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23yrs of Pain after Vasectomy

Hi guys
I’m trying to find a man on here who’s post I read 12months ago. He’s story was nearly identical to my husbands. My husband Chris had a vasectomy in 1998 then had the epididimis removed a few years later to rid of the pain but is still suffering daily. He’s only option now is to remove that sore testical that drs are saying is causing the pain, but he’s scared and doesn’t know what to do.
The guy I’m looking for had the vasectomy and the epididimis removed and had his testical removed. I remember reading his post and he said after he did that, the pain then moved to his good testical. If anyone can help me, that would be great.

How about @SomeGreyBIoke

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Hey @Sharon, yes. I went through this. You can read my posts, or just message me

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Thank you. Not sure if it’s him but I’ll have a read

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Hi Paul. I’ll have a read, thank you for replying.
I wish my husband could type so he could talk to you…

Hi Sharon,

I had an orchidectomy in 2014 from a misdiagnosis of cancer then I developed pain in my surviving testicle and have had pain ever since. It does happen in a lot of cases. It seems either the pain was already there before but wasn’t felt as strongly because the mind was focusing on the other side, or the nerves seem to get crossed after orchidectomy and the brain gets confused causing neuropathic pain where there was none before.

Are you based in the UK or US?

Hi that could be me, 26 years of pain etc after vasectomy hit me privately if I can help

You poor thing. I feel for all you men suffering.
No, we are in Australia

I am in New Zealand had a reversal of left testicle and removal of right testicle had PVPS for 26 years, vasectomy 1992

Thanks for that Paul. Haven’t had a chance to read through everything but I will.
Ps. Would love to visit NZ one day. My sister has a few times, she married a Māori, they live here

Sharon, I went through a similar case. The remaining testicle can have issues due to being it has to pull the full work load now. It happened to me but I have been living so much better with a bilateral orchiectomy.