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2nd Surgery, Still Pain

So 1 month ago I had a 2nd surgery to remove a sperm granuloma. Urologist said the scar tissue was way worse than what he was expecting and it was the worst vasectomy he had seen. He even said one of the clips had slipped off. 1 month out and still have pain, hope it is just gonna take some time. If not, I don’t know what else to do?

I don’t want more surgery and I don’t want to take pain medication. Any alternatives that have helped anyone else? Also has anyone ever taken legal action against their urologist who performed vasectomy and had success?

Hello @birdfish316.

Thanks for sharing your story.

Your best course of action is conservative measures like ice and NSAIDS and of course time. My reversal doctor noted that the guy that did my vasectomy, Robert Scher, had used a lot of suturing on the vasal ends and he commented that can cause them to die and simply break off. I would say your odds of legal recourse are probably slim. Vasectomies are destructive procedures. The guy does seem to have no attached the vasclip properly though so that might be an angle to go after him.

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I would give it a rest OR look at Dr. Parektatill’s “mega” nerve block to calm things down. He shoots you full of a bunch of steroids and analgesics and prescribes nerve pain meds, NSAIDs, and antibiotics post-procedure. In your case, if you just need things to calm down, his approach might be a good option.

Did this original poster get pain relief? I’m going through exact same thing right now…