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3 months post reversal and some thoughts

@raising4girls thanks for the response. This he means #2. Not sure if it’s worth trying.

So far I think papaya seed has been doing ok. Sensing some improvement. Will await a bit more to see what happens.

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I haven’t posted any updates in a while here I’ll admit I don’t come here very often of late.

Firstly some thoughts on my reversal and Duncan Harriss,do I regret the reversal…No but I do regret not pursuing pain management beforehand.

On Duncan Harriss statistics he quoted 50/50 but I have my doubts on these stats he had little or no follow up on me and the only time I ever had contact with him was from me sending him emails.

That’s not to say he’s not correct on his statistics but in hindsight I’d consider it unprofessional to not have a follow up procedure or at the minimum have an interest in pvps…but that’s just me.

I had some terrific weeks about 2 months after my PRF Pain was very minimal.I tried ejaculating a few times during this time with only mild pain afterwards.

But I’ve started to return to higher pain levels in the last 2 weeks.

Just to clarify but I still rarely have sex or ejaculate.

Over the last few months I’ve consulted with pain management,the doc I’m seeing wants me to work with him he’s mentioned spinal cord stimulator and ketamine as options but hasn’t moved me towards either and wants to try several blocks,prfs etc.

I’ve consulted with Mike Henley in the Uk on SCD I’m due a follow up in a month.

He feels that 60-70% of guys see a positive improvement in his words but it’s often not complete relief.

Dr.P I’ve also consulted with he believes that 50% of guys get full relief (it in his own words hit the jackpot)and 20-30% get partial relief.

I notice none seem to mention getting worse which as we know is possible.

It’s so difficult what to choose from above and who to trust.

I’ve also been offered a free pain management programme (3 weeks) by the pain management team.

I’m definitely most of the time coping better mentally but pvps is always in my thoughts…

I read a recent post by @changeneeded about SCD.

My pain spread to my foot 5 months after my original vas.Its nigh on impossible to know wether scd would work for me and IF I can get any sort of honest answer from docs to be honest I don’t think they know.

I will say after the PRF my pain including my foot pain was almost gone the next morning I put this down to the anesthetic applied rather than the PRF.

Pain management doesn’t believe my pain has centralised due to this response.

I’ve been in somewhat “Break mode” from everything for months now ie just getting on with my life.

I think I’m going to work with pain management for now and see where that gets me.

Finally I know given my case that it can be negative to other guys but please take a certain amount of what I say and what others say with a pinch of salt it is ultimately just opinions.


Hope you’re doing fine. Would be great if you can update us on how you’re doing, what you’ve done, etc.

I don’t come here often and don’t have any notifications set up via email I pop in on the odd occasion read some posts.

Well here’s a frank sad update …

In the last 9 months I have tried ketamine to NO success.

A few more PRFs with less and less relief

A sacral nerve PRF to no success.

I’m pretty much at the end of treatment options bar high level opioids which will in my opinion unlikely help.

And a DRG stimulator trial again it’s probably unlikely to help and I’m not even sure if I’ll bother with the trial for fear of making things worse or can they even get any worse than what my life has become ?

My vasectomy was in August 2017 I was 33 years old.

My pain subsequently spread to my left foot it is now in my left arm and also my right foot or calf.

I have a sensitivity to hot water which flairs the pain and can make it dreadful.

My sex life is over period,I still work and that helps keep my mind of things but at the rate things have gone over the last number of years work is pretty much coming to an end in the coming months,year or years.

I VERY much regret the reversal as I’ve learned that removal of scar tissue when it comes to neuropathic pain is low when it comes to success rates ask people with failed back surgery syndrome.

Plus the Urologist (Duncan Harriss)who done it had the personality and bedside manner of a concrete block,he also had/has in my opinion little or no interest in Pvps outcomes as I never heard a word from him.

Although he did tell me something that I can still hear in my head probably on a weekly basis which was

“Neuropathic Pain is extremely difficult to treat”

And I for one couldn’t agree more with him especially when it’s in your testicle,it’s pretty much the modern day version of lepracy well in my case anyways.

I’d be confident saying his PA writes all his replies for him as it definitely doesn’t come across as him.

At the same time bed side manner doesn’t count for all that much when it comes to surgery.They can either do the job or not.At the same time it didn’t matter in my case nerve damage is nerve damage.He has helped some men with pvps including some on this forum.

But he gave me a 50% chance to be cured which I now know and he also knew was rubbish.You can’t just apply the 50% or whatever stats your doctor gives you to everybody it’s a case by case basis.I reckon in hindsight I had a Very low chance of reversal helping.

Hindsight what a beautiful thing…

I really should have tried pain management before any surgery as I feel I may of faired better than my current state or even SCD straight out the gates.

My pain only really got dreadful about 2 months post vasectomy and then went rapidly downhill.

I believe a branch of my GF nerve was cut during the vasectomy probably a very minor non visible to even microscope but my god it has changed my life and I will never be the same person again.

When a nerve is cut and starts to regrow that is when it can send your body haywire as it can regrow in a total different state to its original form.

My beautiful amazing wife supports me 100% I love her now more than ever she is truly an amazing women and deserves a better life than this.

I love my 2 daughters so so much they are still not aware of the level of hell I am in.

I know I need to stick around for them and when I see them and think of them I know I must keep fighting.

But that’s what my life is a fight with nerve damage that can be so hard to live with,I’m amazed that the Animal Bastard that done this to me is allowed to walk away Scott free and can’t be sued while I potentially face financial ruin.

I’ve listened to an Interview he done with a radio station about 6 months ago where he pretty much never even mentioned the risks other than “oh outliers have problems “ oh and men with physical jobs need to take more time off.

What a load of bullshit!!One thing I’ve learned about doctors is they HATE admitting bad outcomes or surgical error it’s actually really strange for such highly educated guys !!

These guys need to Man up and stop pretending to be Gods of the world,they make mistakes like every other walk of life except when they make mistakes it generally ends in misery for the patient.

To be frank one day I’ll lose my battle with this hell and end this misery because although I do have positives in my life this is truly miserable horrible thing to live with.

At the minute I want to live and be there for my wife and children but I know I’ll never grow old,I can only imagine the horror of living with this as an old man…

I’m not religious I believe once the lights go out that’s pretty much it…maybe I’m wrong and if there is a heaven I truly deserve to go there as I live in hell every day.


I’m sorry to hear about all the pain and issues you are dealing with. I wish I could suggest something useful, but I’m sure you’ve heard it all and tried it all.

I know it’s not only excruciatingly hard on you but on your family too; however, hang on to that joy you get from your family and know that for as long as you derive happiness from them, they in turn will from you, even in your limited capacity. Squeeze enough joy out of life to keep going and who knows what the future might bring in terms of adjustments, healing, new treatments, etc.

If things don’t improve then while it’s never to late to give up, you def can’t go back if you give up too soon. I hope whatever the best possible outcome is for you at this point comes to fruition.

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So sorry that had to go through all of this, for so long. I am not familiar with your past posts, but was curious if you ever had a back injury ? Have you had an MRI or CT scan of spine to rule out other issues ? Just wondering if something else could be contributing to your Sciatica or leg pain.

Glad that you have a supportive wife. That can make a huge difference in this fight. Don’t give up !

My heart goes out to you Mark. You’re still in my thoughts daily.


Take what you like from above ultimately the severity of my case is realistically rare.

But be very careful with what you buy into and be aware that you are so very vulnerable in the outset of your pain.

A positive opinion from some random person on forums can sway your decisions it’s what you want to here.

Always be aware that YOU alone have to live with your decisions while your family have the knock on effects.

No doctor,people you speak to etc will ultimately be there when the chips are down.


MRI little under 2 years ago nothing shown numerous guys have had them for pvps never tends to show anything.

The nerves in your body are all linked back to the spinal cord so this is the reason that pain can be felt elsewhere.

It’s been described to me as your central nervous system getting wound up or crosstalk

Thank you,your a very decent bloke Paul I hope you are in good place now.

Look after Yourself.

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Mark I burst in tears when I read this. It’s devastating. I don’t know what to say. Hold on to your beloved ones! There is always a reason you can find to live better than not to be here.


Your post reminded me of something I would’ve wrote many years ago. I was quite angry and depressed after having 3 corrective surgery’s that yeilded mixed results.

My first reversal was a total shit show. My second reversal wasn’t all that I’d hoped for. And my final procedure went completely haywire, and ultimately made me worse for quite some time. Nearly a decade later, I still have some off and on residual side effects from the 3rd procedure alone.

The surgeon that did my 3rd procedure was moreless worthless to me after the fact. He’s one of those specialists that you don’t see without a referral. After my ~30 day follow up with him (when I told him it made me worse), I had a hard time getting email responses from him (one), and he never bothered to follow up with my case. Meanwhile, this guy is supposedly building up success and failure statistics (sigh).

Like you, after the fact, I was second guessing myself. I went through all the bad thoughts - who was to blame? Where did I go wrong? Why did I make the choices I made? Why did I have such shit luck? How am I going to make it through this? Beyond that, why did I allow any of this to happen to me in the first place? It was easy to fall into diddums, self loathing, second guessing, anger, depression, anxiety, etc. Been there, done that, and I still carry some of it on my shoulders to this day.

My final push was pain management. I didn’t find PM to be very knowledgeable about my complicated situation. I had several pre-existing degenerating and narrowing disks in my lower back. I had a pre existing painful varicocele on my left side. And now I had left side dominant pvps. I was afraid of making things worse again, and declined further treatment from PM. More diddums…

From there, I made my own path through the hell I was living in. I dropped off forums like this one, and continued to take medications daily that worked for me for many years after the fact. In that time, I found things to keep my mind occupied, and did anything I could to distract myself from my pain and issues. I did what worked for me.

Unlike the majority that end up in this shit boat, I had no children to look at to help keep me going. In my case, I was still expected to work full-time (physical labor) like nothing ever happened, and continue to pay child support on my 3 children. My life had always been very difficult and challenging pre vasectomy. The situation I ended up in post vas was the last thing I needed, and it’s a wonder that I survived.

Moving forward - now you should fully understand why I tell so many people that they shouldn’t be encouraging others to have specific procedures. It happens on the open forum on occasion, and I’m certain it happens in Private Messeging.

Everyone needs to remember that what works for one, may not work for another, and those that go out on a limb encouraging others to follow in their footsteps… They are likely setting the person they are encouraging and themselves up for a potential multi faceted disaster (physical and mental). Like you basically said - those people won’t be there and/or won’t be of much help if everything goes south, and/or when you are at your lowest. At that point, they will become a shoulder to cry on… maybe.

In the distant past, I have been the guy who was blaming some of the online pvps community and beyond. This guy, that guy, that doctor/s, and that surgeon/s. It made me very angry, yet got me nowhere. But, in hindsight, what didn’t kill me made me stronger. Live and learn I suppose.

Advise, what should I do, what worked for you, what worked for me, etc, should all be considered, but taken with a grain of salt. Knowledge is power, but it can also work against you.

Anyway, whether you realize it or not, you are likely growing as a person through these hard and trivial times. Hopefully in time, you will get to a better place physically and mentally. I know that what I’m saying may sound impossible, but I speak from personal experience.

I want you to know that I think, wonder, etc, about you and many others here fairly regularly. None of us deserved to deal with any of this.

Good luck brother.


Cannon, Sorry to hear about your troubles.

Did you try Metformin? Some guys have had success with it. It pretty much turns my nerve type pain off. My right nut is sensitive in the usual ball sensitivity way but it’s not that noticeable. The the pain that really was disabling, the burning type pain, got turned off with Metformin and has been great for 1.5 years now

Hang in there man.

Did you notice any other effects from the Ketamine? I seem to recall it has some anti-depressant properties.


No I just found myself feeling high when I took my first dose every morning (5ml 3 times daily)

Too be honest I don’t really buy into anti depressants.

I’m in horrible pain and there’s no tablet going to make that disappear,am I depressed ?Yeah at times but I’d liken it to someone hitting you with a baseball bat on your knee and saying “oh sorry here take an anti depressant that’ll help”…

I don’t think so!!pain is pain and it where’s you down.

@Cannon83 Mark, your post was hard to read and I am at a loss for words. I want you to know that reading this update has caused me great sadness. I honestly thought things were improving for you and that’s why we hadn’t heard from you. It’s incredibly disheartening to hear otherwise. There’s nothing else to say except that this situation sucks.

Please don’t give up hope. You know I have 2 daughters too and it pains me to remember how close I was to saying screw it all. Even though your in the thick of it, and feel that it realistically may never go away, I know that you will find ways to deal with it and move forward.

Even though we don’t know each other personally, and I’m a 3000 miles away know that my thoughts are with you. Good luck man.


I have just read your update on this, really really sorry that your reversal surgery do not give you any real relief.

I hope that you find an approach to reduce pain somehow that makes life better in some way.

Possibly the guys Victor Ng went to some years back might have other options ?

My heart goes out to you @Cannon83 am so sorry to hear of your struggles. It’s your wonderful wife and kids that keep you going and will continue to keep you going as you try to find your way out of this and to a better state.

Oh no! Is there anything any of us can do for you?


If you see this, please call me. I left a message.


Hi Mark, I’ve sent you a message on WhatsApp, please respond