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3 months post reversal and some thoughts


Thanks @SomeGreyBIoke I hope you are keeping well yourself


I’ve decided to add to my above post.

Last week,the week of Christmas I felt really good probably the best I’ve felt in the last 18 months.I really taught it was a huge step.Pain was very low.

This week has been bad (mainly I feel triggered by rough sex last Saturday)and I’m starting to think that at 6 months I’m clutching at straws,again my reversal surgeon was adamant on the 9-12 month timescale.

But to be frank I don’t know I’m sick of this up and down crap and feeling quite low,part of me thinks I should start to move on and head down an alternative path.

That path obviously is unpredictable but is it time to accept and move on?


I can definitely relate. The ups and downs torture the mind. Granted, it’s better than all-pain-all-the-time, but the setbacks after a good series of days or weeks blow the mind.


Omg, this. When I have had a good run of low-no pain and suddenly am hit again, it is so demoralizing. It’s like this reminder that constantly keeps my anxiety levels high because I never know if/when the pain will swell. I hate this.



I’ve decided to give up on ever being 100% again frankly it ain’t going to happen in my opinion.

I’ve an appointment with my GP on Monday with a view to seeking pain management for pain meds nerve blocks etc.

I’m also contemplating looking into SCD but it will take a lot of exploratory work before I will go ahead with that.

Pain has been quite good this week but i am limiting my ejaculations,(no more than twice a week)I’m not sure what’s gone on the last few weeks but the pain after ejaculation has been bad at times.

The reversal has definitely given me relief but unfortunately not as much as I would like.

In the back of my mind I have the 9-12 month thing but I feel it is no harm looking into further alternatives at this stage.

There is no doubting that even 18 months past my vas that I am somewhat in denial how much my life has changed and maybe too stubborn for my own good!!

I do function much better life wise and compared to how I was a while back there is no comparison.

Of course my worry is that my pain has now centralised but I hope pain management will help me prove this or not.

In general the pain in my foot bothers me more than testicular pain it can be dreadful at times.Anyone suffering with neuropathic pain burning,numbness etc you’ll all know the uncomfortableness it causes.

Somewhat lost on what to do and next steps etc but I’m going to pursue above and take it from there.

I’m not sure if any other guys feel like this but I find it tiresome to be constantly thinking about this and it’s nice to spend some time with my wife and children and give my mind and body a break?

I see some interesting post by @MikeO & @slowrain on Metformin.

@slowrain I know I contacted you before and I didn’t reply my apologies my friend I just find this a struggle to cope at times but thank you for your reply .

I also see a post from @raising4girls on pain management and levels of anesthetiser applied which is interesting,I see you have had 70%-90% improvements terrific news and maybe surgery is avoidable?

Thanks to all the guys that have helped and spoken to me on the forum there is many different opinions on here but I feel we can work together to achieve as best outcomes as possible for each other.


@Cannon83, I have been suffering with PVPS since my Vasectomy in Sept. I started on cymbalta in Dec and have had a noticeable reduction in pain recently. In addition it helps calm the anxiety about being in pain, which helps the healing. Not sure if it will help your situation, just throwing it out there as an option to consider. Hoping you have continued improvement!


Cannon, do you and, if so, how do you attribute the foot pain to the vasectomy? How long ago was your reversal?


Do I what?? Sorry not to sure what you mean.

On the foot pain basically vas Aug 2017 Christmas 17 started to have sciatica like pain in my left leg (same side as all my pain)Urologist dismissed this as back pain (in hindsight what an imbecile!!)

Sent for MRI which was clear .

March/April 2018 pain became more foot focused and heightens after ejaculation.I atribute this to some sort of Cross talk and i believe that when nerves are damaged/irritated they can send all sorts of signals to each other.

Reversal July 2018 in general I felt I was SLOWLY making ground but of late I’m less optimistic due to some poor weeks.Although I have seen improvements.

I’m 35 years young 2 beautiful daughters and a great wife hard to believe this at times,often wonder if I’m chasing the impossible but I fight on…


I hear you. I was 40 with 3 daughters when I had my vas and 41 when I had the reversal (we added daughter #4 post-reversal…proof it worked).

I started having foot pain in 2011 when I was having L5/S1 issues but it was clear from CT scans and MRIs that I had back issues. Those resulted in fusion in 2012. Weird that you’d have foot pain with a clean back so I can understand your conclusion on nerve crosstalk. I also wonder if something happened to your posture, but, again, you’re probably right.

If it helps, know that I was still feeling pretty crappy 4 months post-reversal (better than pre-reversal but not normal) but was nearly pain-free by 6 months. Give it time.


My posture is perfect no issues and I do a lot of lifting etc with my job (Construction)

Listen thank you very much for your words of encouragement @raising4girls much appreciated :+1:t2:


Some taughts on how this as all effected me,I just feel I’ve seen some posts of late and I need to put this on here.

So it’s now 18months since this all began there is no doubting the reversal has helped and this week my pain has been very low.

But ultimately I’m now having sex/ejaculating once a week and the pain still comes on for a day after.

The pain that I experience is mainly focused on my left foot and left testicle but the foot pain can be dreadful after ejaculating it’s kinda hard to describe kinda a mixture of numbness,burning stinging all nice stuff from this simple and safe procedure…

I contacted 2 Urologists in the Uk about denervation I’d didn’t even get a reply.

The isolation of this condition to me is what’s hard,there’s just such litttle help here in Ireland.It seems to be a modern day version of lepracy.

Even when I flew to the uk for my reversal these guys are like robots there is no compassion,does it take a whole lot to say to someone “Hey you’ve had a crap time pal I can’t guarantee I can fix you but hey we can try”

I visited my GP recently who has referred me to pain management which in hind side I should have tried before my reversal.

I have consulted with Dr.P last year probably 10 months ago on denervation,money is not an issue with this even though it’s all from my own pocket.I have no insurance and even if I did I doubt a procedure in a different country would be covered.

Ultimately my worry is been made worse as the two procedures I’m looking at inguinal Orchidectomy and denervation are more destructive and could cause more issues??

Maybe they’d cure me but that’s the million dollar question.

My Gp also asked me to chat to a counsellor on my mental health which I did.

That was of some help to get this all out.

Mentally it’s taken it’s toll on me,I think about my wife & children a lot and sadly at times when I’m alone I break down and cry,I never tell my wife or anyone about these episodes I don’t want them to worry.

I think about wether I’ll be there for them and long to be more involved as there’s no doubt this condition has made me a little bit more distant from them.

But I do feel I function better now.

There’s probably little talk on the forum on the above ie mental health that comes with chronic pain or as I feel it should be called life long pain.

Of course I don’t know what’s around the corner maybe with a lot of time this will lessen I just don’t know?

Pvps is one tough son of bitch and given my own symptoms it’s very hard has a 35 year old man to have such an impact on your sex life it can make you feel worthless at times.

My wife has been VERY supportive and I can safely she’s been my rock.What a kind caring woman she is.

Hopefully the future brings something good I’m still somewhat in limbo land and feel the decision I make in the next 6 months will be a big one ie to pursue further surgeries or learn to somewhat live with this and try various drugs blocks etc.

Who knows what the future holds…


Hi. i am from the uk. i hope you find a way to improve. be it time l, drugs or a prodecure.

i consider SCD sometimes. in the uk only one that stands out to me personally and only from google i have to say is

ive never contacted them. im doing ok on drugs (duloxetine 60mg/day and lyrica 150mg/day).

All the best.


Hi Mate,

I’m sorry you only gained a partial recovery from the reversal, it is hard to know where to go on the nerve pain front, as there are potential positive and negative outcomes from any decision.

I looked at denervation as a potential next step if I had no real gain from reversal and there are risks there from reading in the board of increased pain levels. You would need to find a surgeon you could really trust, I know Victor Ng went that direction from a blog he wrote years ago, it might be worth reaching out to him?

I hope you get some more progress whatever you decide to do, chronic pain is a major grind down particularly for mood.


Victor’s blog on his denervation is here:

I would definitely take the approach of seeing several experienced consultants to discuss any other move in a shed load of detail and really chew over the risk benefit balance before making any decision. Have you been back to Duncan H to discuss also?


I have a random question you were saying that your pain was a “mixture of numbness,burning stinging”.

That’s either possibly going to be straight nerve pain, or as an outside chance and given exactly when it occurs, possibly a minor leak/inflammatory.

I often find that Loratadine (yes the allergy stuff!) helps when I get discomfort/pain, it’s a shot in the dark, but you can usually buy it to try for a few pounds in larger supermarkets. Maybe try taking some, plus pre load on a couple of naproxen or similar if making sweet love down by the fire is looking likely to be on the cards? It’s maybe worth the experiment? Plus maybe habitually take pain relief for 36 hours or so post to try to avoid pain establishing.

I always keep naproxen and cocodamol somewhere about in case I get a pain flare.

Probably all of that’s pretty unhelpful, but just a thought.


Thanks for the above info & help very much appreciated.

I have consulted with a Doctor at London Andrology yesterday regarding Denervation,he did say that he wouldn’t do the procedure without getting a cord block before hand to see if it helps

Which is what I would expect from him.

But given that my pain is primarily heightened by ejaculating how would I or he know for sure ??

Ultimately I do have constant pain also sometimes bad sometimes manageable and livable.

But would I need to ejaculate the same day as the block,it’s extremely hard what to know what to do.There doesn’t seem to be a story similar to mine on the forum or anyone that had denervation with similar symptoms?

I’m planning on doing a consultation with Dr.P in the next week or so too.

I’m also probably going to meet this guy in London and get him to do the block it’ll also give me a feel for the man…

I do sometimes maybe I’m being negative feel that these doctors are like vultures waiting to get a pick at me for their own financial gain.

Maybe it’s just I’m not used to this kinda pushy confident persona I feel some of these guys have maybe it’s just doctors/surgeons in general.

I was never sick a day in my life up till this…

I have taught of Victor Ng and think I will contact him.

On DH I remember on my initial consultation he said that inguinal Orchidectomy had a 80% success rate and pretty much didn’t think much of denervation but take into account he’s a old style Urologist.

I haven’t contacted him not sure I’d get a reply…he’s done his bit for me.

On meds I’ve tried everything and haven’t found anything that helps.

My GP referred me for pain management on the 6th of March,but I don’t expect miracles from that either.

I’m aware I’m on my own pretty much with this and somewhat back to square one


If you look up an inguinal nerves map on Google, you could see that there may be reasons to get referred pain, there are other posts on the board from a while back that refer to leg and back pain referred out of the groin pain but not quite like your own.

Not having a doc to work with continually is hard, I was wondering about your paying for a DH follow up consult to discuss for that reason. I found him ok to chat to but he is definitely a consultant surgeon and has the manner of one, but not getting any sugar coating is usually my preference in most things anyhow . :slight_smile: I’m pretty well a cultchie so I hear you there.

Gabapentin or amitriptyline help some people with nerve pain, but it’s not universal and I found Ami very unpleasant.

I hope you make some headway, it’s maybe worth working out and writing down a 6 month to 12month project plan like for any regular piece of work delivery and then it at least gives you a written reviewable roadmap?

You are less than a year post reversal so things may still improve from that, I did not get full benefits until 12 to 18 months.

I hope you get some headway out of your upcoming appointmentments.


Cannon, I can very much related to the mental aspects of this condition. Absolutely awful. I’ve shed more tears the past six months than the last six years combined. Easily. I actually just had an appointment with Dr. Jarvi on Tuesday and described the anxiety that comes with this pain that I must feel comparable to someone experiencing ptsd. He referred me to a psychiatrist to help with managing the mental side of things. Severe anxiety, panic attacks, isolation, anger, regret. I have them all. I blame myself for taking an unnecessary risk when I had such a great life and beautiful family. Just know you are not alone and get the mental help you need. It can be as disabling as the physical pain some days.


Jarvi is the author of this paper which covers the mental impact of chronic pvps pretty accurately. i.e. its a really torturous s***t show


Ha ha this made me laugh,I’m a bit of a cultchie myself :wink:.Yeah so you know what I mean.

I don’t want anyone dressing things up either just would love to chat to a surgeon etc that had some sort of human mannerism rather than a robot.

The consultant I chatted to yesterday did mention referred pain with my issues and Dr.P also mentioned it to me last year.

I’ve a plan in place and I’m pretty much decided on kicking it up a few gears in the coming month.

I know you mention the reversal time thing ie 12-18 months but I just feel personally that I’m clutching at straws on the reversal making things better.

As I do feel I’ve somewhat plateaued.

I did actually contact DH offices a few hours ago,I mentioned denervation over inguinal Orchidectomy,he basically said that take into account he is not a a testicular pain consultant.

But that he would leave inguinal Orchidectomy as a last resort and choose denervation over that.

Which is somewhat confusing given his comments at my consultation,obviously I’ve to do my homework and he wasn’t telling me to go have surgery either.

@atlanticcoast thanks for your support it’s always helpful when you put a post up and someone has the decency to try help,it helps with the isolation I feel.

Hope your keeping well yourself :+1:t2: