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4 1/2 months post Vas and considering reversal

Hello gents, I have pain at the tail of my epididymis as always and the occasional flare up the cord when the pain in the testical gets worse. I know 4 1/2 months are still early for some however just spoke with Dr.P and he highly suggests a reversal. All my pain is at the back of my nut at the tail of the epididymis so it sounds like congestion and at times is worse after sex or ejaculating. I recently had a granuloma and the pressure that took off my ball was great. Still hurt but the pressure relief was nice. I’m in no way as bad as many of you on here but I can’t go a day without NSAIDs and sometimes the pain is bad where I gotta rest but still considering options. Don’t want to be on TRT just yet due to mixed results on solving pain and the money that goes with that doesn’t seem worth it… also I’m currently doing papaya powder but can’t tell if it’s really doing much.

Questions for the fellas

  • I read many guys on here in a lot of pain after a reversal, does it go without saying that choosing a good surgeon should help with your healing?Like Dr.P or in my case I’m considering a vasectomy reversal center close by my home in California.
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Did you have the granuloma surgically removed or what relieved it?

Just popped up out of nowhere, the pressure from the epididymis went down and then the granuloma went away. Now I’m back to the pressure feeling in the tail of my epididymis and the occasional referred pain up the pelvic region.