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3 weeks and 5 days...turn around?

After going to the urologist only 3 days ago where I was told I would have chronic testicle pain for the rest of my life…I feel I may have hit a turning point. My constant twinges are almost completely gone for the past day. I almost feel 100%. My left testicle which was very tender and sore at the urologist’s office is no longer sore. As I said before, I feel that everyday since the surgery I have made micro improvements everyday.

It was really weird because about two days ago, I had this strange feeling regarding the pain I was feeling. Although I could feel something in my testicle (twing) it was different and in a strange way a good feeling pain. I remember almost thinking if my mind was convincing myself to enjoy it…I know really wacky. But by the end of the day I felt almost 100%.

I will hit 4 weeks this Tuesday coming and hope for a full recovery now. I asked my urologist if he ever had patients take a month or so to heal and make a full recovery and he emphatically said “no”. However, I have a friend who took just over a month and never went back to the doctor. So I thought…was my friend lying about how long it took him to recover or was the urologist an idiot. I am going to stick to my guns and feel the latter.

It is clear that the doctors performing these surgeries do not deal with patient care after the fact or even know how different the healing times are among patients.

I am still going to do a three month period of papaya seed powder and I will keep everyone posted.

Thanks again for all of your support.

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I had the same experience a couple of times (and again today.)

It is a strange experience… I’m by NO MEANS into S&M or any of that stuff… I don’t even understand the spanking thing, to be honest.

But I had the same sensation. A very blurry line between pain and pleasure. Not just at the location, but almost a mild mental euphoria.

Anyway, it’s great to hear that you’re feeling better. Be cautious though… I was feeling much better about a week ago, then the following 3 days were pretty rough. I’m back to feeling pretty good. Pain has been at about 0-2 all day so long as I’m being careful. I’ve had a couple of twinges but even those were probably only a 4 or 5. I didn’t wince at all today (for the first time since my surgery.)

I’m cautiously hopeful.

I can tell you that a co-worker of mine took a full month to recover. His vasectomy was a few years ago and he’s never had pain or soreness since. “Everything is normal” according to him. So, don’t panic and think that you (we) are past the point of no return.

I’ve never gotten worse…knock on wood…only slightly better each day. I am somewhat worried still but feeling hopeful.

I pick up the papaya seesd powder this week and regardless how I am feeling… I’m taking it.

I want to start working out again…but am going to wait.

This is very refreshing to hear as this is my only issue right now at 12 days post op. Thank you for updating on your journey and not just leaving a cliffhanger.

Sorry to ask, but 12 days post op, are you willing to have sex yet?

I had my vasectomy back in February so for me it’s been about 10 months. I did not even try to masturbate until after 2 whole weeks I think it was around 3 weeks. And I didn’t first have sex until I believe around a month after the op. It was tough at first and cause some pain but now I’m pretty much back to normal. I have occasional discomfort but nothing I can’t handle. I am on the fence about regretting having it done. I wish I never had to deal with the issues and the fact that I now constantly worry about what I do that may cause pain “running, climbing, jumping”. But on the other hand I’m glad I have it done because I don’t have to worry about getting my wife pregnant.

Hi @JB32,

If you’re still out there, it would be nice to get an update on how you are doing these days. Have you seen improvement since December 2018?