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3 months post reversal having cord pain

Hello all,

Had my vas back in September 2014. Developed PVP about 2 months later. I could tell the whole long horrible story but it’s really similar to many of yours. I suffered with many problems from testicle and abdominal pain, changes in sensation, pelvic floor issues, etc etc. I told myself I would give it a year to heal before any surgery. I had a temp nerve block to try and rule out nerve issues. The temp block did little for me. I opted for a reversal on January 15, 2015.

The reversal was really uneventful. I made good progress and felt fantastic at 7 weeks…probably 80%. I got off all meds at 6 weeks and started working regular duty again and doing normal activities. I took my kids sled riding, framed my dad’s basement, went to a water park. I felt great.

At 8-9 weeks I started having burning in my right epi. It lasted about a week and morphed into right side cord pain. Just yesterday I developed left side cord pain which until now has given me 0 problems. My pain is around 80% of the time…it ranges from a 1 to a 5…is worse when i sit and walk much. I feel worse at 3 months than I did at 8 weeks. I was sure I had beaten this thing cause I felt so good.
I gave been taking 9 ib profirin a day which seem to do little and have been soaking in epsom salt bath at least 4 times a week.
Anybody else gone through something similar and went on to recover? Ups and downs I can handle but I was way up and now way down for a long time.

What are your SA numbers?

I have had chord pain return. It sucks. I don’t have much testicular pain but the chord pain is bad. I made it to 10 1/2 months myself. You are not alone.

Be careful with the ibuprofen. I would try to control inflammation as much as possible through diet. If the ibuprofen is not helping don’t take it. It will mess up your gut and kidneys over the long haul if you overdo it.

Call Dr. P, get your numbers to see if you’re still open and see what your option are.

Sorry your having issues. Hang in there.

I had many ups and downs in my reversal recovery. I would go from completely normal to weeks of issues, then back to normal. It is extremely frustrating and demoralizing. I kept telling myself during my recovery that its my nerves flaring up, trying to figure shit out and it will go away. I’m hopeful it will settle down soon for you as well. @hawk hang in there.

Thanks Mike and Kyle…the pain is different than my PVP which was epi and testicular. That pain is 90% better. This pain is now right at the reconnection site mainly right side. I am keeping my fingers crossed. After my vas my pain started to diminish at 10 months so if that’s any indication I need patient. But tell that to a guy with a constant pain in one of your balls.! Haven’t had SA test…honestly don’t know if I will. If I’m still in pain at 6 months I probably will. It sounds crazy but I know I’m open in at least one of the boys. You don’t want the details but I can tell when I ‘get my rocks off’.

Sorry guys…in my original post I said my original vas was September 2014…it was actually September 2013. I waited about 16 months to have my reversal. Just wanted to clarify.

Keep in mind I had more pain on the right than left after my reversal. Both sides went in oppospit directions over time. I left side feels tight like pulling but it’s not really retraction or anything.

Over time things can improve. They can also get worse.

Hey @Hawk. How are things going now? Any progress over the past month or two?


I still have very little testicular pain…basically none. Left side is pain free and normal. Right side sperm cord is still giving me problems. I did have 2 decent weeks and was feeling like perhaps I had turned the corner. Then last Saturday it flared up and hasn’t let up yet. I think it will eventually just have a extremely hard time dealing with the set backs. I’m now approaching 5 months. Like others I really thought I’d be better by now. The cord pain is significant and I’m still in more pain than directly prereversal. I am trying Gabapentin but only 300MG which doesn’t seem to be helping. I try to control the pain with tylenol or motrin which helps only some. I wish I knew if it was inflammation or nerve pain or neuroma or varicocele. I go see doctor Sabanegh in Cleveland in two weeks for his opinion and hAve a consult with pain manage in a few weeks . I really think my only course of action is wait and see if it gets better over the next year or so. I told myself I would never do a nerve snip but if this doesn’t improve I will have to consider it. I still have not had an SA but I may soon. Wish I could post great news but this is my reality right now. I’m hoping the cord pain goes away and life will be better. I’m still working and living life…just with significant pain and depression. I hope your recovery is swift and positive.

Hawk I had bad chord pain on the right too after reversal that has subsided to manageable after my reversal. My left side I have wicked high chord pain high up whereas after the reversal I was really good on that side. So I am a mixed bag too but I did get a lot of relief from my reversal initially and while the pain on the left still may kill me and is ruining my life marriage career etc. depression and all that jazz… I am still better than pre-reversal when I was essentially disabled. Now I’m upgraded to hopeless but functional…barely :wink:

Give it time. I think if you can gut it out its probably always best to give it a year between these surgeries because it takes time to reach a baseline. It sucks but that’s just the way it is.

Right MikeO…I know there have to be many others that had on going cord pain after reversal that eventually subsided. Hoping that’s me. They say nerves can take a year or more to recover from surgery…seems like a long time but when u read balkenbush and Kyle experiences it seems possible that we can just take a long time to heal. I didn’t start to feel decent until 10 months post vas. I have to gut it out…to risky for another surgery at this point.

Hawk, can you describe your cord pain? Is it a burning pain similar to surgical pain, etc? Or is it more of a throbbing/aching like the testicular congestion?

I know this is an old post, but off chance that @Hawk is still on this forum, how are you now mate? Have you had any change in your pain levels?

any update from hawk? would love to know if he is doing better, and what dr. sabanegh told him.

He started a very positive thread recently Recovered After Several Years, Reversal