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4 months post Vas, epididymis and pelvic pain

Hello everyone, just coming on here to get other opinions. Today marks 4 months since my vas and I’ve experienced the ups and downs of a lengthy “healing” process as my doctor says. Just would like to get your insights on what I’m going through. I have good days with little to no pain at the tail and body of my epididymis but thats when I’m doing little activities. However when I do anything strenuous or a lot of activities in a day my epididymis aches and causes pain and discomfort all the way up my pelvis area. It all starts from the ball then travels up. When I ejaculate, the next day I’m a bit more sore. I recently developed a granuloma which hurt but the pressure being taken off felt amazing but no that the granuloma is gone the ball pain is back.
I’m still giving it time, my doctor says to wait a year or until it gets absolutely unbearable to do anything invasive. Ibuprofen is my life but im tired of taking them as I know they aren’t great for your gut health. I take 1-2 800mg a day mainly in the morning and evening after work… but from anyone’s experience, have you had the same issue? Did it go away at all and how long after you VAS?.. also a side note, about 2 months ago on the same side as my vas, I’ve been having what seems like sciatic issues. I get tingling from my butt cheek down to my knee. This has never happened to me and it just seems strange that I’m dealing with ball issues and that starts acting up. Again, if anyone can relate or share tips that helped them I’d be greatly appreciative!

Sorry that you are on this site for the same reason most of us are. Not sure what country you live in. I am in new Zealand and the same complications happen here with vasectomy, did you get sympathy from your dr or did he mention it is all in your head. Just the usual punch line. Just curious mate.

Hi man. 7-8 month for me. First couple of months after vas was pure hell. Don’t want to remember all the details of that time, I was in so much agony and desperate. It has improved.

My opinion is that it is possible - for some, has been for me at least - to dial down the pain levels without surgery, and without feeling drugged. I’ve jumped on a lot of suggestions found on this forum, and a combination has been quite effective. My “strategy” is both to suppress the cause of sperm congestion, and use unconventional pain medication. Opioids are a no-go, since I can’t be drugged when working.

There are two different substances that I know of that can stop spermatogenesis. Papaya seeds and testosterone. I’ve been eating papaya seed powder daily for almost half a year, and will continue to do so. This has reduced the feeling of pressure in the epididymis a lot. I believe this is what has helped me most of all.

I’ve recently started to experiment with testosterone injections in addition to papaya. Too soon to say for sure, but my nuts have definitely felt better the last weeks.

Someone on this forum suggested metformin. I take 500 mg daily. This has had an effect. Feels like it has taken away some of what I think of as “referred” pain. Before it, I had aches all over the groin area and inside of thighs, couldn’t really tell if my nuts or my ass was the problem. After a few weeks on metformin, much of the diffuse pain was gone, and it felt more focused on the testicles.

Amitriptyline 10 mg each evening. Low doses are supposed to help against chronic pain, and it works for me. It did nothing in the beginning when the pain was excruciating, but seems much better at suppressing less intense pain.
Also sometimes a mild sleeping pill. Getting regular and enough sleep is vital. I’ve found that if I sleep too little, pain gets worse the next day.

And… ease off on the ejaculations. No more than two to three times a week, for my part.

All in all, the last month or so has been quite good. Last year I was determined to have some sort of surgery. Now, most days I think that it’s probably not necessary. There have been several days in a row where I haven’t really thought about my nuts. I know that there will almost certainly be relapses, but right now I’m quite optimistic. That might change later, but you know- gotta take each day for what it is.

In those first months, nothing else than opioids helped. I still have a bottle of tramadol, but haven’t needed one so far this year. A couple of times a week I take 1g paracetamol Don’t use any NSAIDS.

Im located in California, and my doctor sympathizes with me and understand but I’ve been passed around to multiple doctors. Up until this point, going to have an over the phone appointment with Dr. P in a few weeks to get his take on things as well… Im considering a reversal if things don’t look up in 1 years time from my surgery date… the pain sucks, id rather have these things chopped off then to deal with nut pain ever again lol.

That I understand its nightmare sweats panic attacks. I tell you there is more to this simple opp than is let on. The BIGGEST REGRET WAS HAVING THE VASECTOMY much worse that it was not my decision. I sure my wife is part of the feminist movement. Thanks for your reply mate

Thanks for the insight man and I hope things work out for you as well. Ive been taking it day by day, this shit sucks and narcotics are a no go for me as well. They make me sick and plus I can’t take them because of my career as well. Ive been doing the papaya seed also. I need to be more consistent with it though not going to lie. Just want to not think about my nuts anymore. Such a bad area for pain because it takes the joy out of everything at times. Thank you for the insight and I will keep it in mind. Also will run it by my doctor to see what I should do or what might benefit me at this point in time

What is papaya seed. Does it have another name?

Yeah, one of my regrets to as of now. I feel bad for complaining because there’s so many other guys that are worse off then I am but nut pain is nut pain. The shit sucks and I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy. Hope you find a solution as well brotha!

Carica papaya - in Latin :slight_smile: There’s a big thread on it.

I take the papaya seed extract and powder. Im not as consistent as I should be and can’t tell if it’s doing any demt with my pain. However I’ve only been doing it for about a month and a half. I got it all off Amazon, pretty much a panic buy from reading posts on here saying it helps other guys.

Thanks mate that’s a help. I will try anything. One guy here said he likes NZ green lol
anything mate.

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Short of surgery, there are 3 generally accepted medical interventions outside the herbs and supplements our group discusses: pain meds, pain management injections, and testosterone therapy.

Pain meds bring a host of issues when you head down the anti-depressant or anti-convulsant path. Most of us have tried them. Mixed results with some fans, some not so much. As you already know, NSAIDs are meant for very short-term use and create gut issues.

I’m personally a fan of injections. They got me over the hump during my 2016-18 relapse and still doing well 2+ years later after getting them through Dr. Parekatill. Some haven’t gotten great results, some made worse. My logic on injections is that a needle is less risky than a scalpel.

Testosterone replacement is pretty rare and not widely accepted, BUT there is a well-research paper out there from an Army Uro (Dr. Pienkos, I believe) that touts using T-replacement to shut down sperm production and, hence, congestion. I had one Doc question my sanity when I suggested T, and I replied that I’d rather put something in my body that’s natural and what my body already produces than some mind-altering cocktail like Neurontin that pain docs are using off label. He didn’t take kindly to me questioning him, so we parted as doc/patient. If you want to try this path, be prepared for resistance. I’d suggest printing out the Army paper and giving it to your doc.

I had my reversal 15 months after my vas, but pain onset was 7-8 months post-vas, not immediate.

So I have read many men concerned about the reduction in testicle size if they go on TRT. I recently started to wonder if that would in fact be a benefit to pain patients? Some have gone the route of testicle removal to eliminate pain. Is it possible that pain could be relieved with smaller (less heavy) nuts?

Not claiming to be an expert on TRT. But I believe testicular atrophy is more associated with “body building” testosterone, where they use ridiculously high doses, many times higher than what we are talking about.

I won’t advise anyone here as to what they should do, how long will it take, will testicular atrophy happen to you, etc.

Type ‘testosterone replacement therapy testicular atrophy’ into any search bar and see what you come up with. I just did it (again), and the results are overwhelming.

Assuming you did the search, TRT can be used in conjunction with HGC, but at that point you are basically defeating the purpose of using TRT to reduce or completely stop sperm production.

You can also type TRT pvps into the search bar on this site. There are a ~couple informative threads on the topic.


Yeah I started this thread on it. Ive been on TRT for 1.5 years. Any questions let me know!

I am on TRT and my balls have barely shrunk. Also, when I added HCG I swear it made my ball pain worse, which makes sense. You’re increasing your sperm production because it’s a fertility drug.

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Hi guys, my GP was willing to prescribe Tostran (off label) when I had experienced what it did to me. A loophole in the law in my country made it possible to order Tostran overseas from a former settlement of my country. The isle is now a township but laws are sometimes different. So I tried trt on my own. Within weeks I had so much relief I went to my GP to discuss trt. I have no side effects rather than some itching at the spot where I apply the gel plus minor skin dryness. A bit more hairgrowth on the chest and shoulders and my balls shrunk, but their size now seems pretty regular to me. I guess they were a bit swollen before trt due to autoimmuno response and swollen epys. So Tostran is the only med I take and I stepped towards healthy nutrition, especially low on sugar since sugar enhances inflammation and aging (effect of higher levels of insuline growth hormone). Still pain and discomfort but I can live my life. Urologist are pretty ugly liers and feminist are terrorist. Learned my lesson, to bad I got sentenced for life. I still can’t work more than two days in a row or else pain will get significantly worse. So I skipped one day work a week. I did some math since I have a good job the cost of this minor op are humongous. Only the reduce of income is estimated at €1,3m if I manage to live until my pension. When the vasectomy goes wrong the payment is severe…

How long ago was your vasectomy if you dont mind me asking? I’ve been thinking of doing test but haven’t brought it up to my uro yet. Still holding out till about the 6 month mark to really consider my options.

My vas was done end of '10 have had my reversal at the start of '13. Started trt around '16 since I was evolving more and more periodes with pain.

That I know only to well my vasectomy cost thousands above $20000