they gave to me (ketorolac, piroxicam, and one antibiotic). So everything seemed to be ok, just my left nut was like going up and down (kinda spams).

So after the first week, my right nut returned to its normal state, feeling very well, but my left kept giving me pain and discomfort. Now 4 months ago Im still having issues with the left nut, it sits higher and seems to be swollen, with discomfort in the back of it. I have been consulting several uros, had 2 ultrasounds showing right testicle completely fine, and left testicle with varicocele and epididymitis. Also had a sperm analysis and it was clean of infection. I have been taking several nsaids, pregabalin, antibiotics, local heat and supportive underwear. I dont have debilitating pain but the discomfort I feel in the back of my left nut is so annoying, sometimes it turns into moderate pain. It is important to say that at nights I sleep very well, no pain at nights and no pain with erections/ejaculate. Every morning I wake up feeling normal, but when walking/sitting I start feeling this discomfort. Im so frustrated :frowning: even when I have had sloooowly improvements with admonibal pain, this discomfort at the back of my left nut seems to be not decreasing. Also still sits higher than my right nut. Does anybody had this problem? Is it going to be like this the rest of my life? :frowning: I think having the v is the worse decision of my life, it is so frustrating, I think Im not going to be normal again. Should I consider any surgical option, give it more time, add more medicines?

Thanks for reading me, and feel free to ask for more details if needed.


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Shoot. First of all Andrew, sorry that you’ve joined the club. It’s unlikely that anyone on this forum is going to tell you exactly what you should do, because what works for one guy, fails (or worse causes other complications) for another. You can see my saga in My Story in a Nutshell.

At four months you are still early and may have recovery yet. I’m now 14 months from Vas and 6 months from reversal and my symptoms are much like your own (left sided also) and considering spermatic cord denervation but hoping still that the combination of pelvic floor PT, TENS, massage therapy, and supportive garments do something as I have not been tolerant of any medication.

Chronic pain can be an isolating experience. Know that you’ve got a good support network and sounding board here.

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Thanks for your reply @Roy, also sorry to hear you are still facing pain issues. I think we should not give up in this unfair war.

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Hola Andrew24,

Just wondering if you could post an update to let us know how you’re feeling these days. Hopefully you’re back to zero pain and problems by now.


Sure let me share my update:

It’s been exactly 1 year since my vasectomy, I’m not back to 100% normal but I’m much better than some months ago. Nowadays I have low discomfort (not exactly pain) in my left epi. Talking with my Uro he says that it’s inflammation of my Epi and that it takes long time to heal (1.5-2 years) since Epi has poor vascular flow. Time has been definitely the best medicine, and also I have been using a jockstrap daily (it has helped me a lot). Like 2 months ago I took piroxicam 1x20mg daily, and also duloxetine 1x60mg daily and it helped me also. Now my Uro sees me every 3 months, since Epi healing is very slow.

As I said, I’m not 100% back to normal but maybe I’m 95%, and hope to keep improving as the months pass by. I hope this gives anybody a breathe.



Thank you for the update…we all appreciate a positive story. Not sure where they got the 2 years to heal from, but your doc sounds much more informed than “there’s never any problems” type.

I’m nearly 2 years out from the vas, but afraid that I might have hit the reset button on the clock with two subsequent procedures (reversal, SCD). As we’ve all learned, this is not a region of the body that should be messed with if working well. Though it’s been difficult, I’m trying patience before seeking further invasive treatment. Pain gets slowly better each month (and my pain threshold a bit higher).

So glad the wait has worked out for you!

Hey Roy!

Same case here, pain slowly gets better month by month, with flareups also. But yeah giving it time has worked as my Uro has suggested. I keep hope to fully recover over time… Since you had 2 more surgeries, give it more time to heal, and also try duloxetine for a while to see if your pain improves!

Hope your recovery goes faster, I know we should never messed with this part of the body!

I did try duloxetine and did not tolerate the mood changes and did not do much for pain. So far struck out with systemic meds for neuropathic pain due to side effects, though some did put a serious dent in the pain.