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4 1/2 months post Vas and considering reversal

Hello gents, I have pain at the tail of my epididymis as always and the occasional flare up the cord when the pain in the testical gets worse. I know 4 1/2 months are still early for some however just spoke with Dr.P and he highly suggests a reversal. All my pain is at the back of my nut at the tail of the epididymis so it sounds like congestion and at times is worse after sex or ejaculating. I recently had a granuloma and the pressure that took off my ball was great. Still hurt but the pressure relief was nice. I’m in no way as bad as many of you on here but I can’t go a day without NSAIDs and sometimes the pain is bad where I gotta rest but still considering options. Don’t want to be on TRT just yet due to mixed results on solving pain and the money that goes with that doesn’t seem worth it… also I’m currently doing papaya powder but can’t tell if it’s really doing much.

Questions for the fellas

  • I read many guys on here in a lot of pain after a reversal, does it go without saying that choosing a good surgeon should help with your healing?Like Dr.P or in my case I’m considering a vasectomy reversal center close by my home in California.
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Did you have the granuloma surgically removed or what relieved it?

Just popped up out of nowhere, the pressure from the epididymis went down and then the granuloma went away. Now I’m back to the pressure feeling in the tail of my epididymis and the occasional referred pain up the pelvic region.

@Bryan_Bothwell - how are you doing today, I am almost at 3 months with the same issue. Pain in the back of the epi and some referred pain in the abdomen.

Did you go through with reversal? Did your symptoms improve?

I had a reversal done by Dr. P 7 weeks ago. The soreness for the first 2 weeks post-reversal was pretty rough, but after the first ejaculation a lot of the pressure feeling went away. My referred/radiating nerve pain into the abdomen and pelvis is slowly improving and the soreness in the testicles (primarily the left side) is sloooooooooowly improving too. As long as I don’t plateau or have a big setback, I have a lot of hope. I know it can take a year to recover after getting the reversal, but when you get some relief and have incremental improvements, it helps a lot with the mental battle.

I did a ton of research on reversal surgeons before choosing Dr. P. He’s an expert in reversals for pain and the technique he uses is different than what other surgeons (ones focused mostly on fertility) do. I talked with several different urologists/surgeons and their approaches and techniques and results vary. It matters who does your surgery and how they do it. Dr. P cleans up scar tissue to free entrapped nerves and then uses a multi-layer micro-surgical technique to connect the two ends. He also uses a technique to take pressure off of the two connected ends to help prevent future scar tissue at the connection site. And he also has the best/latest magnification equipment in his new clinic. It was literally built for this. I talked to a few surgeons who told me that get about 50% of their clients who have improvement in their pain. Dr. P is 80% or higher from what I understand.
I flew all the way across the country to have mine done by Dr. P. because I felt like it gave me the best chance of reducing or even eliminating my pain. If I get a year down the road and still have significant pain, I won’t wonder if I should have gone with a better/different surgeon.

Hey Dave, yeah I went through with the reversal and the majority of my issues improved. I am currently 6 weeks post op and improving week by week with little “hiccups” of pain but nothing major… After 4 weeks post vasectomy I had bad sciatic pain and a major pressure build up at the tail. It hurt worse after sex and into the next day or two. Not even 2 weeks post reversal my sciatic pain went away and so did the pressure feeling. I still have some localized pain at the tail/head of my epi and some at the connection site but it’s manageable. I figure the pain will still be there for some time as reading post on here, many guys still have pain months after reversal… I’m not endorsing a reversal for all guys on here because it can get worse but I took the chance and am happy I did. Especially thankful after sex because when I had the vas and would do the do, I dreaded ejaculating because of pain.

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@phoenix @Bryan_Bothwell

Can both of you keep me posted on your progress. I have an appt scheduled with dr P in mid June to discuss options

Hey man, in currently 9 weeks post op and feeling great. I have periods of pain but its more like healing pain still. My sciatic issues, pressure issues all have went away but still get some pain at the connection site which I expected just from reading the many posts on here. If you’re going to Dr.P your in good hands. If there’s one piece of advice anyone has given me that I agree on is going to a Dr that is very well experienced in reversals. My doctor I went to does 2-3 every Friday, but others seem to do 2-3 in a month. So chose your surgeon wisely in my opinion.