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2 years later...Semi-Success Story

Been awhile since I’ve posted anything on here. Now 2+ years post my June 2018 vasectomy and things have settled down significantly. Most of the details of my issues can be found on the forum elsewhere so I won’t rehash that.

For me the main turning point was starting on the anti-depressant medication dulexetine also known as cymbalta. It took maybe 6 weeks before i noticed the effect but ultimately It helped me mentally tremendously as well as somewhat physically as it is used for pain management, specifically neuralgia, I believe. My pain was always at or around the vas site so I never thought it was “congestion”. I was extremely depressed about the whole situation, probably the worst year of my life post-vasectomy, and I knew I needed help because I was letting my loved ones down.

Like many on here I tried a lot of the standard remedies including pelvic floor therapy, papaya seed powder, NSAIDs, CBD and even a cord block with Dr. P with minimal success. I will say that I did find weightlifting to help quite a bit, at least mentally.

Anyway things aren’t 100% and I do still have days where it bothers me a little bit, but it’s night and day compared to where I was a 2 years, or even a year ago.

Feel free to PM me if you have any specific questions.

Im not a Dr. and am not trying to recommend anything specific for anyone, but just letting everyone know what worked for me. I always told myself if I “got better” I’d come back to the forum and report what helped me. I feel confident enough now that I’m ready to pretty much move on with my life so I figured it’s time to do that.

Wishing you all speedy recoveries and good health.


That’s good to hear for you and for others that cymbalta is another potential avenue. I had a terrible experience with it and had written off, as such, but good to hear it works for some.

I DO believe that there’s an element of time being on some of our sides. Time plus pain management approach can seem to calm things down for some. Glad you came back to tell.

Yeah I was pretty sure it wasn’t going to help me either after the first couple of weeks. Glad I stuck with it though.

I remember seeing a YouTube video with a pain management doc where he talked about cymbalta and apparently it’s quite common for it to take awhile for the positive effects to kick in. After the first couple weeks I had no relief plus mild nausea and insomnia from it so I was ready to stop taking it. Glad I didn’t.

Anyway, food for thought.

I would love to talk to you. you can message me at
I have had vas and reversal. 16.5 months out of reversal and still in pain. depression has definitely set jn, and walking, standing and any physical activity blows. a very hard time getting g through the day, when all that feels good is lying down. not the man j used to be and letting my family down.

Hey Mike. Think we spoke already a couple weeks ago. Hope you are hanging in there.

Hey @mklamut79, did you try Xanax? It worked for me much better than Duloxetine or Amitriptyline. They are completely different drugs and aims for different thing, but Xanax put me in a good state and the other two drugs make feel horrible.