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3 months post reversal and some thoughts

Today marks 3 months since my unilateral reversal on my left side only.I think I’m the first guy on the forum to go this route.

Firstly some people may wonder why I opted for a reversal on one side.Well in truth I didn’t opt my reversal surgeon was pretty adamant that he was only willing to operate on one side.I have never had so much as a twinge on my right side.

@worship01 kinda covers some of what I say below in one of his posts mentioning about a reversal surgeon mentioning that there is some very fine nerves located near the epi.

The reason for this was he felt that I was not congested even though my pain would heighten after sex.

He in fact reckoned I was suffering from neuropathic pain,but he said that sometimes by clearing scar tissue away from the vasectomy site sometimes gives men relief of their pain.

So do I agree with his opinion ? Yes,if tender to touch testicles,enlarged epi,kicked in the balls feeling,able to have sex once a week etc is congestion this frankly was not me.

All of my pain was stinging,pinching,burning etc so much so that in my latter months Pre reversal I developed what was a sciatica like pain transferred to my foot (left only) which unfortunately started to heighten after ejaculation.

So much so that I had ejuculated only 3 times in a 3-4 month period.

So do I in my opinion believe all guys with pain after sex are sufffering from congestion? No would be my answer but I do believe that the majority do.

My pain also started out pretty close to my initial vasectomy a week to be precise,initially I had no testicular pain it was more like a stinging at the vasectomy site (my first post here you’ll see I said this)

My reversal surgeon also believed that the fact I had pain out the gates would suggest more nerve type pain.This guy has done 4000 reversals and about 80 for pvps so he’s no Mickey Mouse Urologist.

So moving onto the reversal,up till about the 7th week post reversal I will frankly and honestly say it was horrendous I would go as far to say some of the pains I had where not livable long term.

During this time I ejaculated every 2-3 days and found that they where still painful but more manageable and in general only lasted a day.

On the 7th week I woke to what I would describe as a turning down of my pain almost like turning the knob down on the radio.Thus brought the pain to a much more manageable level.

During those early weeks post reversal I was coming here to the forum panicing but then I came across a post by @RingoStar who mentioned reversal recovery’s are a long slow process,I also remembered my reversal surgeon stating this too me twice during discussions with him he also said something else to me “ejaculation is part of the healing process”and “try to be patient “ so I kinda taught to my self “Hey your going to have to grin and bare this shit out and keep positive even during those crap days”

So thankfully I can safely say at 3 months I have seen a good improvement my foot pain has receded and I have a functioning sex life again my last 2 ejaculations have brought on no extra pain.

Am I cured ? No I still have pain in my foot and am restricted in my sex life.

Is my quality of life better ?Yes

I contacted my reversal surgeon yesterday and gave him my update.He said to take heart from my improvements and again stated that I won’t know where I’m at till 9-12 months post reversal.

Of course I don’t know where I’ll be at then but I remain positive,patient and hopeful.And I will not give up.

I feel I am getting my life back and it feels good!!

So I’m going to put my neck on the line here by stating this but before I do I’d like to say:

I would never tell anyone to get a reversal if you chose not to and go for time that’s your choice and to each their own I say.

But I don’t think all of us will get better with time,unfortunately some of us will have to head down the surgical route but only when all conservative measures have been exhausted

Some will disagree with this but in my opinion it’s the harsh truth.

My reversal surgeon told me that my pain would not go away with time but didn’t guarantee success with reversal either he quoted me 50/50 full pain relief.So I took what I feel was a very hard decision to make ie I had to fly from my country to another that I’m not overly familiar with even though it’s only a short flight away.

My father 60 pushed me through the airports on the way home in a wheelchair,we laugh about it now but at the time it was far from funny.

Think what you want of above it’s just my taughts and opinion I’m not a doctor just a builder.

I haven’t had an SA yet but I do intend to in the coming weeks to at least know if I need contraception.

So to any man reading this now or in the future you too can have hope although I am not cured i have hope and it is better than what I had before.

I would like to finish by thanking the men of this forum in particular @RingoStar & @atlanticcoast & @SomeGreyBIoke you have helped me when I was at my lowest and I thank you for that.

@SomeGreyBIoke Paul I truly hope you get the relief you deserve stay strong pal you WILL get there !!:muscle:t2:

All the best



Dude, I had a unilateral reversal on my left side in 2016. It’s posted.

Apologies @Sentosa I didn’t realise i hadn’t come across your story on the forum.

Thanks Mark, really pleased to read your update and am genuinely happy that you’re improving. It’s a tough battle, physically and probably emotionally even more so.

I couldn’t agree more Paul very difficult at times

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Great update. You seem very hopeful, and I think you probably made the right decision going one side. I’m surprised more don’t uros don’t offer that as an option. My pain was all left side 2005-06, had bi-lateral reversal, pain free for 9-10 years, then a relapse here now. I always worried that the right-side reversal would create a problem. So far, so could. I occasionally feel some twinges on the right, but I think it’s referred.

Please keep us posted. Your story is compelling and interesting and educational for everyone.

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I will definitely keep you all updated probably not for a few months as I am taking a long term outlook on this.

I would also like to add that there was No granulomas found either at surgery so it was basically removal of scar tissue,hemoclip and reconnected.

I know @raising4girls you had a granuloma removed and believe that was your issue and it probably was but I often wonder about your case and was it scar tissue that helped as well.I suppose we’ll never know.

I do think about your case too as I feel I may be somewhat similar ?

Please keep me posted on how you are doing and I sincerely hope you get the relief you deserve

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I’ve been meaning to do a long update. I’ve seen 3 different specialists since late June and am mulling over the new information I’ve discovered.

Was your previous relapse on the right side as well @raising4girls? Seem to remember you had a brief one back in 2008?

Yes, my original pain, 08-09 relapse, and this one were all left side.

Oddly enough, I think it all goes back to the pre-vas exam. I remember wincing when he separated the vas on the left side from the cord a week before the vasectomy. I hurt that entire day and was sore the next day. I’ve often wondered if having the vas on injured tissue set me up for this long-term trial.

The wincing thing is something I often think about too,on the day of the vasectomy I was was cut on my right side first and then left I winced for a 4-5 seconds when I was cut on my left.

I often wonder was there not enough anaesthetic applied on this side and was my bodies response to form more scar tissue than normal??

Another part me just believes I’m that little bit more sensitive down there,my reversal surgeon remarked that when he went to start the reversal I was still quite agitated even though I was under general anaesthetic.He noted more anaesthetic had to be applied.

@raising4girls it would be interesting to hear your options and specialist opinions

Posting update today.

I taught I’d update this post,it’s now 5 and a half months since my reversal and 2 and a half months since the above update.

I’m still seeing improvements and in the last 2 weeks my pain levels have been quite good,I’ve had many ups and downs that have been very disheartening to deal with physically and mentally.

In general I’ve also found my sex life is improving and find myself in a much better place,in general I ejaculate 3-4 times a week,post vasectomy I was probably 4-5 times max and to be honest 3-4 times is good for me.

I would have to admit the frequent ejaculations probably aren’t possible but I haven’t tried very often and I doesn’t overly bother me,I’ve gone from not being able to ejaculate AT ALL without pain of a high level for 3-4 days to above so I can’t be greedy!

I do still get pain after ejaculation but in general most the time of LATE I don’t and if I do it can be quite manageable.

I would be confident saying that I’m happy with my reversal outcome so far but obviously I do still hope for further improvements.

I think at times there is conflict of opinions on reversal recovery on the forum some seem to think 6 months,9-12months and I’ve also seen 6-18months which is confusing for what I feel other members thinking of reversal.

My reversal surgeon has told me that the final outcome will not be known till 9-12months.

Have I given up on ever being myself again…No not yet but I probably am more of the the opinion that I won’t but I live in hope.

I also believe that I won’t have to be my old self to be happy and in general I’m actually doing quite well,today my pain is around a 1 but I know that could change tomorrow.

Having read numerous posts and consulted with 3 of the pvps surgeons mentioned on this site,only one seemed to believe the flow of sperm was the main problem.But I would note that he also was of the belief that I had a granuloma (due to a useless Urologist’s diagnosis here) but this was not the case.

The other 2 suggested neuropathic in my case.

I often wonder if a guy is sterile and free of pvps then how can the flow of sperm be the issue to me it doesn’t make sense.

In my own case I believe the clean up of scar tissue has given me the relief.

I’d be more of the belief of the clean up involved rather than flow of sperm in less you have the tell tale enlarged epi,kicked in the balls feeling etc.

I also believe this is the reason for some men reversal recovery is slow and long as any research I’ve done on nerve injury would suggest either no healing or long drawn out healing.Again this is my opinion based on my own research so think of it what you want.

I would also like to note I never and still have not consulted with pain management,I do not take any medication,I do eat quite healthy and my job thankfully keeps me fit.

To finish I don’t know where I’m going to end up but given the improvements I’ve got I remain hopeful and I don’t see any other reason to think otherwise.

Hope this is of help to someone and I’d be great full for some opinions from other men.


The unilateral reversal is something I have been bouncing back and forth since my issues are mainly right sided. I am glad to hear it’s working out for you.

Yea, I’m not a big fan of fertility being the main benefit of reversal in the majority of cases either. I’ve just seen, and heard to much to not agree with you. I’ve also got my own story that pretty much coincides with what we are talking about.

I always tell people to give it 6-12~ months post reversal before they start giving up hope that it may help them. My reasoning is, I’ve seen to many guys fall into that range.

I’ve also seen some guys that I would consider the minority that recovered rather swifty, or in a matter of 2-3-4~ months.

I’ve also seen guys that only began to see improvement around 11-12~ months into their recoveries, some took well over a year to get there.

All and all, I agree with your reversal surgeon’s thoughts regarding it will likely take 9-12~ months to get there, but I wouldn’t consider 9-12~ to be the end all be all answer regarding how long it may take for individual cases to to get there.

Glad to hear you are still improving @Cannon83, that’s likely a good sign, even if you still feel like your on a roller coaster at times.

Good luck man.

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Seems to be quite common from further research across the pond in the uk (I’m Irish) I think it’s a much safer approach especially if the pain is one sided like mine.

I’m by no means encouraging you to have surgery either.

Yeah I feel the same,listen I want guys to know I’m by no means cured currently but still optimistic.

The rollercoaster analogy is probably the best to describe my journey although without the normal rollercoaster fun,it’s tough but I’d advise anyone to be mentally prepared.

Thanks for your taughts and help @RingoStar

It makes a lot of sense if you have neuropathic pain on one side which is my case. I have the body pains on right side which make me fear autoimmune or lymph issues as well. My energy has been shit since the vasectomy also. The likely hood of a reversal staying open permanently seems hit or miss also. I have been told they stay open 90% of time by a few surgeons and then another says they typically scar over in 3 years. It’s hard to say for sure. I don’t really have issues on the left side at this time so maybe one side is a good option. I plan to try some other avenues first but will keep this in mind if I go reversal route. The last thing I want to do is cause issues on left side as well if I can avoid it.

Hi @Cannon83, just read your post, am very pleased to hear that you are trending better. Things can only get better.

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