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2019 study of 2 million men over a 38 year period finds a 10%-20% higher risk of prostate cancer after vasectomy. Researchers adjusted for number of doctor visits and socioeconomic factors


A man’s risk of prostate cancer has been linked to his prior reproductive history, with low sperm quality, low ejaculation frequency, and a low number of offspring being associated with increased prostate cancer risk. It is however highly controversial whether vasectomy, a common sterilization procedure for men, influences prostate cancer risk.


We established a cohort of all Danish men (born from 1937) and linked information on vasectomy, doctor visits, socioeconomic factors and cancer from nationwide registries using unique personal identification numbers. Incidence risk ratios for prostate cancer by time since vasectomy and age at vasectomy during the follow-up were estimated using log-linear Poisson regression.


Overall, 26,238 cases of prostate cancer occurred among 2,150,162 Danish men during 53.4 million person-years of follow-up. Overall, vasectomized men had an increased risk of prostate cancer compared with non-vasectomized men (relative risk 1.15; 95% CI, 1.10 to 1.20). The increased risk of prostate cancer following vasectomy persisted for at least 30 years after the procedure and was observed regardless of age at vasectomy and cancer stage at diagnosis. Adjustment for the number of visits to doctor and socioeconomic factors did not explain the association.


Vasectomy is associated with a statistically significant increased long-term risk of prostate cancer. The absolute increased risk following vasectomy is nevertheless small, but our finding supports a relationship between reproductive factors and prostate cancer risk.

Somebody check my algebra here, but if 10% of the males in the study had a vasectomy, that would be 215,016 men. If those men had chosen not to get a vasectomy, an estimated 2,585 would have gotten prostate cancer. Since they did get vasectomies, the rate was 10%-20% higher. So according to this study, if you focus in on just Danish men born in 1937, somewhere between 258 and 517 of them got prostate cancer as a result of their vasectomy.

Cheer up though guys. I have it on good authority that there is no physical way for a vasectomy to result in a reduced libido!

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Don’t forget about this study too…


Yea, I have it in writing in my pre vasectomy informed consent paperwork too. It clearly states that there is no inherent risk of cancer, and there will be no change in hormones after the fact, among other rubbish. Doctors can lie to you, and it’s perfectly legal nowadays.

Several months ago, I was diagnosed with a testosterone level of 91, which jumped back up to over 200 several weeks later. My so called doctor (dictator) had the nerve to tell me that while my testosterone level was low, it was close to normal. I wanted to slap him.


From what I hear, radical prostatectomy doesn’t boost the mojo either.


Yea, it’s all good :confused:

T level of 200 is not normal. The guy is crazy. You should have slapped him hard so that may be his brain starts functioning.

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Thanks for sharing this. I’ve already put this on my FB page (without any reference to my own situation).