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3 months post reversal and some thoughts


Thanks for your kind comments,mental health from chronic pain is so so tough.

I never experienced any mental health issues before all this and in general I was a happy go lucky guy who loved to have fun and make other people laugh.

My personality has changed somewhat now

Regret and anger are the two main ones I feel,I also feel I’ve f****d up my wife and children’s lives too,they don’t deserve this either.

But I know I have to get my head straight and keep going,I’m trying to stay positive.

Keep your chin up too and keep going


Thanks for posting, very interesting read. Everyone who sees Jarvi for pain fills out a long questionaire at the first appointment and I remember answering the exact questions described in the article. I knew he was studying us which is a good thing. Maybe Jarvi really gets how devastating this condition is physically and mentally and that’s why he was so quick to get me referred to a psychiatrist? I’ve been pretty impressed with him so far considering I’ve only seen him twice now.


I guess as DH says, he is a reversal specialist rather than particularly specialised around the chronic pain aspects themselves.

It sounds like you have a good path plotted ahead, as DH is very much in the urology surgery circle, I wonder who he regards as the top guys to go to, he is likely to have been asked before?

I think from memory the remaining available surgeries if the reversal cannot hold things along with pain management are denervation, epididymectomy & orchidectomy. I guess no-one really wants to go to the last one without exhausting all more conservative options.

I am pretty good myself , mostly tweaks and nips here and there and still the odd flare when I get Ill, though I’d be better again if I would eat less biscuits and move more more weights!


The pain that I experience is mainly focused on my left foot and left testicle but the foot pain can be dreadful after ejaculating it’s kinda hard to describe kinda a mixture of numbness,burning stinging all nice stuff from this simple and safe procedure…

@Cannon83. I read your post with interest as you describe symptoms very similar to my own. I was routing for you when you described decreased pain following reversal. Now 5 months out and pain becoming “bearable” in that I can think about other things, exercise at low intensity, and have sex maybe once a week. The 9-12 month waiting period is an interesting thought - must be based on experience, as I haven’t seen published data.
I am also considering SCD and am gathering data. Articles on SCD

I’ve become impatient about return to normalcy but slightly more willing to wait it out now that I’ve read this


Honestly I’d lose my testicle in a heartbeat if I was guaranteed to be cured and I genuinely mean that.

The surgeries themselves don’t scare me it’s the outcome after them it’s that roll of the dice and the worry of making things a whole lot worse.


Yeah the guy that done my Reversal believes this is the time it takes but in my own case I would believe that you should be seeing improvements month to month and gradually getting there.

I don’t feel I’m seeing that myself

This may sound strange to you and others but if I could get to sex once a week and no pain I’d happily take that now,of course I’d probably have a lot of sad times accepting that but I think In time I could accept it…


Might it be worth contacting Mike Henley also? Sorry I wish I had better ideas for you here, it sounds to me like you are on the right path, it’s just a question of working out the best places to go and the right diagnosis to proceed with.


I visited pain management today and told him my story and where I’m at.

So he taught that Orchidectomy was a bad idea but didn’t rule out Denervation as a possibility although as mentioned it’s not undertaken here in Ireland.

He has given me some hope,he has said that if I’ve tried most of the anti depressants etc that it’s pretty much useless to try then again (much agreed my myself )

He mentioned ketamine as a possible drug,he also agreed that vasectomy pain is pretty much downplayed he reckoned it’s definitely 2-5% pain issues.He sees many guys post vasectomy.

He’s also mentioned pulsed radio frequency (I’m going to try this )and spinal stimulators (Dorsal Root Ganglion ) as options.

He was probably the first somewhat normal type of guy I’ve met and kinda interesting guy to talk to.

I asked him about pain centralisation or as he called it pain sensitisation.

His take on it in my own words where once you have had the pain after 3 months the sensitisation has occurred but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s permanent.

Chronic pain doesn’t necessarily mean permanent in his opinion.

Guys can agree or disagree he’s the first positive link I’ve had in a while,great to feel a little more upbeat on things…


I never got a reply from Mike Henley not surprised either I’ve spoke pm with other guys who had the same.

I didn’t get a reply from Vic unfortunately but I’ve learnt that this can be the case on the forum,that’s why it is of importance to I suppose plough your own path.

I’ll keep going eitherways and keep my chin up


I agree with you 100% that chronic pain isn’t necessarily permanent. I was in pain most of the time from 4/2016 through late 2018, over 2-1/2 years. Yet, the combination of a 2nd botox/steroid cord injection in October and a GF block in January have really helped reverse things. Not perfect, but WAY better, often with no pain at all.

I also agree with the post above about pain management. I’m no fan of the mind altering nerve-pain drugs. So glad I’m off them.


That was his opinion this is all pretty much new to me,hindsight is a wonderful thing but in hindsight I should have pursued pain management much earlier.

The reversal seemed to give me some relief(but nowhere near enough) after time but since Christmas it’s all been heading downhill,and I would go as far as saying the 2 weeks leading up to pain management appointment it was worse than Pre reversal.I don’t really have any explanation as to why it all changed.

I actually underwent pulsed radio frequency of the II,IH,GF on Saturday it’s knocked my pain back which is helpful and a positive.

(Given that my pain heightens with ejaculation and the GF from what I’m reading involves the cremaster muscle I reckon this could be my issue?)

Enough for Sunday I felt quite good,it also knocked my foot pain back too which is a sign that it’s all referred?

Sex Monday night (felt quite good all day) and Wham!! Next day it’s off again settling today Thursday.Ugh…will I ever get a break of luck

The procedure was pretty straight forward and painless.

I’ve to give this some time before my pain management guy is willing to try me on ketamine trial.

I’m pretty much in the infancy of all this,I’ll see how it goes but I see this as less invasive than SCD.

@raising4girls you seem to have made terrific ground with blocks etc as you mention above,do you still intend to pursue surgery in April ?


I couldn’t agree more,I found them useless and side effects terrible.


The problem with pain management isn’t the concept of medicating it, it’s the drugs they use.

From personal experience Neurontin and Lyrica don’t work that well and that’s basically what is being pushed these days. They work initially but the effect seems to dim with time and they also cause huge cognitive problems. Opioids are problematic for the obvious reason they are powerful narcotics and hard to obtain and use without creating problems of their own.

SSRI’s and old school Tricyclic medications also tend to have strong side effects as well.

There are likely drugs and therapies out there not being explored as aggressively as they could be because our system for whatever reason doesn’t encourage it.

I would like to try Ketamine but it’s not worth the time and expense to try to find someone to prescribe it.


As of today, I’m planning to put off the surgery. Yes, I’ve come a long way. I’m just thinking about how, today, I delivered a nearly-two-hour presentation this morning while standing. I could not have done that 2-3 years ago. I remember having to stand in the receiving line for both of my parents’ funerals in 2016 and 2017 writhing in pain. I’m at least 50% since then. Not 100% pain free, but often pain free. Did 45 minutes on the elliptical today and am sore now, but it always wears off.

Dr. P. told me on Tuesday that he thinks SCD would be less risky, less invasive, and less likely to cause sensory loss than neurectomy. He also thinks it wouldn’t exacerbate the hernia. I’m going to go back to the uro here at the CLE Clinic and see if he still thinks I’m a good candidate for SCD given that I have a very small hernia. If so, I may go that route in the fall. For now, I’m on hold.


I actually underwent pulsed radio frequency of the II,IH,GF on Saturday it’s knocked my pain back which is helpful and a positive.

This is interesting to go for all 3 at once. Did you have cold PRF with lower temps or higher temps and PRF ablation. Did you try any blocks prior? I hope it gives you relief.


@Ben It was cold PRF with low temps.Pain Management Guy suggested I could try this so I just went for it.

No I had no blocks beforehand,I basically seen him last Wednesday and went for the PRF Saturday morning.


It took me a few weeks to get relief after I tried it in August


Glad to hear your feeling better @raising4girls. I was worried about you. You are probably one of the most thorough and methodical people we’ve ever had on here and watching you patiently and diligently investigate and follow up with these things is admirable. You have shared that all with the guys here to so that’s good.


Thanks Mike. Thorough or just indecisive and chicken?

The challenge with PVPS is that none of the surgical interventions have great track records, and there are plenty of guys on this forum reporting getting worse. I think we all need to be a bit gun shy even though in the moment we’re ready to be opened up. I know back in 2005-06 I just “wanted out” and to be put back together.

In truth, I took the past 3 months as a mental break. Getting off those damn meds put my head back on straight. At times, coming here helps by helping others but at other times it’s depressing to see more guys hurt because vasectomy is still advertised as safe.

I THINK surgery would help me, but hernia repair with GF resection isn’t risk-free. Lots of guys develop massive pain due to the mesh used in hernia repair, and I worry I could be made worse.

I’d encourage every man here to try to find the root cause. With PVPS, it’s not easy. I’m confident now that my problem is the GF nerve and not the pudendal or II/IH. For that reason, I like the laproscopic GF resection option for my case over SCD. SCD appears to be less likely to leave me with sensory degradation, but it hits a bunch of structures, not just the GF, and what if it fixes the GF related problems but irritates or damages another like the II?

Thorough? Yes, but maybe just chicken. :slight_smile:


My understanding of SCD Is that it’s done under microscopy thus the other structures, lymphatic, vasculature, and vas (if desired) can be left intact. Will be talking to Dr B @ PUR for a second opinion on this option.